Chapter 1222. Trouble Does Not Come Alone


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Mo Fan sent a ball of fire forward, and the light of fire illuminated the rocky gorge. In the impenetrable darkness, fetid breath was felt, and somewhere in the distance cries were heard.

– It seems the fork here, where are we going? – looking forward, asked Mo Fan.

“We don’t know either.”

At this time, they heard the sounds of quiet steps and on one of the paths two familiar silhouettes appeared, supporting each other.

The light of fire illuminated their faces, and everyone noticed that both people were very weak, and their eyes were red.

– A monkey! – exclaimed Mo Fan.

– Brother Fan! – Zhang Xiao Hou went faster, and as if the younger brother, who had been injured, hugged Mo Fan tightly.

Mo Fan felt the experiences of a friend. Although there were no wounds on his body, his heart was suffering from grief.

– So what happened? Asked Mo Fan soothingly.

– All this bitch son Shi Qianshou. He killed everyone! – said Ge Min.

After that, Ge Min told them everything that happened in the dungeon and everyone involuntarily shuddered.

This person has a cruel heart. He had more than two hundred people under his command, and he killed them all to replenish the Fetus of Lands. How can a person become such a monster?

Mo Fan did not expect them to meet such a notorious villain. It’s so good that Zhang Xiao Hou is all right!

– Save! Save !! Save … – flashes of fire illuminated the main road on which, in stumbling, a man in uniform was running.

The officer ran to the fork, and when he saw the people standing there, as if he saw his salvation.

– This is Tong Li! – Ge Min’s look changed abruptly and became icy.

Zhang Xiao Hou was also angry with him. After all, it was Tong Li who pretended to join their team, and then, using the kindness of Lin Feil, brought Shi Qianshou here and forced him to give him the fruit of the land! If not for this man, nothing would have happened! Now he got what he deserves!

Mo Fan knew that Tong Li betrayed everyone. Seeing that he was running screaming for help, Mo Fan remained indifferent.

* zzzzzzz !!!

Behind Tong Li, there was a group of insects chasing him on the heels.

The cultivation level of Tong Li was decent, since he was able to escape so far. Now he was already about a hundred meters from Mo Fan and the rest.

– Help me! I beg you! I will tell you everything you want. Just save me! I admit my guilt, I will go to the tribunal … – shouted Tong Li.

Mo Fan looked at Zhang Xiao Hou. The magician stood without a word and looked in disgust at the scene.

Mo Fan waved her hand and a wave of silver radiance went forward, forming a spatial barrier. A wall separated them from insects, preventing them from approaching.

Mo Fan protected them, but Tong Li remained behind the barrier.

– No! No!! Help me! Tong Li’s wide-open eyes filled with horror.

* zzzzzzz !!!!

Now Tong Li could not run forward and insects quickly overtook him. Small insects insanely attacked the magician, penetrating into his body.

Tong Li began to writhe in pain, but continued to pound his hands on the spatial barrier. He wanted to get out, but Mo Fan remained unshakable.

Tong Li’s movements became weaker and slower, and soon fatty insects broke a hole in his stomach and rushed back into the cave.

“We need to get out of here, if poisonous insects fly here, we have a lid,” said Ge Min.

Ge Min needed time to restore his magical powers. In the near future he will not be able to resist the commander. Shi Qianshou is so strong that even by joining forces, they can lose!

Now they better not run into Shi Qianshaw. Having reached the Fetus of the Lands, the magician seemed to have gone mad. Now it is best for them to leave the desert and report the incident to the military. Let them come and deal with the criminal themselves.

“Yeah, since everything is all right with you, then we’ll leave here, otherwise we will also become a sacrifice for this bastard,” said Jiang Shaoxuy.

The magicians did not dare to linger and hastily headed for the exit from the cave.

Together with the rest of the hunters from Golden Rati at the station, they defeated the officers who held them captive and left them at the station. They did not care which of them died and which was still alive.

The return trip was much calmer and safer. But in the souls of all magicians there was a heavy sediment. Who knew that when they set off to explore new lands, they would meet a crazy and cruel commander. The good thing is that their team is more or less in order and the magicians did not receive serious injuries!

A group of magicians hastily returned along the bed of the sand river, they no longer tried to save magical powers.

While moving along the sandy river, at some point in the sky, muffled sounds of thunder were heard. Mo Fan saw a huge brown-brown cloud of dust cover the clear blue sky behind them. A dust storm spread across the entire horizon, obscuring the rocks, the desert, and the sky!

– Can this guy control the grasshoppers of the dust storm ?? – Mo Fan numb.

“It seems he can only get their attention.” Before that, he left two poisonous marks on them and therefore the grasshoppers attacked them. The post station was destroyed just because Shi Qianshou attracted these insects. It’s not about full control, no one can control them, ”said Lin Lin.

– It seems we have big problems! – Jiang Shaoxu panicked, looking at the brown sky.

Shi Qianshou was a top level poison mage. Has he not now become a real demon of this desert, after he received the Fruit of the Lands ??

“You should not blame us.” Do you think that if we had not gone to the desert, then he could not have found the Fruit of the Lands? One god knows what things he would start to do after finding the Fetus of the Lands, and even with so many military men. Now we at least know about him, and can tell everything to the military headquarters. Hope this helps minimize damage, ”said Ge Min.

– Right! With the current forces of Shi Qianshou, if we fight against him, we can all die and then no one will know about his affairs!

Mages tried not to commit impulsive acts. In the end, their adversary was a military commander and possessed great power and strength. If they manage to escape and report all the people from Tarim fortress, this will already be a great success. Shi Qianshou must be eliminated as soon as possible, otherwise a real disaster will happen!



After several days of fleeing the desert, the group finally reached its outer border. A terrible dust storm behind him was no longer visible.

However, they were in no hurry to relax. Shi Qianshou was clearly not going to let them go so easily. And even more so, he already got the Fruit of the Lands, and, as if crazy, he tried to replenish it with energy.

Tarim Fortress is completely built of gray-white stone and is a fortified city. About a hundred thousand people live in the city. The inner territory of the fortress reaches one hundred kilometers in length. There are mines, construction plants and a wind power station, which are the basis of the life of all the settlements in the city. Once a week, a military detachment is replaced in the fortress, which protects the city and protects it from attacks by monsters from the desert, caves and troughs.

These places were very dangerous, and every month the city was subjected to two or three attacks. Each settlement also put up protective barriers, and the workers and magicians worked exclusively within their borders to be cleaned from sudden raids by monsters.

A group of magicians went straight to Tarim fortress, and Zhang Xiao Hou, like a military man, immediately went to the military headquarters. All the others in a very exhausted state were left to wait outside. They hoped that the military would immediately set out to capture Shi Qianshaw!

Zhang Xiao Hou went immediately to the main military department. In this city, each last had its own boss for protection, which together represented a huge military force for such a small city. The mines and energy sources of the fortified city of Tarim could provide resources for five or six medium-sized cities and at the same time maintain their protective barrier!

– Chief Commander! Zhin Xiao Hou, the military commander of the city of Qinling, asks for his urgent business, – an officer appeared in the headquarters of the main department.

Currently, only one chief commander was sitting at the long table of the headquarters, and all the rest were detachment chiefs. All of them had control powers and could conduct interrogations, but were not military commanders.

Two advisers with extremely serious expressions on their faces sat on the sides of Commander-in-Chief Sy Mud.

– We still do not know the reasons. But the liberation of locked workers, magicians, military and peasants is of paramount importance. They have been there for three days, water and food supplies are insufficient, and many of them are injured. And without the necessary medications, this is certain death, ”the adviser said strictly.

The Commander-in-Chief answered coldly:

– Save the people ?! Think I don’t want to save people? But if we do not understand the reasons for not getting rid of these insects, then there is no reason to send even more people to the Anjiao settlement. We will send them to death! Three days have passed, and we still have no information !! No one can get out of there, just like we cannot get to them!

“The Commander-in-Chief, the head of the Qinling detachment, asks for a reception,” the officer repeated.

– Why did he come? We don’t have time for it! – the commander in chief began to get annoyed.

“But he says it’s very important …”

“What could be more important than ten thousand people locked up in the Anjiao settlement ??”

“Ummm … I’ll tell him to wait.”

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