Chapter 1223. The Occupied Village


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Outside the main gate of the army headquarters, Mo Fan was waiting for news from Zhang Xiao Hou. Soon, seeing a friend’s straight face, he went out to meet him.

– What’s the matter? They did not believe you? – asked Mo Fan.

As commander in chief, the words of Zhang Xiao Hou should have had weight. The tribunal had to take any action after what he had told. Even if not only Shi Qianshou was to blame, the military court had to conduct an investigation first.

– Not that they did not believe my words, I didn’t even have a chance to speak out. Tarim fortress faced a more difficult task, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– With more difficult? What such a thing could be more serious than this devil who got the fruit of the earth? Shi Qianshou finally went mad, mercilessly destroyed his subordinates. If you let him out of the desert, it is not known how many innocent people will lose their lives! – Ge Ge Min said angrily.

“There is no need to blame them, Anjiao village is captured by grasshoppers of a dust storm.” Now in the space near the village a large flock of grasshoppers revolves, it’s good that the patrol learned about it in a timely manner. People from the village and mine have already been evacuated to the shelter, only in this way numerous casualties were avoided. But more than 10 thousand people are locked in this shelter, and food, water, medicines are already running out. Many people did not even have time to take anything with them, as the grasshoppers swept everything in their path, ”said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– This is impossible, because every settlement here has a protective barrier. How could grasshoppers break through it and occupy the village? Is this the work of Shi Qianshou? Asked Xu Pindong.

Zhang Xiao Hou shook his head and said: “It happened 3 days ago, then we were still in the desert and Shi Qianshou had not yet managed to get the Fruit of the Lands.”

– Misfortune never comes alone. The problem with Shi Qianshou has not yet been solved, as the magical grasshoppers of the dust storm set up a pogrom. This means that the grasshoppers have not yet been exterminated, although troops of the military have already been sent to destroy them. Even if people are saved, the army may die, ”said Ge Min.

Dust storm magical grasshoppers are a disaster for the western regions. When cities and towns provided magical barriers, the damage from grasshoppers decreased. But suddenly something strange happened and the grasshoppers broke the barrier.

The issue with the grasshoppers of the dust storm was not resolved, in addition, another misfortune reigned here – poverty and the badlands that were spread throughout the Tarim Depression. And the more dangerous the area, the poorer, the fewer people there. Like some kind of vicious circle.

Obviously, the Tarim military wanted the Tarim fortress to be the main one in the Tarim Depression, gradually the cities and towns that provide resources and energy sources would be combined with the fortress. Then the military could have created a large beautiful city rich in resources, but the magical grasshoppers of the dust storm dealt a huge blow and broke through the impregnable magic barrier. So many years of trying down the drain!

– The only joy is that there are not so many dead and wounded. But if people in the village begin to die, then the entire population of the Tarim fortress will be evacuated, since this resource-rich area is the habitat of monsters, which is no longer suitable for life. The Western military invested a huge amount of money and human power. A huge number of soldiers’ lives were sacrificed, and now all this will be destroyed by the grasshoppers of the dust storm, ”Zhang Xiao Hou sighed heavily.

Tarim Fortress is a very important construction site for the military west of China. Monsters are outraging, there are a limited number of magicians here, and people are losing their territories. Gradually, the habitat of people is reduced, since they have nothing left to do when they meet with ferocious monsters – only a retreat.

Once Tarim Fortress has already conquered the territories that were occupied by monsters, creating a magic barrier. Such a breakthrough was very significant!

But in life there are no only white stripes, the attack of the grasshoppers of the dust storm has become a black strip for the life of the Fortress!

One village, ten thousand people, if they are really captured by monsters, the government will no longer allow the construction of cities here. The price of construction should not equal several thousand people’s lives. Such a village became very dangerous and was not worth it to invest money in it …

“Everything is so serious … But Shi Qianshou … I am afraid that he will run away …” said Jiang Shaoxu.

Everyone fell silent.

When Zhang Xiao Hou left the desert, most of all he wanted to tear Shi Qianshou into several pieces. But now his mind told him that the events in Anjiao are much more important. If the Tarim fortress does not overcome this critical situation, then there will be no one to decide the matter of Shi Qianshou.

There was the sound of footsteps from the headquarters, and a beautiful girl, a military girl, came out from there. She went out with a woman dressed in the uniform of a staff officer, and several military commanders walked behind.

Girls – the military discussed the latest developments. Seeing Zhang Xiao Hou and Mo Fan, who seemed familiar, they involuntarily looked back at them several times.

“Wait a bit,” one high-breasted girl said to the other and headed for the guys.

Zhang Xiao Hou and Mo Fan noticed that someone was coming to them.

This big-chested girl looked familiar. At that moment, when they saw the cold face of the girl closer, and Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou were surprised.

– It’s you! – said Mo Fan.

– Long time no see! – an attractive girl – the military smiled.

“Lee Man, shouldn’t you be in the Dongting District?” Why did you arrive at the western military headquarters? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

– The situation in Dongting has stabilized, the military camp is now engaged only in everyday affairs. And here there is an opportunity to accomplish a feat, so I applied for transfer to the Western military headquarters. It’s been a year and a half since I’m here. I didn’t even think that I would meet you … – the military girl smiled and glanced at Zhang Xiao Hou, then she looked at Mo Fan and said: “You are a very famous person now.”

Mo Fan was confused.

When he was in the Dongting District, he and this girl together destroyed a huge number of giant armored lizards and thousand-footed poisonous scolopendras

Li Man had deep impressions of Zhang Xiao Hou and Mo Fang. Since at that moment these two guys were mid-level magicians, but dared to provoke a creature of the level of commander in chief, very brave guys!

After that, Li Man became interested in the life of these two guys. She learned that Zhang Xiao Hou went to the Qinlin military headquarters, and Mo Fan became a member of the team participating in international competitions. They met her expectations – so young, but so gifted …

“Lee Man, we have little time to spare, do not waste it on memories of our former friendship,” the middle-aged woman officer said indifferently.

“Sister … Ahem … Officer Shao, we have very few people here.” “I hope these two guys help us, they are very strong magicians,” Li Man said seriously.

The official position of the headquarters officer was rather high; she could help in the Shi Qianshou case. Zhang Xiao hou did not think that she could meet the Tarim Fortress headquarters officer like that, and she also turned out to be Li Man’s older sister.

“Did you report on the betrayal of Shi Qianshaw?” Asked Officer Shao.

– Yes, he is a traitor, in addition, the Fruit of the Earth is in his hands. Now the fruit is filled with the energy of innocent people, it killed 300 – 400 people … – said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“I know that your case is urgent, but first we’ll deal with Anjiao, and then we will proceed with yours.” Do not worry, we will not be able to put up with treason, said Officer Shao.

“Lee Man, how can you rely on two outsiders.” Want to waste your time, please. Officer Shao, let’s go, ”said the man military commander standing behind.

Officer Shao nodded and headed forward. There was no time to talk, it was necessary to begin command.

Li Man was undecided, looking at Mo Fang and Zhang Xiao Hou, she said: “This is really an urgent matter, but if you agree to help me …”

Zhang Xiao Hou looked at Mo Fan, it is obvious that Mo Fan had to make a decision.

Mo Fan said helplessly: “Without resolving the issue with Anjiao, the military will not send anyone to eliminate Shi Qianshou.” But if he escapes, then this case will take a more serious turn. We can help you, but we hope that you can discuss this with local bosses – the Shi Qianshou affair is urgent!

“Well, follow me,” smiled Li Man.

“They are with me, all these girls have powerful power,” said Mo Fan, pointing to Mu Nu Jiao, Lin Ling and Jiang Shaoxu.

“I found out these two girls – they are participants in international competitions,” said Li Man.

Members of the Golden Rati Hunters have not joined. They had already been captured and felt extremely worn out.

The situation with Ge Min was also joyless. His cultivation reached a high level, but after what happened between him and Shi Qianshou, he will have to restore his strength for several days. But Ge Min promised that as soon as he regains his magical energy, he will immediately join Mo Fan.

“Li Man, first tell us in detail what happened.” I remember that in every city and village there is a magic barrier. How did the dust storm grasshoppers so easily break through it? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou along the way.

“This we cannot understand.” Dust storm grasshoppers cannot so easily destroy the magic barrier, Li Man said helplessly.

“We need to go and find out what really happened.”

– Yes, but only grasshoppers are everywhere and it’s hard for the military to enter the territory they occupy. Eh … my sister has been living here for more than 10 years, she was very happy about the appearance of magical barriers, but who knew that one day there would be a great misfortune … – said Li Man.

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