Chapter 1224. The death of a military detachment


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The whole sky was completely covered with brown dust, and constant vibrations emanated from the sounds that rang out: countless magical grasshoppers covered the district like torrential rain, only a cloud of mystical creatures is much worse and more dangerous than any rain!

The settlement turned out to be very small, just a few main streets. Houses, high-rise buildings, and sites built by construction magicians have not yet become food for the magical grasshoppers of the dust storm.

However, houses and buildings no longer had windows – they were all destroyed by the strongest vibrations, and glass fragments were now lying on the roads.

No space was visible between the buildings, everything was filled with these grasshoppers, who, as if feeling the human breath of the people hiding below, were now breaking through all the cracks.

“Why don’t they fly away?” Won’t they calm down until only bones are left of us? – said a middle-aged man from fear that he was underground behind the stone gates.

These gates were guarded by military magicians, while the rest of the people were hiding inside. The only question was still open: could a hundred military men resist magical creatures, which in number exceed them tens of thousands of times?

Under the guard of these military men, ordinary workers and residents of the settlement shook from below in the dusk from fear.

“Can we get out?”

“I don’t know,” the military answered.

There was a sharp cry from this answer, everyone cried: both children, and women, and even men.

“Qing Li, can you answer them a little softer?” – the military man said furiously that he was nearby.

– I do not like to deceive people. Even the military is hard to resist these magical grasshoppers. Three days have passed, everyone knows how terrible these grasshoppers are. I believe that the troops will not leave us, because otherwise we simply will not survive, ”Li Qing said in a stern voice.

-He’s telling the truth? The old man asked.

The military did not answer, keeping silence.

“I am already an old man, and so I have only a short time to live, but my granddaughter is only eight years old, please find a way to save her, I beg you!” – the old man whined plaintively.

– Grandfather, even we will not survive.

“There will be enough food and water for another two days, and the grasshoppers are not even going to leave these parts.”

Fifteen kilometers from the Anjiao settlement, behind a natural stone layer, the military camped.

The construction of the camp was very primitive, since the main task remained so that the swarm of grasshoppers did not find it.

In total, four military detachments were sent to help, each of which had a thousand men, and each of them had its own leader.

Li Man belonged to a special military unit, it consisted of about fifty people, each of whom was a magician of a level not lower than average.

Mo Fan and the others arrived at this camp with Li Man. Mo Fan just saw the military in crimson uniforms moving in the direction of Anjiao.

They were on a hill, so they saw Anjiao in full view: the entire settlement and a distance of ten kilometers from it were covered by magical grasshoppers of a dust storm, and nothing could remain from the settlement at any moment!

“Yes, there are even more of them than we saw then in the desert!” – said Mu Nu Jiao, looking around the district.

“A thousand war magicians look like a small boat during the tsunami on the high seas!” This is very dangerous, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“There is no choice, the provisions left in Anjiao are hardly enough for a couple of days, Officer Shao ordered to advance.” However, the situation is still not so bad: among the thousands of military men there are a lot of fire magicians, each of whom also has fire chain mail – if all these magicians simultaneously start releasing magic, then a huge fiery barrier will form that can destroy the magic grasshoppers. This is the only option. First, we need our people to enter the settlement and deliver food and water, and we also need to find the reason why the magic barriers of the settlement did not work, ”Li Man said.

“It seems like they’re coming very close to the cloud of grasshoppers.”

– Yeah. Are fire barriers really good?

Mo Fan changed his face when he saw that a group of military men was entering the epicenter of events.

Glancing at Li Man, he said: “What are the barriers? Explain everything to me in order. ”

– Before the construction of a city or a settlement, magic barriers are first put up, since without them, no settlement has absolutely no chance of surviving in a territory densely populated with magical animals. After the invasion of the magical grasshoppers of the dust storm, this territory was painted in the red zone. The administration wanted to evacuate residents and employees as soon as possible, but Sy Muda formed a kind of fire barrier, thus preventing grasshoppers from reaching the settlement. With such a fire barrier, Tarim fortress surrounded many settlements around, since in these places there are valuable sources of resources … – Li Man explained.

– Grasshoppers are afraid of fire, right? – asked Mo Fan.

Li Man nodded her head in agreement: “They are very afraid of fire, which is why flaming barriers can be a guarantee of security and once again return lost territories to people’s possession, which are considered extremely dangerous, but …”

Having said this, Li Man carefully looked at Anjiao.

– Are there really grasshoppers that are not afraid of fire? Asked Lin Lin bluntly.

– It’s impossible! All magical grasshoppers are afraid of fire! – Li Man said with confidence.

Mo Fan, hearing Lin Lin’s words, involuntarily recalled the crystal.

He received this crystal before the mission with these grasshoppers, and from the very beginning Mo Fan sensed something was amiss, and now it seemed to dawn on him!

“Hey Mo Fan, is your crystal really cool, is there anything else inside it?” – asked Jiang Shaoxuy.

Mo Fan did not answer, but only hastened to break this crystal right away.

Among the fragments of a crystal, a corpse of a strange insect was discovered. This insect died a long time ago, but so far it was possible to discern its variety.

“This … this is how an insect appeared inside the crystal ?!”

“Is it a magical dust storm grasshopper?” The larva of a grasshopper that no longer emits life breath … – Li Man said in surprise.

“Mo Fan, where did you get the larva of a magical grasshopper from a dust storm?” Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan, without answering anything, rushed towards the camp.

Li Man did not understand what had happened, but it was clear that something strange was happening.

The others, knowing that Mo Fan rarely behaved this way, hurried after him.

Ten kilometers from Anjiao, a deafening sound was heard that frightened all the military.

It’s good that the military had chain mail, otherwise, out of fear, they would not have started releasing magic at all.

The commander was Fan Liang, on whose face extreme impatience was expressed, he directed the soldiers to make their way forward!

– Do not be afraid! I have been struggling with such insects for about ten years! One has only to release the fire barrier, as they immediately give a swing. Come on, follow me! Anjiao people are waiting for us, we can become famous and become the bravest military unit in the whole west of China! Shouted Fan Liang.

They have already approached the cloud of grasshoppers.

– Remember, we are not afraid of anything!

– We are not afraid of anything!

– We do not know the barriers!

– We will sweep away all the obstacles!

A thousand soldiers moved forward, they carried much-needed food and water. Step by step they entered the storm of magical grasshoppers.

There was no turning back, visibility was poor, and only the town of Anjiao was barely visible at the epicenter of this disaster.

– Fan Liang, Fan Liang, please answer! Come back now! – a faint sound came from the radio of Commander Fan Liang.

Fan Liang did not even hear this message, as it was shouted by the sounds of insects.

– What are you saying there? I can not hear! Relax, we will finish this task!

– I say, get out of there! Go away! – the voice in the walkie-talkie has already switched to a scream.

“We will not give up! We have built the Tarim fortress with such difficulty, and we certainly do not save these vile insects!” – answered Fan Liang.

– Go away!

The radio signal has stopped.

Fifteen kilometers from that place, Mo Fan, Li Man, Officer Shao, Zhang Xiao Hou and three other commanders hatched their eyes in horror. They all watched as a military detachment slowly dissolved in a crowd of grasshoppers ….

“But how … how is the fire?” – the shaking voice of the commander was heard.

– Why is the fire no use? Why?! – heard a scream from the camp.

Mo Fan looked into the distance, watching only white bones remain from the soldiers’ bodies.

He remembered those insects that he saw on the Mountain of Fire, their larvae ….

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