Chapter 1225. Priorities in food


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– These are mutated magic grasshoppers of a dust storm …. When we were in the desert, we saw how these grasshoppers rushed to the Fire Mountain every night. It seemed to us that they were flying to certain death, but they acted in such a way that their appearance would no longer be afraid of fire, since after that they began to multiply intensively … – Mo Fan cleverly explained.

All this time, sounds were heard – these were the death cries of the dying military ….

A detachment of thousands of people in a matter of minutes turned into a pile of white bones – this event was a heavy burden on the souls of others.

After some time, Officer Shao sighed heavily, stood up straight, saluted the dead soldiers, and tears flowed from her eyes.

As an officer, she did not have the right to cry, she should always remain calm, even if there is a threat to life.

– Tell everyone to leave the settlements. Magical grasshoppers of a dust storm are no longer afraid of fire and fire barriers, if Anjiao can not survive, then other settlements are in danger! Said Officer Shao.

– There is!

“Thank you for your important message, your team should also leave these places, leave the rest to us,” Officer Shao said in a low voice, looking at Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou.

They both nodded negatively.

They cannot leave a settlement just like that when danger threatens so many innocent people!

– My flame is fierce, even mutated grasshoppers will not be able to withstand it! You should take care of transporting resources to other places, and leave this mission to me! – sincerely said Mo Fan.

Since the magical grasshoppers of the dust storm really mutated, then even the Tarim fortress will not be able to survive, it is imperative to inform them that people leave the fortress!

Officer Shao could not leave the people locked in the Anjiao settlement, they must fight to the last – after all, this is their officer duty.

Mo Fan saw that Officer Shao herself was going to certain death, but all the remaining units, too, were mostly doomed.

Mo Fan does not like to interfere much in such matters, but now there was only one hope for survival.

“Mo Fan, the entire military detachment is lost if you go there …” Mu Nu Jiao began to say.

“You forgot that when the magic grasshoppers chased you, it was my flame that saved you, and you can say that they were already mutated, too,” Mo Fan reassured the girl.

– Right!

– Of course, I am not a star in the fight against these grasshoppers, but here is my little hetero … – said Mo Fan.

– Your fiery geter? But for sure!

“However, you cannot deliver all the resources there alone, because there are ten thousand people of food and drink!” Said Officer Shao.

“I have an element of space, I can easily get food from the truck, I can make several flights,” said Mo Fan.

After these words, Mo Fan in the eyes of Officer Shao and the rest was lit up with hope.

It’s good that Li Man took them on this mission: they already managed to lose one large detachment, so now only Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou gave at least some hope to the rest of the soldiers.

Such young magicians as they are extremely few, as a rule, most magicians themselves prefer to hide in the wilds of the settlement.

“Mo Fan, I will go with you,” said Zhang Xiao Hou.

He couldn’t let Mo Fan go alone, because they are actually brothers, they could even get out of the zombie abyss, can they really cope with some grasshoppers?

“Well, only you shouldn’t be more than 10 meters away from me,” Mo Fan nodded.

– Then we….

“I always take a maximum of one person with me, you will stay here.” Try to find more methods of how to drive away these grasshoppers, you can’t hesitate! – answered Mo Fan.

Mu Nu Jiao, Jiang Shaosuy nodded their heads, they understood that in such circumstances it is better not to brave once again, but to follow the instructions of Officer Shao.

“If something happens, immediately leave this place, our western military unit owes so much to you,” said Officer Shao.

“We can’t screw it up,” Mo Fan understood that human lives were at stake!

Only two paths now followed: Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou. However, from the point of view of the military, this attempt was much more serious than the previous one, everyone now feared that these two magicians could also turn into white bones, because then there would be no hope!

– Brother, are you afraid? – unable to stand it, asked Zhang Xiao Hou, walking side by side with Mo Fan.

“He’ll go, he’s already used to it,” answered Mo Fan, remembering the tragedy in the city of Bo, then they had a detachment of schoolchildren, they also had to punch the way for everyone else, and then the magic of Mo Fan was much weaker! It was then that he was most afraid of!

However, the further they moved forward, the more fear approached.

– If I were alone, I would certainly crap. But since Brother Mo Fan is next to me, I’m not afraid of anything! – optimistically retorted Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan also knew that Zhang Xiao Hou himself sincerely believes in his words.

In such a mission, it is very important to have a person who you can rely on and who is not afraid of death.

However, Mo Fan himself could not boast of such a belief.

That is why he constantly cultivates hard to become stronger!


A continuous buzz rang in my ears, and in such a situation it was unrealistic to think about releasing magic at an elementary, intermediate, or high level.

It’s good that the little fiery heterka can itself release its magic, since now it was she who accompanied Mo Fang and Zhang Xiao Hou.

The magical grasshoppers of the dust storm are very afraid of the fierce flame. Although they themselves actually revived from the fire, as soon as a strong violent flame comes closer to them, they immediately begin to emit a sharp squeak, and the fiery energy that is inside them, when they come into contact with an even stronger flame, literally flashes, causing the grasshoppers to burn to ashes .

The little heterka was sitting on the shoulder of her daddy, she didn’t even have to put extra effort on purpose, since her fire was enough to prevent the grasshoppers from approaching Mo Fan closer than 10 meters.

After some time, Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou entered the territory, which was densely flooded with magic grasshoppers. The military, seeing that these two passed unhindered on, rejoiced indescribably.

– Well!

– There are no hopeless situations!

The luminous flame of a small geterka became a spark of hope for the military that now watched as two silhouettes move forward.

The number of insects in the air just went through the roof, it seemed as if you were penetrating their lair.

Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou slowly entered the Anjiao settlement, which carried a stench.


From the fierce fire, the magical grasshoppers of the dust storm rose sharply, as if from fear, into the sky.

Mo Fan looked there and saw the skeleton of a draft animal. Apparently, it was a conscript beast of one of the dead soldiers – and he and his beast became food for these gluttonous insects.

The grasshoppers themselves were not even going to leave this settlement until they had eaten those people whose breath they felt underground.

“It’s somewhere here … that building … damn, where is the building?” – Zhang Xiao Hou looked at the map again, but found nothing.

Four skyscrapers were precisely marked on the map!

“What’s wrong with these insects?” If they can devour buildings from the very beginning, why even I remember that more recently the buildings were here … ”said Mo Fan.

– Right! Could they really digest the buildings? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Digest … for sure! – Mo Fanya dawned.

At the very beginning, on the Mountain of Fire, when Mo Fan spent several days there, he fed the magic grasshopper with meat, which then could eat absolutely everything, but in the end Mo Fan gave him the rest of the meat, which made him incredibly happy …

It was clear that these magical grasshoppers had priorities in choosing food.

“Magical grasshoppers at first prefer to eat flesh, then switch to plants, then metal, stones, and in the end …” having said this, Mo Fan involuntarily looked ahead.

There were several grasshoppers ahead that were desperately trying to find food and had already begun to sniff out the ground, trying to understand whether it was possible to cram it into the belly.

“Damn, they started devouring the earth!” Cried Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Earth and sand – this, in all probability, is what they digest with difficulty, but for lack of choice, they began to devour the earth, realizing that there are living people below! “Mo Fan himself, in part, could not believe what he had just said.

If these insects began to eat land, then people have absolutely no chance of survival!

“How could such terrible creatures have appeared on this planet ?!” – heard the voice of Zhang Xiao Hou.

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