Chapter 1226. Barrier box


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Having hardly found the entrance to the subway, Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou knocked on the stone gate.

Zhang Xiao Hou is a military man, so it was enough that he tapped off the military code, the people inside knew immediately that help had arrived.

Behind the thick stone gates there were people who hid there in the hope of survival, but the sounds of magical grasshoppers coming from outside still terrified them.

– This is help! We are saved! Cried the soldier inside joyfully.

“However, grasshoppers are still running the outside, my draft beast just recently …”

– This is a military code, that’s for sure! More likely to open!

Hearing about the arrival of help, the people inside were finally able to breathe happily.

However, seeing that only two young magicians arrived without food, water or medicine, the joyful mood abruptly vanished.

“Why did only the two of you come ?!” Is all the rest of the military left us? – asked in a suppressed voice the military man who opened the gate.

“One military unit has already completely died, now only the two of us can break through the cloud of magic grasshoppers in the dust storm,” Zhang Xiao Hou answered.

Mo Fan opened his spatial bag, from which he took out food, which gave at least some hope.

– We can make several flights until a method of getting rid of grasshoppers is found. Please be patient, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“So much time has passed, have they really found nothing?” Has the military really decided to leave us, and so they sent only the two of you to deliver us the last provisions? – Anger was already visible on the face of one of the military.

– Chen Yi, calm down. Outside, absolutely all the space is captured by these damn grasshoppers, even a whole military detachment could not cope with them. Have the military already found a way to help us, sending these two with food and medicine at the right risk? How can you blame them ?! – said the chief among the military named Liu Zhuo.

Chen And shut up, turning around, he sat down in his place, but his face expressed complete indignation.

“Control the situation here, do not let people panic,” said Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan pushed Zhang Xiao Hou, saying in a whisper: “As long as we make another flight for food, these grasshoppers will already devour the whole earth when they get here!”

– What then to do? – Zhang Xiao Hou was seriously worried, he looked with a glance at all the people inside, that of the last forces kept together.

“Not everyone can be trusted here, and it’s not worth it to tell anyone that the grasshoppers have already begun to devour the earth. Call that commander Liu Zhuo and see what he offers, ”said Mo Fan.

Zhang Xiao Hou called on Liu Zhuo and explained the insect situation to him.

Liu Zhuo’s face changed immediately, and tears poured from his eyes.

“We only told you this, fearing that Chen Yi and his ilk would immediately panic,” said Mo Fan.

“Yes, I understand you.” You go, since you managed to get here, you can get out. In any case, thank you for your efforts, now you can not worry about us, ”said Liu Zhuo.

“We didn’t say this because we want to leave you, we just want to hear your opinion on this matter, because this is the only way to save all these people, time is running out,” Zhang Xiao Hou said sincerely.

– The only defense of the settlement are magic barriers. No city can survive without barriers, ”said Liu Zhuo.

– And if you launch these barriers again? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

Liu Zhuo waved his head negatively: “There is no sense in the fact that we will once again launch magic barriers – these creatures are no longer afraid of the fire of magic barriers.”

“What kind of fire do these magical barriers have?” Is it possible to somehow strengthen this fire? – Mo Fan asked.

– I myself really do not know what kind of fire there is, however, I think that it will be amenable to change. It is only necessary to get to the barrier box and introduce another type of fire into it, then the flame of the barriers will also change. I saw the head of the settlement do something similar, ”Liu Zhuo answered.

“Well, great, my flame is just very detrimental to magical grasshoppers.” If you manage to add my type of flame to the fire of magical barriers, that is, hope for the salvation of all Anjiao, ”Mo Fan said.

“Is your fire so strong?” Asked Liu Zhuo.

– Well, yes, only thanks to him we were able to get here. Commander, enough talk, we have very little time, we need to try everything, and not sit here silently and wait for death! – added Mo Fan.

Hearing the words of Mo Fan, Liu Zhuo also involuntarily nodded his head.

And really, you can’t just sit and wait for death, you need to try to the last!

“Well, we will take you to the barrier box,” Liu Zhuo said sternly.

In total, three of them went: Liu Zhuo, Zhang Xiao Hou and Mo Fan.

The barrier box was in the administrative building, from which there were already ruins.

The barrier box was underground and it was not so easy to get to it: for this they first had to go down to the basement, walk a long street underground, reaching the very center of Anjiao.

Liu Zhuo doubted inwardly, he was not completely sure that these young magicians would have enough endurance, but when Mo Fan released his fire magic, a ray of hope flickered in the eyes of the military!

Before that, they had already tried to release fire magic against magical grasshoppers, but it turned out that these insects are resistant to flame. Liu Zhuo could not imagine that a special fire was needed, and if they succeed in introducing Mo Fang’s fire into the barrier box, then Anjiao will be saved!


The sounds of insects were heard in the ears, confusing.

Liu Zhuo sweated cold with fear, wondering if Mo Fan had enough power.

– There, ahead. The barrier basement is made of stone, so the grasshoppers could not get there.

Liu Zhuo climbed onto the basement lid, scooping up the ruins, then discovering the door.

A heavy door opened and a ban should have appeared. Liu Zhuo climbed a little further to remove this ban, but suddenly froze.

– What is there? – Mo Fan asked in confusion.

“The ban has already been removed,” said Liu Zhuo, feeling the iron ring with his hand, which he then pulled.

After that, the door mechanism started, and a staircase appeared that led down.

“Perhaps someone decided to hide downstairs before reaching the shelter,” suggested Zhang Xiao Hou.

“Yeah, I think so too.” Let’s go down faster, because if the grasshoppers get there, they will destroy the barrier box, ”said Liu Zhuo.

Three people went down to the basement, in which there was electricity. This cabin actually controlled the lighting throughout the settlement.

Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou first saw the city’s magic barriers management system: in other words, security barriers are located in the most secret place of the city, which is protected by the administration. This whole system is classified as security of the whole city depends on its serviceability.

The magical barriers of a small town do not differ in huge dimensions, so there was only one room in the basement.

All this room was made of crystals of the elements of fire, each of which possessed power. Being connected to the system with additional power from the barrier box, magic barriers ensured the safety of the city.

“In the very center is the very barrier box, which is the main source of energy for barriers, only with it you can change the type of fire on the barriers,” said Liu Zhuo.

“Okay, let’s try,” Mo Fan answered.

Mo Fan placed his hand over the barrier box, after which he began to slowly launch his fire into it. The body of the magician very quickly covered with a cap of red flame, which gradually poured into the barrier box.

Liu Zhuo and Zhang Xiao Hou stood apart, they were very alarmed, since the lives of all the inhabitants of the settlement depended on the success of this procedure. Seeing how under the influence of the magic of Mo Fan, the barrier box gradually changes color, they were delighted!

“It seems … already possible,” Mo Fan slowly opened his eyes, looking at the box.

– The barrier box has absorbed your fiery breath, and if this breath dissipates through all the barriers, then the grasshoppers will retreat! – said Liu Zhuo.

– Now we need to launch barriers? – asked Mo Fan.

Liu Zhuo nodded his head, he went through every corner of the room, making sure that all links of one chain lit up.

After all the links began to emit a glow, it was possible to see that a beautiful constellation was being created above the barrier box, which now cast a bright red flame.

The fire flared slightly, but for an unknown reason, after ten seconds, the whole room plunged into darkness!

– What happened? Can’t start the barriers? – asked Mo Fan.

Liu Zhuo, moving on, nodded his head in the negative: “Your flame turned out to be effective, and the barriers were about to start, but … the barrier box … there is no energy in it, it is empty!”

– Is it empty ?!

– Someone stole energy from a barrier box! – with a lost look, said Liu Zhuo.

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