Chapter 1227. Crazy Shi Qianshaw


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“Could it be that the barriers were not turned off at startup, so all the energy was used up?” Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

– This is impossible, I recently checked the barriers of Anjiao, and the energy remaining in them should have been enough for at least another half a month. Due to the fact that they were not used, they then turned off automatically, and now it turns out that there is no energy left in the barrier box. What kind of psycho dared to encroach on this energy? Cried Liu Zhuo, with his fist hard to hit the wall of crystals nearby.

The barrier box was the only way out of this situation, Liu Jo with such difficulty regained hope for the salvation of the town, without even thinking that someone dared to encroach on the holy of holies.

– Now it is not surprising why the ban was lifted in advance. The only question is, who apart from you could know about the barrier ban? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

At this moment, Mo Fan pulled his friend away, pointing to a gap in which there was an insect jammed with wings.

– This is a flying insect, is it familiar to you? – asked Mo Fan.

Zhang Xiao Hou took a closer look, and a chill ran through his body. How not to recognize this insect? This is the same creature that was in the cave of the fruit of the earth – the work of Shi Qianshou!

– Really Shi Qianshou? – surprised Zhang Xiao Hou.

– You could say that. Having reached the fruit of the earth, he realized that his energy was not enough, so he launched an attack on grasshoppers on Anjiao, fueling his fruit of the earth from the energy of the barrier box! – said Mo Fan.

“I thought he escaped.” I didn’t even think that he would venture on such a thing, – Zhang Xiao Hou muttered through clenched teeth.

He hated Shi Qianshou with all his heart and dreamed of personally strangling him. However, Zhang Xiao Hou could not even imagine that he would be so crazy a psycho that he decided to steal the energy of the barrier box.

No one knows what to expect from this Shi Qianshou now.

“It turns out that it was he who lured the magic grasshoppers here, because only he could get here,” said Mo Fan.

“He is no longer here, what shall we do?” Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

– He was here recently, because such a poisonous insect could not hold out alive for a long time. We need to let go of this insect, and then it will lead us to Shi Qianshou, ”Mo Fan said.

“Shi Qianshou, are you talking about Commander Shi Qianshaw?” – surprised Liu Zhuo.

– Yes, it is he. However, he had already managed to turn into a real demon.

– Then it was he who could get here and remove the ban. Only now, there’s no reason for you to chase him, you won’t be able to overcome him, ”added Liu Zhuo.

– In any other place we would not be able to defeat him, but in Anjiao …. – Mo Fan nodded negatively.

Zhang Xiao Hou, after listening to Mo Fan, released this insect, which immediately rushed forward. Even though the insect now had no wings, it moved very quickly.

The insect sent three people to the western part of the town, in which there were mainly iron-stone buildings, which obviously did not like magical grasshoppers. It was the only part of Anjiao that survived.

All the rooms were very large, and magic grasshoppers revolved around.

A small insect galloped on, and Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou finally saw a man in a red military uniform who was sitting in the middle of magical insects that did not even think to attack him. A swarm of insects revolved around something that was in the hand of this man.

– Roll everything from here! Such low-born creatures like you dare not approach my treasure! – Shi Qianshou’s eyes immediately turned red with anger.

From this cry, the magical grasshoppers scattered right away, since, apparently, they were afraid of the poison on Shi Qianshou’s body.

– Eat, eat more! As soon as you eat, this land will become mine! – Shi Qianshou looked at the fruit of the earth in his hand as a native child.

– Ah, almost forgot! There are still a lot of living people in the shelter, but they are still doomed to death – at least they can contribute to my venture! – Shi Qianshou said with a satisfied smile on his face.

Although he obtained a barrier box, its energy was still not enough to completely nourish the fruit of the earth.

To fill the fruit of the earth, the energy of barriers of at least a city with a population of one million people is necessary! Here, even the energy of the Tarim fortress will not be enough!

Shi Qianshou jumped sharply, he still could not remember the location of the underground shelter, because almost all the buildings of the town were destroyed, and the airspace was filled with magic grasshoppers of a dust storm!

After taking a few steps, he violently released a fiery glow on the insects.

– Shi Qianshaw! Zhang Xiao Hou shouted, not daring to endure this commander’s barbaric behavior any longer.

Shi Qianshou lowered his hand; scattering the grasshoppers, he found Zhang Xiao Hou in the ring of fire, and this made him laugh even harder.

“So it was you!” And who is it next to you? Is this the same kid that Tong Zhuang and Zheng Tong talked to me about? Yeah … that means going through a cloud of magical grasshoppers is your specialty, ”said Shi Qianshou, looking at the guests.

– About your adventures is already known in the military unit! Wait for your death! Growled Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Haha, military unit? And what about the military? As far as I know, they themselves can’t even protect themselves now, and with magic grasshoppers they don’t dare attack me at all. As soon as the fruit of the earth is reborn, they will all obey me! – Shi Qianshou said with a grin.

After returning from the desert, he discovered that magic grasshoppers mutated, and now they can violently attack human cities and settlements ….

Now, after killing so many people and subjugating insects, Shi Qianshou was not a bit afraid that some petty military man named Zhang Xiao Hou could convey to him, since he had absolutely no evidence. Now that there is the fruit of the earth, even the Tarim fortress will obey only him – Shi Qianshou!

From these evil deeds, he only gets more fun!

He will create a new story, and for this it’s not a pity to soak every page of this story with blood!

“Honestly, I don’t care about your lives right now.” Better tell me where the shelter is, and then maybe I will give you high posts in my city …. You know, even using the whole city, I lack sensible associates. Of course, it’s unusual for you to see how I just kill innocents, but I can guarantee that the field of how we create our city will start to do good things, because I know better than you what is really important for the prosperity of the city! – Shi Qianshou said carefree.

Hearing these words, Zhang Xiao Hou finally exploded.

Does this idiot really think that they will show him the location of the shelter so that he can kill all the people ?!

“They will die anyway, wouldn’t it be better if they die immediately?” – Shi Qianshou asked.

“Then you better die!” So immediately it will become much easier for everyone! – said Mo Fan, stepping forward, his furious fiery breath made the magic grasshoppers part.

– You wanna kill me? Let’s start with the fact that with your mid-level magic, you definitely will not reach me. In addition, the buzzing of grasshoppers will halve the power of your mages …. Here I am the Lord God, and no one here dares contradict me! – laughed Shi Qianshou.

– And you do not overestimate your abilities?

The buzzing and rattling of magic grasshoppers covers the territory with a huge sphere of magical prohibition, and only a magician with high inner spiritual limits can survive in such conditions. Even top-level magic is heavily impacted.

Mo Fan thought that Shi Qianshou was unlikely to have reached such a high level of internal development, he used magic grasshoppers only as his protective umbrella, but did not suspect that they would become his funeral attire! After all, Shi Qianshou himself in such conditions will not be able to release magic of the highest level, which means that Mo Fan can defeat him!

– My poison element is not affected! Let my poisonous friends rub a little about you! – said Shi Qianshou.

“My fire is not affected by this either!”

Mo Fan released a flaming fist, and a fire dragon immediately wrapped his arm around him!

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