Chapter 1228. New Fire Wings


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The flame of the fire dragon was much stronger than the fire of a simple blazing fist. This surge of magic flew straight to Shi Qianshou, which made him unwittingly take a few steps back.

A fiery surge wounded the commander in the forearm.

Shi Qianshou’s face flinched with rage, and he opened his hands.

His blood-spattered military uniform was covered in dark breath. Hesitating, the poisonous vapor quickly spread around.

The poisonous air even extinguished the flames without any problems, so Shi Qianshou grinned viciously, controlling his magic with his hands. At that moment, poisonous insects began to fly out, it was not clear whether they appeared from the enemy’s body or from the poisonous vapor released by him, however, these creatures looked like mosquitoes with wings sharp as blades, they could easily penetrate the human skin.

“Fan, watch out for these poisonous insects!” – warned Zhang Xiao Hou.

“You have to hide in a safe place with Liu Zhuo,” Mo Fan told him.

– Got it! – Zhang Xiao Hou immediately realized that he and Liu Zhuo would be no use now, since under the influence of the buzzing of grasshoppers it is impossible to release magic.

“Find a way to tell the others that Shi Qianshaw is here,” said Mo Fan.

“Yeah, Fan, be careful!” Leave it to you! Zhang Xiao Hou nodded his head.

As soon as the forces of Mo Fanya and Shi Qianshou clashed in the confrontation, Zhang Xiao Hou and Liu Zhuo fled to the side, and Liu Zhuo informed his partner that there was also a basement in this room.

“Without a protective shell of fire, we could die,” said Liu Zhuo excitedly.

– The most important thing is not to attract the attention of a large number of magic grasshoppers, have you not said before that there is a basement that leads to the mine? I remember that this mine is located in the northern part, and from there it is close at hand to the military camp! – said Zhang Xiao Hou.

“Yes, close, but there are also enough of these grasshoppers,” said Liu Zhuo.

– Then we need to get out as quickly as possible, there is nothing impossible! – added Zhang Xiao Hou.

A squeak of poisonous insects was heard all around, and although it did not block the buzzing of magic grasshoppers, the hair all over his body stood on end – after all, one wound, and the poison would immediately penetrate the body and begin to spread.

– Do you like to be a hero? I will prove to you that you are not worth even a bit of attention! Growled Shi Qianshou.

Poisonous insects revolved around Mo Fan with their poisonous fumes!

Once in this trap, he did not once again be brave, so he hastened to activate the snake chain mail.

Chain mail immediately covered his body, and specific scales began to absorb fumes of poison from the surrounding air, making it much cleaner.

Shi Qianshou was involuntarily surprised, since his poison belongs to the highest level magic, which means that droplets of this poison can easily overwhelm a creature at the level of commander in chief ….

Having absorbed all the poison from the air, snake chainmail became even more brilliant, striking with its gloss – this is a feature of snake skin!

– Little getty, let’s try our new fire! – said Mo Fan.

The body of the fire hetero began to emit flames of two kinds, which is why most grasshoppers were immediately forced to retreat – now a whole fiery sphere has formed around Mo Fan!

This was the first time that Mo Fan incarnated with a heterka after her resurrection. Only now he was able to fully experience how destructive fire fills his body, his heart was beating fast, and blood began to flow with even greater force!

Mo Fan felt that this heartbeat was so familiar to him, because it was the heartbeat of a hetero and Xin Xia ….

– Heterka, we can’t let mom Xin Xia’s heart worry, so you need to finish this fight as soon as possible! – Mo Fan’s body burst into flames of two kinds. Before the magic of the enemy of the highest level, he also did not have the slightest fear.

Mo Fan could also feel the joy of the little heterosexual that now she again beats with him!

– Ha, you’re just bluffing! – Shi Qianshou growled, seeing that Mo Fan actually turned into a fiery person.

– Biting the wind! – Shi Qianshou sent a cloud of air along with poisonous insects directly at the enemy.

The magic of the biting wind consists entirely of poisonous insects, which, like magical grasshoppers, destroy everything in their path. Shi Qianshou released this magic in the hope that his little wards would leave only a pile of whitening bones from Mo Fan!

Thousands of small insects rushed in a black whirlwind in the direction of Mo Fan, who raised his right hand up, and the flame surrounding him began to expand, forming a dense fiery wall right in front of him – it was his fiery shield! Poisonous insects, hitting this fire shield, immediately turned into black dust ….

They could not get close to Mo Fan at least half a meter – it turned out that this fire was strong not only against magic grasshoppers, but also poisonous insects!

– Go ahead!

Shi Qianshou waved his hands, and insects flying around him immediately fell down, forming a black vortex spiral, allowing his lord to fly into the air.

This whirlwind rose higher, gradually wrapping Shi Qianshou’s body even more densely in small creatures, and now it has turned into a huge poisonous man!

* Bam!

Shi Qianshou was now a huge poisonous giant, which plopped down, and as if a weakly magical animal began to destroy everything around, simultaneously sending a wave of poisonous insects to Mo Fan.

– Die! – Shi Qianshou waved his hands, and a huge number of insects accumulated in front of him, forming a dangerous shell!

This shell became larger, and when it reached the dimensions of a two-story house, he headed for Mo Fan, a hundred meters away!

The wings of the insects were so sharp that they could easily chop the creature of the commander-in-chief into small pieces.

-Thousands of fire feathers!

Mo Fan turned the flames of his body into fiery feathers, which immediately began to accumulate near insects.

– The explosion!

Mo Fan waved his hand, and numerous feathers immediately began to explode.

– Fire wings!

Mo Fan took a few steps back, and the fire began to flare up with renewed vigor, not only covering the body of the magician, but also forming dark brown wings behind him that immediately fluttered open. Their scope was so wide that the air in the whole room just shuddered!

However, this was not the end: one more appeared over this pair of wings, but these wings were now the color of fresh blood!

Mo Fan at that moment was like a fiery general, no less!

– More than anything, I hate insects! – Mo Fan raised his head, looking around Shi Qianshou.

Shi Qianshou continued to summon even more poisonous insects, sending them against Mo Fan.

The poisonous creatures of Shi Qianshou began to turn into large scolopendras with huge fangs sticking out of their open mouths.

Mo Fan was not at all afraid of such fangs, he jumped sharply, flapping his wings, now he was a real fiery demon that rebelled against these poisonous creatures ….

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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