Chapter 1229. Abandoned by all.


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* bam !!!

A wave of fire engulfed the whole sky, swallowing a cloud of poisonous insects, as well as grasshoppers, which spread far around. The flame consumed several kilometers of the territory, turning all insects into ashes!

The whole sky above the streets and houses was filled with ashes, and over all this, as if a kite-monarch flew Mo Fan. Spreading wide wings, he soared, as if to tell everyone whose territory there really is!

Shi Qianshou hid among a swarm of insects. They were both his weapons and his defense. But now Mo Fan has destroyed more than half of them, and in order to attract more insects, it takes a lot of time and magical energy.

Feeling that the heat was approaching him himself, Shi Qianshou descended into the chaotic streets of the city. The harsh sounds made by the few insects that remained around him made him crazy.

Mo Fan followed him and also descended from heaven to the city street.

Looking at the wounded Shi Qianshou, Mo Fan laughed and quipped:

– Look at you! Now you are like a bunch of stool surrounded by flies! A bunch of sickening bowel movements! You should have built a cesspool and enjoyed your personal space and stink with your flies!

Shi Qianshaw’s face distorted anger. He is the commander in chief and future ruler of his own city! All people will be like these flies surround him! It is the dominant force, it is formidable power, it is power !! But do not stink, as Mo Fan said!

“You jerk don’t understand anything!” You and a few lives will not be enough to surpass all my achievements that I have made for these western regions! We have expanded the boundaries of these lands and reduced the arbitrariness of local bosses. And these prosperous lands did not even mention my name !!! – said the magician with an evil grin.

“It will be a city built on corpses.” Do you think someone can live in it calmly? – Mo Fan asked scornfully.

“Isn’t this city like that?”

“Okay, what’s the point of talking to a psychopath.” Filling your face will be much more effective!

“Are you a high level mage ??”

“Yes, I killed magicians ten times stronger than you!” And also, I hate insects! – Mo Fan did not continue the conversation. Two kinds of spiritual fire intertwined in his hand and formed the fiery sword of the scarlet dawn!

The sword was shrouded in two kinds of fire. Around the sword was constantly shining a halo of bright red fire. Mo Fan felt that this time the fiery magic summoned by the heterosexual was many times stronger than before. And most importantly, this sword was the real one. He was not at all like a punishing sword, disappearing after a short time. And now it was already a real magic item!

The geterka was getting stronger. Her abilities have developed so much that the effect of her magic was equated with a real magical artifact! This was an ideal tool for Mo Fan, who loved to use brute force.

Raising his head, he looked at the towering giant sword. Mo Fan thought that now he should change his habits. And instead of pounding the enemy as always, he should become a gentleman, become a real swordsman and immediately chop off this spawn’s head!

* bam !!

With a loud sound, the fiery sword descended, filling the whole street with fire. A long scar on the surface of the earth pointed directly to Shi Qianshou, who hastily retreated further and further. Buildings on both sides of the street collapsed. The dust storm Shi Qianshou did not destroy this street, but it was made by the fiery sword of Mo Fan!

The sword still did not disappear. With great effort, Mo Fan raised his sword and continued to pursue the enemy. He fiercely waved his sword, ignoring the buildings.

* bam !!

A wave of fire surged in all directions. At first, Shi Qianshou became nervous when he saw the appearance of the sword of two fires, but then he realized that Mo Fan had no idea how to wield a sword, and uses it like a sledgehammer, waving in all directions!

Shi Qianshou used a swarm of insects to dodge sword blows in flight. But the waves of fire posed a serious danger to him. After all, they instantly burned all his insects, and without them he was much weaker.

It is impossible not to admit that with a double spiritual fire, and even with a powerful embodiment, this high-level mage possesses enormous fighting force. Shi Qianshou’s poisonous insects were useless in front of him.

The magic of poison is also divided into several types. One of them is the management of poisonous insects. To do this, you need to make great efforts to grow a large number of insects, abandon the classical cultivation of poison magic, make insects attack and defend so that they become adaptable creatures, that is, the magician actually needs to become a summoning magician … Poison mages of this kind several times stronger than ordinary poison magicians, during the fighting they have great potential, but are completely dependent on insects. Faced with Mo Fan, who possesses powerful fire magic, Shi Qianshou was bound hand and foot!

Classical poison magic was based on direct attack, poisoning, decomposition, suppression, and so on. Now Shi Qianshou regretted that he was not a magician of classical poison magic. Being at the highest level, he could easily poison Mo Fan and destroy his body!

But this guy’s body mail was a big obstacle. All the magic of the poison with which he tried to attack Mo Fan was absorbed by this chain mail. How did he manage to get such a rare thing ??

“I will destroy them all!” – Mo Fan looked at the insects in disgust.

Once again, the sword slashed across the earth, and a fiery wave rushed toward Shi Qianshou.

The enemy retreated and at the same time formed a black wall of poisonous insects.

Insects instantly burned in the waves of fire, they did not have any protection in front of the elements.

* zzzzzz !!

Before the next fire attack, insects scattered in all directions. After the death of so many of their brethren, they began to fear the fire. Shi Qianshou covered himself with insects and felt relatively safe, but then they all scattered, and the fire hit him right!

He had no choice but to summon armor at the last moment. It turned out that he was a very wealthy commander, because his armor was very rare and expensive.

Mo Fan was a former member of the state guard, and behind each of them stands great strength and powerful financial support. They possessed superior equipment, often superior to the equipment of magicians of the highest level. Shi Qianshou spent all his savings on feeding poisonous insects, so he had rather scarce equipment.

His chain mail withstood a sudden fire attack, but Mo Fan was sure that it would not last after several such attacks. Now, when his insects scattered in fear from the fire and did not obey Shi Qianshou, his death was only a matter of time!

– Bastards! Come back! – the magician yelled angrily, watching his insects scatter in different directions. Poisonous insects always unconditionally obey the owner, but before the fear of death, any creature tries to save its life.

“You did not show a drop of humanity to your subordinates, and in the end even your faithful insects betrayed you,” Mo Fan leaned forward, looking at the enemy.

“Don’t you teach me magic !!” – the eyes of the magician blushed with anger.

Now he has completely lost his main weapon.

“In fact, if you were not so indifferent to them, they would protect you, even without your order, and sacrifice your life for the sake of the one who raised them.” But you are such a rotten person that even they do not want to protect you! – Mo Fan waved the sword of fire heavily.

Shi Qianshou threw back. Chain mail saved his life, but a large crack appeared on it. He certainly can not stand a couple of attacks!

– So you!

Shi Qianshou got to his feet, by this time there was not a single poisonous insect near him, and the poisonous gas that emanated from his body was clearly not enough to scare away the grasshoppers. But now they didn’t threaten his life at all, but Mo Fan with his two soul lights!

After her rebirth, the hetero gave Mo Fan tremendous fiery powers.

– Okay, maybe here you are stronger than me, but if we go outside, I will crush you! – Shi Qianshou straightened up.

Shi Qianshou did not continue to fight with Mo Fan in the midst of a dust storm from grasshoppers. Its silhouette was hidden by a poisonous cloud.

He spent all his strength in releasing a poisonous cloud and drawing poisonous insects back. Under the control of the magician, insects flocked around him and grabbing his body, carried him outside the vortex of a dust storm.

Mo Fan was ready for him to try to escape. But he was still a top-level magician, and Mo Fan is unlikely to interfere with him.

– Geterka, we can’t let him go! – Mo Fan turned to the fiery heterosexual.

– Jin!

The fiery heterka again formed many fiery feathers, and strengthening them with its magic, allowed Mo Fan to pursue the enemy.

These forces had a powerful explosive effect, but they were too short-lived to chase the enemy. If he could apply the magic of shadow and the magic of space, then he would catch up with him in two ways!

Mo Fan persecuted the commander, but he was increasingly moving away from him and soon got out of the dust storm, where the sound suppression noticeably weakened.

– Ha ha ha! I let you chase me! And now I can crush you!

Shi Qianshou reached the outer borders of the dust storm, there were still grasshoppers, but there were much fewer. A weak sound effect could not affect the spiritual world of Shi Qianshou, the level of cultivation of which was at an altitude.

In fact, the spiritual suppression of Mo Fan’s magic was also noticeably weakened and now he could use his elemental magic.

But the other elements of the enemy were also at the highest level, and, even with a powerful mental fire of two kinds, Mo Fan could not compete with him!

“Now you are useless!” Everyone who disobeys my orders will be dead! – A sand whirlwind suddenly appeared around Shi Qianshou. Fine grains of sand moved at an incredible speed!

Small grains of sand pervaded the bodies of poisonous insects circling around the magician. A bloody fog immediately formed around him. Sand tornado destroyed all insects to one!

Standing in the distance, Mo Fan watched as the commander personally kills all the insects that he raised.

This man has long lost his human appearance!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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