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Inside the Samsara stone.

Chu Xingyun appeared in front of a black mist, suspended in the air.

In the fog, there was a burst of screaming sounds, as if there was a violent ape in the fog, and it would be rushed out at any time, tearing Chu Xingyun into pieces.

This fog is a mysterious Martial Spirit.

“Coag!” At this time, Chu Xingyun snorted and opened his mouth, releasing the fire of the beast.

The faint fire was between the jumps, releasing a savage arrogance, letting the violent black scorpion Martial Spirit immediately stop screaming, the fog rolling, seemingly what terrifying things were encountered.

“It’s really useful.” Chu Xingyun’s heart was overjoyed, without any hesitation, the palm of his hand, the secretive dark flame blazing, shrouded the black 猿Martial Spirit and turned it into a dark Crystal Stone.

However, Chu Xingyun has not yet had the next move, and the beast fire suddenly rushed out, completely covering the dark Crystal Stone, and the flames swaying, and the beginning slowly absorbed the strength of the Martial Spirit in Crystal Stone.

“This kind of beast fire, it is no wonder that the most overbearing artificial flame, as I see it, if this fire has changed to the highest level, it is enough to produce the strange flame, even in some respects, even stronger than the strange flaming flame. Chu Xingyun saw the dark Crystal Stone gradually melt, the pupils shrunk, and the heart was astonished by the hegemony of the beastfire.

At the same time, he can also feel that with the continuous melting of the dark Crystal Stone, the power of the beastfire is slowly improving, like a sprout that has just broken out, is growing stronger.

Mindfulness, Chu Xingyun took the beast fire back and let it slowly absorb the power of the Martial Spirit in the Linghai.

After a short break, Chu Xingyun felt that the owner’s body was fully recovered before standing up.

I saw him aok a deep breath, palms waving, immediately in front of a bloom of a cold light, this cold light condensed into a sword, actually with a sharp sound of the empty, move towards him directly killed.

Under the terrifying cold qi, even the air formed an ice frost, and the entire space was completely frozen.

Chu Xingyun didn’t move, but on the right hand, a dark flame rushed out, no flashing, no move, move towards the cold scale sword.


The moment when the cold scale sword touched the dark flame, the man’s cold qi dissipated in nothing, the sword body was shrouded in dark black flame, the beginning madness trembled, and there was a tendency to melt.

But even so, the cold scale sword is still releasing cold qi, the word cry is constantly, like a wild beast, want to break free, Chu Xingyun thoroughly Kill and Behead.

“This dark flame is condensed by the nameless cultivation technique. It can completely burn the Martial Spirit. Xiao Yan’s Martial Spirit is ranked as Third Grade. It only insists on the time of two breaths. The Martial Spirit is powerful. , actually able to withstand such a long time.”

Chu Xingyun is full of joy when he is surprised.

The cold scale sword can resist the black flame, and it does not explain the strength of this Martial Spirit. The longer it persists, the greater the potential of the Martial Spirit and the greater the promotion of the spirit sword.

Judging from the current situation, this Martian Spirit in the Fourth Grade should be considered one of the best.

At this point, Chu Xingyun suddenly came to the interest, the body’s spiritual power was running fast, the cold scale sword was completely wrapped, the fire was raging, and after burning for half an hour, it finally melted into a blue Crystal Stone.

Chu Xingyun leaves the sword of the Martial Spirit and spurs it out, bringing the two together.

Hōng lóng lóng’s voice came, at this moment, the spirit sword broke out a blue light, rays of light skyrocketed, turned into an entire sky snow falling, every snowflake, cold and biting, touched the body of Chu Xingyun , the moment turns into endless pain.

“It’s good!” Chu Xingyun laughed, his body slightly curved, and begins to create a strange and strange shape for each and everyone.

At the moment, he is urging the “Destroy Body Tempering 诀”.

Since the introduction of “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” into the Second Level realm, Chu Xingyun needs to use the force of the outside world to exert more pressure on the body, thus breaking through the limits and squeezing out vitality.

The process of engulfing Martial Spirit has a strong pain. The higher the Martial Spirit’s Rank, the more terrifying the pain, and Chu Xingyun simply uses this pain to force the cultivate “Body Tempering”.

Ka-cha ka-cha !

The pain is constantly superimposed, so that Chu Xingyun’s whole body skeleton is almost broken, but he still looks indifferent, even with a hint of unyielding color, each and everyone’s movements are uncertain, faster, more crazy crushing the vitality of own .

Time flies, and unconsciously, it has been five days.

Chu Xingyun soaked the body in the Blood Pond, the pair of eyes closed, the pores of the body were relaxed, and the life essence contained in the Blood Pond was constantly absorbed.

Above his head, the spirit sword is suspended there.

At the moment, the spirit sword, surrounded by the cold cold light, the sword body, actually appeared a piece of cold scale, the cold light is blooming from these cold scales, and it is like a life.

Chu Xingyun opened his eyes slowly, his palms stroked, the spirit sword seemed to resonate, the sword tip trembled, and immediately swept away in the direction of Chu Xingyun.

A low-sounding cry came, in the void, where the spirit sword passed, frozen into an ice frost, cold qi, and at the moment when it fell into the palm of Chu Xingyun, the cold qi still did not dissipate, and it went up, even Freeze the entire arm.

Chu Xingyun looked at the cold frost on his arm and tried to stretch it.


At his arm, a cold qi was suddenly released. This cold qi is not unusual. The sharpness of the sword light makes Chu Xingyun a little surprised, and there is a flash of unusual look in the eyes.

“didn’t expect, in addition to the cold characteristics, the cold scale sword also comes with control features, which allows me to completely control this cold qi. Strictly speaking, these two characteristics are enough to make the cold scale sword comparable to Fifth Grade Martial. Spirit.” Chu Xingyun in the heart was shocked.

All Martial Spirit has a feature.

For example, the Martial Spirit, surprisingly fast, is good at hiding, then it has two characteristics of speed and hiding.

Another example is Shui Qianyue’s Profound Water Spirit Fox, which is able to control the water vapor in the air and use it for its own purpose, thus gathering into a rolling wave. This is the control feature.

There are strong and weak characteristics between the characteristics.

The two characteristics of speed and hiding are very common, and the control features are more powerful, which can make Martial Artist’s offensive methods more diversified.

“After swallowing the cold sword, the Spirit sword was successfully promoted to the Third Grade, but it has four characteristics. If you let others know, I am afraid that it will appear illusion in the own.”

Chu Xingyun smiled lightly, the spirit sword spurs forward, the sword light flashes, and the cold qi chills the front air, and the hoarfrost flies, making the surrounding temperature drop a little, making people feel chilly.

The sword edge is unbroken, Chu Xingyun begins to show “Wind and Thunder sword art”.

The sound of a path of Wind and Thunder blew open, and the sword shadow is heavy. It has the speed of Wind and Thunder, and it also contains the cool light, which flashes and rolls up the water of the Blood Pond.

Chu Xingyun’s current move is to adapt to the changes in the spirit sword.

Spirit sword After the promotion of Third Grade, the spirit is more prosperous, and it adds two characteristics of cold and control. Chu Xingyun naturally takes time to familiarize with this change and achieve the goal of to do as one pleases.

At the same time, he is still trying to awaken the new Martial Spirit innate talent in this process, let the strength of own bring it up a level!

Sword, sword, bitterness, sentiment…

In this boring cultivate, the seven days passed quickly.

Chu Xingyun stood in the courtyard, Spirit Qi frosted, lingering around his body, constantly gathering together, and finally, stored in the Linghai along the meidians.

If someone is in this courtyard at this time, you will find the cold frost around Chu Xingyun body, if there is no sigh of exuberance, such as sword common, but once close, the breath disappears, as if there is no existence Over, hey, it’s unpredictable.

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