Chapter 1231. A Man Hard to Deal With


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Among the people of Anjiao settlement, everything was calm – it was the only happy accident in a series of misfortunes.

It is a pity that the government decided to abandon the construction of the Tarim Fortress; some military men have already left the walls of the fortress.

Although Mo Fan understood that all of these military men had shed a lot of blood here, this decision was not fair. The number of magical grasshoppers in the dust storm has already exceeded all people’s expectations. These monsters were different from others, because grasshoppers progressed along with people. No one could have imagined that the grasshoppers of the dust storm have a wise leader – among the dead, he is looking for newborn grasshoppers. If all monsters could do this, then the human race would be destroyed.

People began to move from the fortress, now they will have to go to other cities and villages, the rest of Mo Fanya was little worried. He believed that if there were more people like Officer Shao, then the people of Anjiao and other villages would be completely safe.

Mo Fan did not illegally store the fruit of the earth, he handed it to Officer Shao. Mo Fan was not greedy in front of such an unselfish person like her. However, during the transmission of the Fetus, a situation occurred that Mo Fan could not control – the energy that Shi Qianshou replenished with the help of the victims of so many of his subordinates was inadvertently absorbed by the accumulating pearl.

The accumulating pearl seemed to have a special interest in such dubious energy. Mo Fan wanted to stop her from this action, but could not. It was good that Officer Shao believed that the energy that the Fruit of the Earth replenished in such a brutal way should not have remained in him, and she promised to think about other ways to replenish energy.

The accumulating pearl was replenished by one third, it was ideal for Mo Fan.

The last time Mo Fan applied demonization, his body seemed to be empty. In the near future, he will not be able to use the power of demonization, in addition, the Holy Court imposed a ban on him. My Fan needed to make up for the funded pearl properly, otherwise members of the black church would appear out of nowhere or Yiddish who hated him would come to a showdown with him. And after all, he himself will not have such a force that can be answered by blow to blow!

Now Mo Fan was not afraid that Yiddish would harm Xin Xia. She had sworn by her soul that she would not touch Xin Xia in any way – either directly or indirectly. The second half of the contract is with old Bao, if Yiddish does not want to be damned for millennia, then she will not break this oath.

But will Yiddish calm down? Mo Fan did not think so.

If this woman regains her strength, then the first one she wants to destroy is Mo Fan.

Of course, there is Salan.

Yiddish understands that now the whole world is watching her and it would not be wise to use dark methods.

But what Salan would do the next minute was hard to predict. Mo Fan pulled her claws in China, so it was pretty safe here. But if you just go abroad, this snake will take his life from him. Surely she knows that he cannot use demonization right now, so Salan was now the best time to cut Mo Fan.

– Previously, the pearl was not filled, but still you can not travel outside of China … Hmm … – Mo Fan looked at the filled pearl and felt joy.

– Oh, and do not use demonization. My strength has already made a huge breakthrough. The fact that I was able to kill Shi Qianshou is already a great success. When will I become a top-level mage? Then I can go even where I don’t have to look back at the white and black spirit.

The white and black spirits that take to the kingdom of the dead are the nicknames that Mo Fan gave to Yiddish and Salan.

The black spirit is Salan. White – Yiddish. The name “Mo Fan” was on the first line of their murder notebook!


Huge flakes of snow, like downy clothes, covered a small hut on the frozen surface of the lake. The wind burst through the windows and doors. The wooden walls of the hut were covered with hoarfrost. The whole house creaked, as if it was about to fall apart.

A cold wind hit the stern face of a woman. She raised her head and in one quick motion tore the icicle off the roof. And then she stuck this icicle in the knee of a man lying on the ground.

Icicle pierced the kneecap, the man uttered a heart-rending cry that swept over the frozen lake.

“You obey Leng Jue, but you probably know me poorly, how dare you and your master confront me ?!” – Salan moved the chair closer and sat on it, legs crossed.

“Your Excellency Salan, this is a mistake.” I didn’t know that she was connected with you, I really didn’t know! – the man screamed, tears and snot mixed together, freezing on his face.

The man guessed that this was only the beginning of torment, if the woman standing before him was unhappy, then she would hurt him many times worse than this.

– If you want to use it, then I do not care, her affairs do not concern me. But it’s illegal to use my name to do something, I cannot forgive. How many people around the world worship me, and you almost broke my authority, which I have long sought in China. Speak, say everything you know. Otherwise, I will ask Leng Jue to pick up your corpse, – the woman took out a nail file and began to sharpen her nails with an indifferent look.

“I really don’t know, Leng Jue told me nothing!” Your Excellency Salan, we really are not on purpose … We just wanted to take control of Yiddish and the Parthenon … – the crying man sobbed wailed.

– Dukes, do you think that downs like you can control Yiddish? Yes, if she wanted you to die, you would have been dead long ago! – Salan stepped on the tip of an icicle sticking out of a man’s knee.

“Your Excellency Salan, do not kill me, let me go.” I only acted on orders, but we did not want to substitute you with Leng Jue … – the man was shaken with pain.

“If Leng Jue brings me what he took in the Temple of Liberty, then I can spare his worthless life,” the woman continued to stomp on the icicle.

The man’s knee was crushed, he did not want to stay in this hut and crawled out, as if thinking that this terrible woman could regret her decision.

Leaving a bloody trail on a frozen lake, the man crawled further and further.

Salan remained in the hut, there was nobody there, but she spoke: “What do you think?”

“I think that Leng Jue really wanted to take the Parthenon under control,” a strange voice came from a dark corner.

The man who was in the hut before did not even notice the existence of this barely noticeable slim silhouette in the corner.

“You talk too simply.” Give Leng Jue courage, he still does not dare to do it, said Salan.

“Do you mean that someone is behind Leng Jue?” Leng Jue – a cardinal in red, who can give him instructions … – the man stopped at this phrase, but then suddenly said: “Is the Pope really ?!”

Salan was silent, drawing something with a fingernail on the frozen floor.

“But why does the Pope need this?”

– Since he realized that he could not control us. He gave me the name Salan, but he also made the girl holy. The people worship me, and Ye Xin Xia recognized his intentions.

– Dad did not think that Yiddish would rise again?

“Yes, but it’s good that she has resurrected; I will leave her as the most delicious dish.”

– So, Papa … He decided to confront you …

– I already have two stones of the cardinal; I don’t fear the bloody stone contract. “I want him to see that I am the most suitable successor in his place,” Salan said.

“But the Pope has already chosen a successor, isn’t it?”

– Pf, the successor thinks that the Pope will live only a year. Even if he were in the grave, the successor had already firmly taken possession of the pope’s bloody stone, he does not want to allow others to take his place. He only needs to eliminate people dangerous to him, ”Salan said.

“And what shall we do?”

“The Pope has been sitting in his place for a very long time because of the brilliant merit in the past, but people are forgetful of this, but it’s hard to forget terrible events …” Salan said coldly.

– To overthrow the Pope, you must act carefully.

“It may open,” Salan said patiently.

“It is true that in her speech she recognized the connection with you, but she also called you her sworn enemy,” said the man in the shadows.

– I hope so.

“At first you instructed me to protect her, but I think there are those who can do it better than me,” the man said.

“I don’t care about her life and death, I just keep the agreement to protect her until she is 20, and then I order you to kill her,” Salan said coldly.

“That I cannot do.”

“Then I will personally kill her.” But now I do not need to do this, it’s better if she will be an obstacle to Yiddish.

“What about the demonized boy?”

– Damn it! There will be a chance, destroy him!

– Ah, there are people with whom it is difficult for you to cope.

Hearing the words of a man who remained in the shadows, Salan was taken aback.

The life and death of people was in her hands. Why is Mo Fan not yet on the list of the dead?

Perhaps because she used to have countless ways to deal with Mo Fan. But time passed and to deal with it became more and more difficult.

– The strength of this boy makes a terrible breakthrough, meeting him the next time, you don’t even know how strong he will be! – said Salan.

“That is, before he becomes a top-level mage, you need to remove him,” the man said.

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