Chapter 1234. Lake without reflection.


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Early in the morning they were already taking the train towards Tongxiang County. Being the first time in the role of a teacher, Mo Fan experienced an unusual excitement. Although he himself was rather careless in his student years and did not treat teachers with due respect, but when the students ceremoniously treated him as an elder, it was very nice!

– Yes Yes Yes. In this place it hurts, massage more. Stronger, – leaning back in a large chair, Mo Fan gave instructions to a pretty student.

– Right here? Teacher, you work so hard and don’t look at your health at all. From now on, you should be more attentive and relax more, ”the girl said seriously.

– Nothing, nothing. I am still young and full of energy. How are you … Zhou Lixin? Pour me some orange juice, ”Turning, Mo Fan turned to a serious student.

– Yes now! – Zhou Lixin rushed to the dining car.

The nearby student Bai Hongfei changed face. Is the teacher mistaking them for servants?

Moreover, he is too young for a mentor. Despite the fact that some people over thirty years of age did not go much forward from their twenties, all the other scientific supervisors of Director Xiao were over fifty years old and had a certain authority. All of them had a high rate of receiving outstanding students badges by their students. It is not known whether Mo’s teacher is qualified enough to become outstanding students.

– Bai Hongfei, as soon as I looked at you, I immediately realized that you are very ambitious and full of ambition. In business you need to be realistic and not take what you can not afford. No one was successful in an instant! – sitting idle, Mo Fan began to teach the student.

“Yes, teacher, you are right,” Bai Hongfei answered respectfully. He was unhappy, but did not show it.

Watching Mo Fan act like an old experienced teacher, Mu Nu Jiao could hardly restrain her laughter. Shameless Mo Fan recently argued with the principal and would never want to be the student leader, and after a couple of moments he was literally intoxicated by new sensations.


Upon arrival in the county, Mo Fan opened the blueprints and found that many of the water channels in the area had undergone a large-scale alteration. Being among them, it was difficult to notice, but rising to a height of 500 meters, the changes were clearly visible.

– Come on. We need to go beyond the safe barrier and find the reason for blocking the source … – said Mo Fan to the students.

As soon as they went beyond the safe barrier, all students were wary. They were not at all like Mo Fan, who had fought monsters since high school and had never been in mortal danger. Therefore, as soon as they were behind the barrier, they became noticeably nervous.

– This water channel descends from Biyuan Mountain, and this one flows from Qing I. Teacher, I go down to Biyuan Mountain and see what is there. I have already been there before, so I know these places, ”Bai Hongfei ventured.

– Will you go alone? Can you handle it? – asked Mo Fan.

“We came here for practice and experience.” If the teacher will do everything for us, then we will not get any experience. Moreover, we are here to share the mission with the mentor and solve the problem as soon as possible, ”the student answered respectfully.

The rest of the students contemptuously twisted their faces. Most recently, this student behaved very hot-tempered and arrogant, and now flatter without a twinge of conscience.

“Teacher, I’ll check this stream.” If there is something there, then I will find it! – Another student considered himself no worse than the rest.

– Teacher, the Ming River is behind me! – looking as students bravely shared tasks, Mo Fan nodded pretty.

It’s so good when there are a lot of helpers, and you don’t need to take on everything yourself.

– Be careful. If something happens, give me a signal right away and I will come to your aid as soon as possible, ”Mo Fan gave the students last instruction.

Academic supervisors are required to protect their students, and Mo Fan was not about to neglect this responsibility.

– Mu Well, Jiao, you follow Bai Hongfei. Mount Biyuan is very densely populated by magical creatures, I’m afraid something can happen to him, ”said Mo Fan.

– Good. Mount Biyuan is a large waterway. I will worry if he goes there alone, ”Mu Nu Jiao nodded, but the next moment grabbed his sleeve,“ you are ordering me as one of your students! ”

“How dare I?” Haha No, no, of course you are a supervisor, ”Mo Fan giggled awkwardly.

“Well then, I’ve gone.” Mu Well, Jiao quickly headed for Bai Hongfei.

But she did not catch up with the student, in the end it is the graduation certification of the university. The supervisor and his assistants should protect the safety of students and nothing more. After assigning tasks, students must deal with them on their own.

– Teacher, what will we do? – a pretty student asked naively.

Looking around, Mo Fan saw only desert uninhabited lands. This place can be called an ideal place for crime, where even the heavens do not see what is happening here. Looking at an unsuspecting student Cao Qinqin, he slyly said:

– And we, perhaps, will go to Lake Qing Yi and swim, it’s already too hot today.

Cao Qinqin instantly blushed. Students disassembled all the main water channels, and she only had to stay close to the head. But his last words contradict all the rules of ethics!

“Uh, I mean, I’ll go down for a swim, and you stay on the shore and wait for the news from the others,” Mo Fan saw the tone of change instantly.

– …….


Upon reaching the lake, they admired the blue expanse of water, similar to soft silk. It is a pity that this lake is outside the safe barrier, otherwise many people would come here to rest and stay up late, while admiring the lake and shaking cars … All city dwellers like to spend time like this.

– Damn it! Why, becoming a supervisor, my thoughts are becoming more dirty? – Mo Fan scolded himself in his heart. Becoming a teacher, he should be an example for students!

– Teacher, what is the matter with you? – the girl asked incomprehensibly.

– Nothing, nothing. If the waters of this lake flowed in the direction of Tongxiang County, is this not the same as equipping the entire water circulation system with a powerful motor? There is such a depth, but the water does not reach the county, – looking at the beautiful mountain lake, Mo Fan sighed heavily.

– Teacher! Teacher, don’t you think this is strange? – unexpectedly exclaimed Cao Qinqin, as if she saw something terrible.

– Strange? Nothing strange. There are beautiful mountains and a lake, besides there are no monsters, a great place to sort out your thoughts … But after your words I also got a strange feeling, but I can’t understand why, – Mo Fan was about five hundred meters from the lake. But when he looked at the calm expanse of water, anxiety began to overcome him.

“Reflection … reflection, teacher …” Cao Qinqin said quietly.

Mo Fan froze for a second, but when he looked down, his body broke through a cold sweat!

Reflection … the water surface of the lake was absolutely calm, without the slightest sign of ripple. But why was there no reflection on the surface of the water ??

Such a bright blue, such a smooth surface, on the surface there is not the slightest hint of reflection of white clouds or mountains and trees standing around the lake. Now Mo Fan understood why the girl was inexpressible fear!

– How can there be no reflection? Isn’t that water? – Mo Fan stopped.

The water surface of the lake was more than three kilometers in diameter. It was a pretty big lake for the area. Mountains encircled the reservoir from all sides, but the lack of even dim lines of these mountains on the surface of the water caused mixed feelings!

“Teacher … we better leave,” the girl began to panic.

What, besides water, can fill such a large lake ??

“Okay, let’s get the rest together.” Something is wrong in this place, ”Mo Fan answered.

Mo Fan did not approach the lake. What is this bright blue substance that covered the lake? If Mo Fan were alone, he would definitely go see it, but given that his students scattered around this zone, Mo Fan did not act rashly.


Soon, all the students returned, and the most recent came Mu Nu Jiao and Bai Hongfei. Obviously, they met with some difficulties.

– Any results? – asked Mo Fan.

– No, everything is as usual there. Water flows towards the county without any interference.

“Yes, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Mo Fan looked at Mu Well Jiao, who hesitated for a while and finally said:

– Besides the fact that we met with bloodsucking mosquitoes, everything else was as usual.

“Have you come close to consider everything?” – asked Mo Fan.

“No, the reservoir serves as a source of drinking water for many creatures, we did not dare to approach,” Bai Hongfei replied.

“Have you looked at the water?” Is there a reflection in it?

– Reflection ??

Students did not even know what to answer to Mo Fan’s unexpected question. After all, everyone usually looks at the reflection in the calm surface of lakes or sea shores, and not on running waters.

“It seems … it seems not!” – said Mu Nu Jiao fearfully.

“But the water is in motion.”

– No, I saw a pond with standing water. At first I could not understand what was wrong with him, but now I realized that there was no reflection in him! It’s just a solid light green surface, ”Mu Nu Jiao said confidently.

Obviously, this strange phenomenon is not unique to Qin I.

What is this? Is this a special property of water or is there something else on the surface of the water?

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