Chapter 1235. Butterflies disappearing in the evening?


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Mo Fan was sure that something more was hidden in this matter, so he immediately reported a strange phenomenon to Director Xiao.

The director hastily contacted another supervisor, directing him and Mo Fan to understand this matter.

The teacher arrived only late at night. Mo Fan, believed that in the impenetrable darkness of the night, one should not set out to explore the land, but the wayward scientific adviser was of a different opinion.

– What are you afraid of? If we run into a monster, then I, Zhou Jiantian, will definitely defeat him! Come on, don’t waste my time in vain, ”said teacher Zhou Jiantian.

Five to six students arrived with the teacher, judging by their faces, they were not happy about this. After all, this was not their task, and if the shutdown of the entire circulation system did not affect the timing of their project, then they certainly would not have come here.

On the way to the lake, they did not meet any obstacles or monsters.

Having reached the reservoir, Mo Fan again shot on the water surface …

He did not understand why, but this place aroused conflicting feelings in him.

Lake water was still calm. When Mo Fan came closer, he was surprised to find that bright stars in the night sky reflected on the surface of the lake. Now the water surface was strewn with myriads of diamonds!

Beautiful stars reflected on the water surface of the lake, gusts of warm breeze brought with them the fragrance of flowers. Such a soft, cozy atmosphere was completely opposite to the feelings that this place evoked in broad daylight.

“Are you trying to play me like that?” What does it mean no reflection? There is nothing on the surface, this is the most ordinary water! – angrily began Zhou Jiantian.

– Yes, it’s immediately clear that this is an ordinary lake! Only wasted time!

– Made a noise out of thin air!

Zhou Jiantian stared at Mo Fang.

“You, an inexperienced puppy, cannot even cope with such a petty matter.” Our work on the project stands still, and you were scared of reflection in the water and immediately receded. I will tell Director Xiao to find a friend of the person for this assignment!

Mo Fan did not know what to say. He saw with his own eyes that in the afternoon this lake looked very strange, but now there is nothing unusual here!

Annoyed, Zhou Jiantian retired with his students, leaving a bewildered Mo Fan and his students near the lake.

– Teacher, they are very rude. Do they really think that we will deceive them? There was definitely something wrong here during the day! – Cao Qinqin said indignantly.

– Well, I’ll deal with this matter myself, but for now we need to rest. We’ll come here again tomorrow, ”said Mo Fan.

– Good.


Upon returning to Tongxiang County, Mo Fan was perplexed more and more.

He managed to see many different phenomena, but this strange lake did not give him rest.

First of all, Mo Fan was sure that there was something else on the surface of the water, something very similar to calm water. You need to get closer to consider it more closely.

It is a pity that Mo Fan did not do this in the afternoon. If he came closer, he would surely understand what it was.

Upon reflection, Mo Fan did not come to any conclusion, so he did not waste time in vain and proceeded to cultivation.

Just before dawn, he managed to advance slightly in the cultivation of the lightning element. Mo Fan hoped that his lightning magic could soon make a breakthrough to a high level of the second stage, and then the power of this magic would become noticeably stronger.

* Bam! Bam! Bam !!

There was an insistent knock on the door and Mo Fan opened his eyes.

– Teacher! Bai Hongfei disappeared, – Cao Qinqin’s alarmed voice came from behind the door.

– Gone? Maybe he went for a drink last night? – raised his eyebrows, Mo Fan.

“He took his field equipment,” the girl answered.

– He decided to deal with this matter himself ?? Of course, I understand that he wants to get the badge of an outstanding student, but you do not need to be so reckless! In this matter, you need to move forward step by step … Damn, why am I becoming boring, like an old teacher. Let’s go look for him, I hope he didn’t have time to get into trouble, ”Mo Fan muttered displeasedly.

The life of a teacher is full of worries. Most students are very ambitious and dream to stand out among the rest with their achievements. But this is a strange lake of Qin. And even in the experienced Mo Fan it inspires fear, which means this phenomenon is really very dangerous. If Bai Hongfei is there alone, something will definitely happen to him! After all, he recently moved to a high level!


Absolute silence reigned in the night darkness, not a single sound was heard of the chirping of insects or the singing of birds. The light of bright stars scattered across the sky was the only source of light among dark mountains.

“I must find the reason, otherwise I can’t hope to get the badge of an outstanding student.” How can I then appear in front of my family? – Bai Hongfei angrily muttered under his breath.

Spreading high thickets of grass, he slowly moved towards Lake Qin I.

The night lake was still calm and beautiful. Surrounded by mountains, it looked like a huge emerald. When looking at this lake, the student had strange, difficult to express sensations.

Nevertheless, he did not back down. Gathering all his courage, he continued to move forward.

Walking closer to the lake, the magician gingerly stuck his head out of tall grass. What is wrong with this water?

He could see only a small section of the water surface, but he immediately noticed that he did not see a single star on the calm surface of the water!

No stars were visible in the ideal surface of the water, although the sky was clear and dotted with celestial bodies. From contemplation of the dark blue-green color of the lake surface, Bai Hongfeng broke through a cold sweat.

* puff … puff … puff …

Over the lake were heard the barely audible soft sounds of flapping wings.

* puff … puff-puff-puff …

Suddenly the sounds became more intense. Many small wings appeared on the surface of the lake. All of them clapped at the same time and seemed to create ripple waves on the surface of the water. Under the bright light of the stars, the wings flickered barely noticeably.

* puff-puff-puff-puff-puff-puff !!!

Bai Hongfei did not have time to come to his senses, as a thin blue layer from the surface of the lake soared into the sky! It was like a huge flap of fabric that covered the entire area of the lake!

Bai Hongfei could not move. He saw many small wings, he saw many small creatures that formed together a translucent veil. This veil, high in the sky, obscured the light of stars, making it dimmer! It was like in a dream!

– What are you doing here? – suddenly behind him came a soft voice.

Bai Hongfei looked around in dismay and saw that a pretty girl was standing behind him, dressed in the traditional clothes of the Tang Dynasty. Her long beautiful hair fell in strands on her high chest.

The girl lied a little smile. Her clear, bright eyes looked at the student with curiosity and light playfulness.

“You … you scared me.” It’s deep night now, what are you doing here? It is very dangerous here, – when he saw the girl, Bai Hongfei sighed in relief.

“You did not answer my question.”

“I am a student from Mingzhu University and came here to complete my graduation assignment,” Bai Hongfei honestly answered.

“Then why are you alone?” – the girl asked.

“I … I wanted to excel,” the student felt embarrassed.

– Did you find anything? – the girl stood next to him, still smiling softly.

“Have you seen this creature that just flew up into the sky?” It reminds butterflies, but for the first time in my life I see so many butterflies, they can cover the whole lake. By the way, it seems you are not a magician. For ordinary people, going beyond a safe barrier is deadly. Are you lost? – asked Bai Hongfei.

“Yes, I think I was mistaken, dear.” I was collecting herbs … Is this place already outside the barrier? – the girl answered after some thought.

– Sure. Oh my God! Good thing you met me! Otherwise, some monster would drag you into his cave, and you would become his dinner. Come on, I’ll take you back. Where do you live? The mage asked.

“Well, are you very strong?” – the girl had a completely calm look.

– I AM? I don’t want to brag, but I’m a high-level mage.

– Oh, then definitely strong! But you should not worry about me. “I have been living here since childhood and know these places well, all the mountains, lakes and forests, and also know how to hide from monsters,” she said.

“It won’t work, I will accompany you.” Where is your home?

“So you will not be doing your final assignment?” – the girl smiled.

“I will feel guilty if something happens to you.” Besides, I already saw this strange thing. When I return, I will definitely tell my supervisor about this. Then the magicians from the government will come and deal with this thing. This case can be considered resolved. Have you seen this? Are these butterflies ??

The girl’s smile gradually faded away, and her tone changed dramatically:

“Have you seen butterflies disappearing in the evening?”

– What? Maybe yes. What it is? – asked Bai Hongfei.

“Moths,” the girl said sharply.

– Yes Yes. It’s definitely a moth. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that so many moths live here. It’s not yet clear how much harm they can cause, ”the magician said.

Having said this, Bai Hongfei continued to reflect on this strange phenomenon.

Moths are said to be very similar to grasshoppers. They are also able to turn any place into barren land. Now the season of rapid breeding of insects has just come. It is said that in the western regions magic grasshoppers made a whole disaster. Here, in the east, there are very few grasshoppers, but moths make up for this shortage in full!

* puff-puff !!!

Suddenly, the magician heard the sounds of flapping wings. A gust of strong wind came so suddenly that he did not have time to prepare.

– Girl, watch out! A strong wind is coming! – Bai Hongfei unconsciously tried to protect the girl standing next to him.

But when he bravely rushed to her, he saw that the girl was standing firmly on the ground, her look was completely transformed, and behind her wings were flung open …

These wings did not look like a magical artifact, but seemed to grow directly from her back. The sharp gusts of wind appeared just because of the flapping of these huge wings!

Bai Hongfei was stunned to see how small moths flock to a girl!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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