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In the morning, Chu Xingyun heard a footstep when the first morning was falling.

The portal opened wide, and the iron in the gray coat stepped in slowly. Behind him, followed by two Law Enforcement disciple, one left and one right, the breath emitted from the body was not weak.

“Is there a result?” Chu Xingyun stood up and his voice seemed calm.

Iron nodded and said: “Things have been investigated clearly. The foggy forest was planned by Gu Qingsong. He and Xiao Yu secretly reached an agreement to use the role of elder to make a new variant to you make a move. The entire incident, Law Enforcement Temple has been made public, and Yunmengwufu has already punished Gu Qingsong and several disciplines.”

“What punishment?” Chu Xingyun asked again.

“The ancient Qingsong deprived the elder of the job, and the few disciplines were confined for one month.” Iron did not push the voice down. Just finished, Chu Xingyun’s mouth was raised with a sardonic arc.

Iron has no heart and no face, said: “Chu Xingyun, this matter is very wide, we must…”

“We must maintain the relationship between the two major military powers. We must provoke many disputes because of small contradictions. If we say that the two people behind the scenes are all punished, they will receive the punishment. Benefits.” Chu Xingyun spoke in a word, eyes sneer, said: “Iron elder, I said right?”

Feel the sarcasm of Chu Xingyun, the iron unintentional old face has become somewhat red, and nodded nodded.

“The result, I have already expected, so there will not be too much disappointment, my grievances with Yunmengwufu, I will handle it myself, do not have to worry about Lingwu.”

Chu Xingyun ignored the unintentional look of the iron, turned back and sighed: “Luo, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Luo Wei responded immediately and hurriedly walked out of the courtyard and left with Chu Xingyun.

“This Chu Xingyun is really arrogant boundless, he thought that who is own, can one person subvert the Yunmeng Wufu?”

“The ancient Qingsong was deprived of the role of elder. What do he want?”

When Chu Xingyun walked away, the two Law Enforcement disciples finally couldn’t stand it. One person said that they expressed their dissatisfaction in the heart. They felt that Chu Xingyun was too mad and no one was in sight.

“The madness is a bit mad, but we are in need of such talents.” Iron has no intention to look at the direction of Chu Xingyun’s departure, the words, let the two Law Enforcement disciple squat, all didn’t expect iron unintentional Actually will praise Chu Xingyun.

Iron did not bother to look at the two Law Enforcement disciple, slightly sighed: “In the five major military, we are not participating in the political affairs, but in the past decade, the radicals have become more powerful and have already had a huge impact on us.”

“This incident is superficially planned by Gu Qingsong. How many people are involved in the end, but we don’t know, but one thing is certain, absolutely can’t be separated from the radicals.”

The two Law Enforcement disciple listened to look pale, and if it was really unintentional, the whole thing became very complicated.

“Since this is so serious, why not directly interrogate Chu Xingyun?” asked a Law Enforcement disciple.

“The truth about this matter, we still don’t know, rushing make a move, might is counterproductive, even more how, I think this Chu Xingyun is not looking for ordinary person, since the whole thing starts from him, so let him handle it himself, pour Not bad.”

Iron has no smile on his face, and the two Law Enforcement disciple have stopped talking, and they have closed their mouths. They have been uninterested with iron for many years, or for the first time, and he has been so highly praised.

Just after walking out of the courtyard, Chu Xingyun saw Yang Feng and Ye Huan.

“Yang Yan has not returned yet?” Chu Xingyun asked Yang Feng, Yang Feng smiled helplessly and nodded.

In terms of time, it has been a month since Yang Yan entered the palace. This also makes Chu Xingyun curious, what is in the end, it takes so long.

“The matter of the palace, we don’t care too much, let’s go, I will bring you back to the residence.” Yang Feng smiled and pointed his finger at the core disciple’s housing area.

In Lingxiaowufu, the discipline is divided into three levels, outer disciple, inner disciple and core disciple.

The position of the core disciple is extremely high, no longer under the elder. Each core disciple has an independent courtyard. In the seven days of confinement, Yang Feng has already arranged everything.

“The thing of the residence, Yang Elder first handed it to Luo Yi, I want to go to Ling Xiaoge first.” Chu Xingyun has been thinking about this matter in his heart, now the confinement is closed, how can I handle the trivial matters of the residence.

“Also, after all, improving strength is the key.” Yang Feng understands Chu Xingyun’s mood and smiles and said: “Ye Huan, you bring Chu Junior Brother to Lingxiaoge, I and Luo Wei return to their homes and act separately.”

Ye Huan nodded and strode forward, taking Chu Xingyun to the direction of Ling Xiao Ge.

Lingxiao Wufu covers a vast area, just like a small town, with many buildings, including Law Enforcement Temple, elder House, school, Martial Dao Square, etc. Each region is full of vigor and vitality.

There are three of these regions, which are the top priority of Lingxiao Wufu.

The first is the Jiuyi Building, which has a large amount of Martial Study cultivation technique, which can be used for the penance of the Wufu discipline.

The second place is the Tianzhu Temple, which has countless tasks, but all the military disciplines can be selected as a temper, and after completing the task, they can also receive corresponding rewards.

The third place is the Lingxiao Pavilion. The place here is the forbidden place of the Lingfu Wufu. The things hidden in it are accumulated by Lingxiao Wufu for hundreds of years. They are precious and unusual, and they are hard to measure. They only contribute to Lingxiaowufu. People are eligible to enter.

“There are countless treasures in the Linglong Pavilion. This is natural, but many of these treasures are defective. Chu Junior Brother, you are the first time, so be careful not to suffer big losses.”

Ye Huan walked and said, in addition to speaking, there are many Wufu disciples around them who cast curious eyes. When they saw Chu Xingyun, their looks were slightly changed, and they bowed their heads unconsciously.

Although the foggy forest has passed seven days, it is still difficult to erase in the hearts of all.

Especially on the turmoil arena, Chu Xingyun screamed Li Yi and Xiao Yu with one person’s power. The scene of Heaven and Human’s beasts has long been deeply imprinted in the mind. Don’t go.

Chu Xingyun didn’t listen to Ye Huan’s words, but didn’t care about the expression of the surrounding discipline. Instead, he accelerated his footsteps and turned it into an afterimage, flashing in front of everyone.

After a short time, Chu Xingyun’s speed slowed down until it stopped.

At this moment, in front of him, there was an open space covering an extremely wide area. Above the open space, a huge and astounding ancient and plain pavilion was standing on it.

The eyes were slowly swept, and it was seen that an ancient inscribed board was hung outside the pavilion. On the inscribed board, two ancient characters, Ling Xiao, were written.

This pavilion is exactly what Ling Xingyun, Chu Xingyun thinks about!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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