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“It’s finally arrived!” Looking at the ancient attic in front of him, Chu Xingyun is rarely relaxed.

The treasure he wanted to take away from Ling Xiao Ge was named Profound Stone.

This object is extremely rare, and it can greatly increase the speed of cultivate, which is called the Second Spirit of Martial Artist.

As we all know, Martial Artist Dantian has one and only one Linghai.

Linghai is a cultivate Core, and it is a place of spiritual storage. All spiritual power must be circulated by the Spirit Sea, and then re-concentrated after passing through the Meridians.

The role of Profound Stone is very similar to that of Linghai. It can absorb the Earth Spirit and store it. Once it is activated, it will release the spiritual power and put it into a perfect cycle.

In this way, the person who has the Profound Stone is equivalent to having two Linghais, which can operate at the same time, and the absorbed spiritual power is also larger, without any side effects.

“At the beginning, the Profound Stone appeared, so that the entire Imperial City was caught in a dispute, the five major Wufu, each Big Clan, and even the hidden powerhouse have made a move, if I can not get the first step, wait for the Pro Pro Stone is completely activated and I will have no chance.”

Chu Xingyun is very clear about the strength of own. It is impossible to face so many Experts. To get the Profound Stone, you must grab the front of the core disciple and get the Profound Stone.

Fortunately, judging from the current situation, Profound Stone should not have been taken away, and time is still catching up.

“Let’s go.” Chu Xingyun urged a step forward, stepping forward, and a familiar figure suddenly appeared in the field of vision.

This figure is a woman, a woman of great color, dressed in a snowy dress, clean and tidy, and the five senses seem to have been carefully crafted, without any embarrassment, as if they had entered the red dust of Nine Heavens Fairy Maiden.

This woman is not the light dance and who will be.

When Chu Xingyun saw the light dance, the snow dance also saw Chu Xingyun, and his face floated with a smile. It was this smile that was so touching that it made the flowers lose color.

“It’s a disaster.” Chu Xingyun is a true-looking continent, and has seen countless women, but the appearance of snow and light dance can be ranked in the forefront, so that he has some Mind rippling.

At this time, Chu Xingyun’s gaze swept slightly, and found that behind the light dance, followed by a young Jinpao, the brow was tightly locked, eyes somber, giving a strong sense of cold and severe.

What surprised Chu Xingyun was that the face of this young man, he actually had a sense of familiarity, seems to have seen it not long ago.

“How come you meet this guy.” Ye Huan suddenly said a word, his face is a bit ugly.

“Who is that young man?” Chu Xingyun asked curiously.

“This person is named Su Changxing. Like us, it is the core disciple of Lingxiaowufu. He entered Lingxiaowufu a few years ago. The innate talent is extremely high, and he has already stepped into the Earth Spirit some time ago.”

Ye Huan’s tone is dignified, said solemnly: “Su Changxing’s temperament is overbearing, words and deeds are even more lawless, taking advantage of the strength and identity of own, often bullying others, the most important point is that he is Su Family eldest son, Su Changyang, is His pro-younger brother.”

“Su Changyang?”

Hearing here, Chu Xingyun suddenly thought about it.

In the foggy forest, one person was good at the beast. By taming the black Wolf King to control the wolves, it was almost impossible for Chu Xingyun to fall into danger. The man seemed to call Su Changyang.

“No wonder I feel so familiar, it turned out to be a brother.” Chu Xingyun suddenly realized.

“The foggy forest, Su Changyang is also in the list, so for the death of Su Changyang, Wu Fu did not hold you accountable, but Su Family is extremely dissatisfied with this, especially this Su Changxing, has been troubled several times.” Ye Huan also sighed, secretly feeling bad luck, how can he meet this roadblock on the eye of the knot.

Chu Xingyun didn’t think too much, he was not slow, and he continued to walk toward Lingxiaoge.

“The seven days of confinement, today is just over. You are so anxious to come to Lingxiaoge, are you not afraid that your favorite things have been taken away?” After the previous events, the relationship between Xue Liangwu and Chu Xingyun has improved a lot, and mutual conversation will not appear. strange.

Moreover, after seeing Chu Xingyun last time, in the mind of the snow dance, I often think of the scene that the two had experienced before. Even her own owner does not know why this is so, very weird.

Seeing now, the snow dances a natural opening, and also makes jokes, completely without the indifferent colors of the day.

“You can say this.” Chu Xingyun replied casually, stepping into the footsteps, just wanting to enter the Lingxiao Pavilion, but it felt like a strong wind swept across, with a bit of violent feeling.

Chu Xingyun body traversed, easily avoiding this strong wind, looking coldly, and found that make a move, it is Su Changxing.

“What do you mean this?” Chu Xingyun looked at Su Changxing, and the voice was mixed with coldness.

“Light dance is my Imperial Dynasty number one beauty, like a fairy, how noble, she talks to you actively, you should feel honored, and as a result, you are so indifferent and perfunctory, it should be severely punished.”

Su Changxing first smiled at the light gentle dance gentle and soft, then, his eyes moved, staring at Chu Xingyun, voicedly said: “Besides, why should I make a move to you, this, you should More than anyone else.”

“The matter of the foggy forest, Law Enforcement Temple has been decided. If you are not satisfied, you can go to the appeal. This place is the Lingxiao Pavilion. If you are making trouble, no-one can keep you!” Ye Huan came to Chu Xingyun, look With anger, this Su Changxing, dare to make a move in front of Ling Xiaoge, is really lawless.

Chu Xingyun turned his head and asked to dance against the snow: “He is your flower envoy?”

The snow dances and the eyebrows are slightly embarrassed, and the tone is somewhat disgusting: “The relationship is unfamiliar, and always follows me, there is no shame!”

“It turns out.” Chu Xingyun faintly smiled, patted Ye Huan’s shoulder, said with a smile: “So poor people, we don’t want to do more with him, even if you leave him a few faces.”

“I am a poor person?” Su Changxing seems to hear a big joke, haha laughs wildly, his chin rises up, and he looks at Chu Xingyun with his nostrils, and he swears: “I Su Changxing is Su Family number one genius. In Lingxiao Wufu, innate talent is also among the best. At only 20 years old, it has entered the Earth Spirit and entered the Lingxiao Pavilion twice.”

“My life, what kind of scenery, identity, status, status, and worship and counted by countless people, but you say that I am a poor person, could it be that a short seven-day confinement, let your head Into the water, has become unconscious?”

Su Changxing deliberately raised the tone so that the surrounding military figures could be heard clearly.

Suddenly, a path of gaze swept over and looked at this side, making Su Changxing more and more proud. Today, he wants Chu Xingyun to lose his face, no face to stay in Lingxiaowufu!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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