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Chu Xingyun Kill and Behead Li Yi and Xiao Yu, Su Changxing has long heard about it, and because of Su Changyang’s sake, he knows the whole thing well, even the details are clear.

But these are not enough to make Su Changxing fear Chu Xingyun.

As Su Family number one genius, his innate talent is extremely high, and there is a heavenly gap between Dao of Cultivation and every First Level realm. There is never a shortcut, and you can ignore the realm.

In Su Changxing’s view, Chu Xingyun’s ability to be able to rely on a powerful foreign object is that Kill and Behead Li Yi and Xiao Yu.

This kind of foreign object is extremely restrictive and can hardly be reused. Therefore, when Su Changxing saw Chu Xingyun, there was no fear, ridicule, and venting the hatred of the heart.

Even, he also hopes that Chu Xingyun makes a move, so that he can take a bite and kill Chu Xingyun on the spot to avenge the dead Su Changyang!

“You are not very arrogant? Why don’t you talk?” See Chu Xingyun, silent, Su Changxing is affirming the thoughts in his heart, the voice is mixed with spiritual power, and the spread is far away, so that more Wufu disciples are onlookers. come.

Ye Huan looked around and said to Chu Xingyun: “Don’t ignore this Mad Dog, go ahead.”

“No hurry.” Chu Xingyun was a smile, no anger at his face, stepping forward two steps, facing the face of Su Changxing, lightly said with a smile: “Do you really want to know?”

“That is of course!” Su Changxing smiled even more ridiculously, hands clasped around his chest, already see Chu Xingyun as clown, want to find him happy.

The surrounding Wufu discrimination is also very interesting. They all recognize Su Changxing, this person is in talent talent high, and has a lot of glory. How can such a turmoil character be a poor person.

Ye Huan’s face was so heavy that he did not want to see Chu Xingyun’s dispute with Su Changxing. He was just about to open his mouth. The snow danced but he reached out and stopped him. He whispered: “Chu Xingyun is not a reckless person. He must do this. His reason.”

After that, the snow danced and turned his head and focused on Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun paused, this is not anxious to slow down: “Su Changxing, you just followed the snow light dance, see me arbitrarily answer, but also angered me, do you have any meaning for men and women?”

“seductive lady, gentleman is good, light dance is beautiful, I naturally have a good impression on her.” Su Changxing stunned, I don’t know why Chu Xingyun asked this question, but quickly reacted, and took the opportunity to flatter.

“You are interested in the light dance of the snow, so I maintain her everywhere, but I am willing to do Envoy, but I just asked about the light dance, but she said that I am not familiar with you, but also showed a strong sense of disgust, saying you No shame.”

Chu Xingyun raises his mouth, 讥said with a smile: “You express love so strongly, but the result, but let the snow dance, disgust, even the eyes are not willing to look at you, can it be that you feel own not Poor?”

“You shut up!” Hearing this, Su Changxing had the feeling that the scar was revealed, his eyes were reddish and he shouted loudly.

Chu Xingyun ignored it and stared at him. He continued: “Open the point just now, you just made a move to me. The biggest reason is because I killed Su Changyang, and you have a brother-in-law, I am Is it right?”

Su Changxing is silent, just coldly snorted, this question, as long as it is clear-eyed people know the answer, no need to answer!

“Killing the brother’s hatred, not wearing the sky, changing to any one person, will be full of anger, yes, you did make a move to me, but it is only applied to the pressure, did not let me suffer any embarrassment, just by this One point, do you dare to say that owner is a turmoil Talent?”

The voice is full of bitterness and irony, but it gives the crowd a sense of approval. Su Changxing is powerful and has entered the Earth Spirit realm. In this way, the hatred is vented, and there are some inconsistencies.

“This place is Lingxiaoge, Lingwu Wufu is forbidden. Anyone here make a move, it must be disposed of with Sect Rule, I will not be in the process of your radicals.” Su Changxing disdainfully smiled and put on a look at all the appearances. .

Chu Xingyun looked at him like a fool, started talking: “You know that this is a banquet, strictly prohibit make a move, no matter how you toss, can’t make me embarrassed. If so, why do you want to exert me pressure, this is not Do you have to work hard?”

“To vent your hatred, you should go to Martial Dao arena, and declare the battle of life and death to me, irreconcilable until death, and you Su Changxing, know that you can’t do it here, you have to provoke a lot of provocations, and put a pair of me for revenge. , in the end, is your brain getting into the water, or is my brain getting into the water, should I explain it without me?”

“Chu Xingyun, you are full of nonsense!” Su Changxing’s face was a little bit flustered, facing the crowd of people: “What kind of character I am Su Changxing, if you want revenge, you don’t need to provoke!”

“Oh? Is it?”

Chu Xingyun smiled even more, strangely said: “Since you say that you are so beautiful, admired by everyone, then why are you now panic, and explain?”

“You are coming to take revenge. It should be killing intent. No one can stop it. But now, you have to explain it to others. There is no killing intent. You can take revenge to this point. You should not be able to. Described with pity, it should be said to be sad.”


Su Changxing only felt that his brain was paralyzed, his head was confused, and he was beginning to suspect that he was coming. He pointed his finger at Chu Xingyun and swallowed: “You, you, you…”

“What I said just now, every word, every sentence, everyone sees it. If you want to take revenge, please make a move immediately. If you don’t dare, don’t waste my time, get out of here!”

Chu Xingyun suddenly burst into a drink, and there was a chill in his body that invaded Su Changxing’s body, causing him to shudder, and he couldn’t help but move Half-step.

This Half-step, just moved, Su Changxing felt that the owner had been humiliated as never before.

Own is a turmoil Talent, and the future is boundless. In the future, it will surely become the big man of the turbulent cloud Imperial Dynasty. At this moment, it is actually a shame to be humiliated by a waste. It is really hateful.

“Chu Xingyun, your stupid behavior today will make you regret for a lifetime!” Su Changxing rushed out of his mad anger, his head suddenly lifted up, but he found that Chu Xingyun in front of him had disappeared.

Not only Chu Xingyun, but even the light dance is not seen.

In front, Ye Huan and a group of Wufu disciplines stood there, looking at him with a pitiful eye, without speaking, with a tacit understanding of silence.

But it is precisely this silence that makes the atmosphere of the entire space particularly eccentric.

That a path of gaze, like an invisible slap, the fan on the face of Su Changxing, hot and unbearable, so that he has no face to continue to stay…

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