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“I have plans to do it, don’t bother.” Snow lightly danced Su Changxing’s glance, and the voice was indifferent, but it did not highlight the annoyance of the heart.

Su Changxing ignored it and waved his hand: “Light dance, I have entered the Earth Spirit, and my eyes are wide. I will help you pick it up. It will be of great help to you. You don’t have to see it.”

Said, Su Changxing looked at the bookcase on the side, took an old book from above, and handed it directly to the snow and danced. “This cultivation technique is called “stars hail” and ranks as a holy order middle- Level level, if you are cultivate this cultivation technique, it will be of great benefit.”

“many thanks, I don’t need it.” Snow light dance complexion changed, turn around and go.

Su Changxing still does not give up, hurriedly said: “Since this “stars hail” you do not like, well, you can try this “10,000 cold ice heart”, this cultivation technique ranks the high level level, cultivate To perfect realm, comparable to Heaven Rank cultivation technique.”

As he spoke, he followed him up, as if he didn’t see the tiredness of the light dancing face, followed by death.

Snow light dancing face is ugly to the extreme, low shouted: “If you are so entangled, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“Light dance, you misunderstood, I am doing this, just want to help you nothing more, after all, I have entered the Earth Spirit realm, control the power of cloudy evil, just to help you, I am really kind. Su Changxing’s eyes are shining, and he is looking at the lithe and graceful lovable body. The greed is undoubtedly revealed.

“Good? How do I feel that you want to play the light dance?”

At this time, a taunting voice passed over, let Su Changxing frown, deep in one’s heart spread a hint of coldness, angry back, looking at the talking Chu Xingyun, shouted: “Chu Xingyun, you must have blood spray How do I might and dance lightly.”

“If you don’t dance in the snow, what is in your hand?” Chu Xingyun walked slowly and pointed to the cultivation technique ancient book in the hands of Su Changxing. The laughter was mixed with sarcasm.

Su Changxing heard it, and suddenly it was broken, said with a smile: “These cultivation techniques are carefully selected by me. They are most suitable for light dance. Stupid people like you are afraid of even the holy step. The cultivation technique has never been seen.”

Said, Su Changxing laughed heartily a few times, feeling a refreshing body and mind.

The snow danced to Chu Xingyun and made a look.

Here is Lingxiaoge, the forbidden place of Lingwuwufu. She does not want to see Chu Xingyun and Su Changxing have disputes. It is easy to violate Sect Rule and be forcibly expelled by Qinglao.

Chu Xingyun said to her faintly smiled, before the Half-step, nodded: “Su Changxing, the cultivation technique you selected, is really suitable for snow dance, but you have overlooked the most important point.”

“Well?” Su Changxing stopped laughing and looked at Chu Xingyun with some doubts.

“Snow Light Dance is now the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level cultivation base. It is imperative to take advantage of the Martian Spirit Spirit to integrate into the world and sense the cloud evil energy, thus breaking through the cultivation base and entering the Earth Spirit.”

“The Martial Study you selected is a holy class. The cultivate is very difficult and takes a lot of time. I would like to ask, you let the snow dance spend so much time on the cultivation technique, Come time to sense cloud evil energy?”

Chu Xingyun eyes is full of ridicule, 嗤said with a smile: “Your current practice is not only helpful to the snow dance, but also wastes her time and delays the breakthrough opportunity. This could not be harmful to her. ?”

The language fell, the light dance of the eyes suddenly solidified, and a little cold was released, so that Su Changxing looked dull and hurriedly explained: “Light dance, you misunderstood, I just want to help you too, so I forgot. Consider these…”

“In my opinion, you have not forgotten to consider, because you are a stupid person, and it is only natural to make such a move.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and added another sentence.

Suddenly, Su Changxing couldn’t stand it anymore. The pair of eyes spurted out the raging anger and shouted: “Chu Xingyun, you shut me up!”

Not long ago, Su Changxing lost his face in front of the snow dance because of Chu Xingyun’s sake. He was also laughed at by everyone and became a laughing stock.

Now, Chu Xingyun speaks again and says he is stupid.

These two angers almost burned Su Changxing’s reason, and his body was full of anger, and he had to make a move.

Feeling Su Changxing’s anger, Chu Xingyun secretly happy, his face is still the original look, said: “own did a stupid thing, could it be that still not allowed others to say?”

“Take a piece of useless condensate as a rare treasure, and carefully hold it in the palm of your hand. It’s really a smile. If it is spread out, I am afraid that the name of your Su Family will be destroyed.” Chu Xingyun Profound Stone, in the hands of Su Changxing, raised his head and looked disdainful.

“Condensate? Useless?” Su Changxing subconsciously stunned when he heard Chu Xingyun’s words.

In fact, he did not recognize the Profound Stone. The reason why he held it in his hands was that when he was just hanging out, he accidentally discovered that this jade stone could absorb the spiritual power and felt very rare.

With a curious attitude, Su Changxing picked up the Profound Stone and prepared to study it.

But at this moment, Chu Xingyun said that this jade stone is called condensed stone, which is useless. This makes Su Changxing look wrong, and the heart is smashed and extremely uncomfortable.

“The guy who is full of nonsense, you don’t want to fool me.” Su Changxing is sneered and thinks that Chu Xingyun is deliberately deceiving him.

Chu Xingyun didn’t care about Su Changxing’s embarrassment. He said: “Condensate stone is a first-class stone. It has a dark color and a bit of coolness. If you think I am deceiving you, you can pour in spiritual power. In the condensate, for a short time, three breaths, your spiritual power will be bounced back.”

Su Changxing’s heart trembled, secretly releasing a weak spiritual power. Sure enough, not long after, the spiritual power was bounced back, and the palm felt a hint of coolness.

These two phenomena are exactly the same as what Chu Xingyun said!

“Even if the condensate is not recognized, I dare to help the snow dance to choose the cultivation technique, Su Changxing, you really let me open my eyes.” Chu Xingyun chuckled, let Su Changxing feel the face is dull, the face becomes A little bit of red.

“Who said that I can’t recognize the condensate!”

Suddenly, Su Changxing lifts the head and raises the tone by a few degrees. He points to the Profound Stone. “The reason why I hold this piece of condensate is that I just think that the shape is strange. I want to see nothing more. What am I? Did you say that you selected this thing?”

“Really?” Chu Xingyun raised his eyebrows and his mouth was still ridiculous.

“What kind of character I am Su Changxing has always been stand by one’s word, even if you don’t come out, I know that this jade stone is the most useless condensate.” Su Changxing sneaked a glimpse of the snow, palms across the palm, directly The Profound Stone was thrown on the floor, and the face was disdainful.

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