Chapter 13 Tips of Wind, Thunder and Sword


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For the warriors, the talent of heaven and earth is extremely important.

If you have infinite spiritual resources, you can greatly improve the speed of training, even if you encounter the bottleneck of training, you can also break through in a short time, without wasting too much time.

This is true of spiritual materials, especially of Dan medicine, which is enough to make the warriors mad.

Originally, Qin Yuyan thought that Chu Xingyun would rely on the Chu family to grasp the map of Fengqi Mountain, and only give a small part of the soul material to Baibao Tower. Unexpectedly, Chu Xingyun actually proposed the 50%-50% Distribution, which did not take advantage of Baibao Tower.

What is more striking is that Chu Xingyun is willing to give up 50% of his souls to Baibao Tower at a price lower than the market price.

This is undoubtedly a great advantage for Baibao Tower. With a very low price, it will get a very high income, which is enough for Baibao Tower to monopolize the soul market of Xifeng City.

“Chu Shao-zhu, what you said just now, but take it seriously?” Qin Yuyan did not believe it, and confirmed it again.

Chu Xingyun nodded and laughed. “The way of cooperation should be reciprocal and mutually beneficial. What’s more, as I said just now, the reason why I did this is to let Baibao Tower see my sincerity and let the two sides cooperate in a friendly way, not in collusion.”

“Good sharp boy.” Qin Yuyan is not a mediocre person. On the contrary, she is extremely intelligent. She can hear the implications of Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun is willing to make profits. First, he wants to cooperate with Chu family and Baibao Tower. Second, he shows sincerity.

Chu family, a declining family, are willing to make such a commitment to demonstrate the sincerity of cooperation.

If Baibao Tower has not expressed anything, it will appear small family spirit, which is not the style of the big chamber of commerce.

“Since brother Chu is so generous, then I should have some expression.” Qin Yuyan took out several jade bottles from the storage ring and said lightly, “Here are 30 quenched-body and 30 Yangling pills. Although the quality is poor, they are also small cares.”

After handing the jade bottle to Chu Xingyun, Qin Yuyan said, “These days, I will seriously study the three Danfang tablets given by brother chu. In the future, I will send people to Chu’s house personally and present them with both hands. I wonder if this sincere offer will satisfy brother chu?”

Speech, standing on the side of Qinshan, involuntarily breathe a cold breath.

Thirty Quenched Body Dances and thirty Yangling Dances are of astonishing value, equivalent to eighteen spiritual stones.

But these are not enough.

After a few days, Qin Yuyan will also hand on the medicines, and those medicines, higher quality, higher value.

According to Qinshan’s estimate, the value of this simple sincerity has approached half a million silver!

Rao has been in the shopping mall for many years and has never seen today’s scene. Chu Xingyun, with a few simple words, not only made the Chu family and Baibao Tower reach a cooperative relationship, but also got nearly fifty spiritual stones. It’s amazing.

“This sincerity is enough, so I will return to Chu’s house temporarily and wait for the good news of Miss Yuyan. As for the cooperation, two days later, I will invite the owner of Qinlou to come to my Chu’s house for a talk.” Chu Xingyun said quietly, then embraced his fists with both hands and strode out of the secret room.

When Chu Xingyun left, Qinshan was relieved and muttered, “Where is this Chu Xingyun brat so tough? He’s only a 16-year-old boy. Faced against him, I have a heavy feeling. I dare not breathe even in the atmosphere.”

“Indeed.” Qin Yuyan nodded thoughtfully and whispered, “Qinshan, Chu Xingyun just bought Dan medicine. The jade badge presented came from Meng Qing’s hand. You go and find Meng Qing for me.”

“Yes!” Qinshan nodded slightly and disappeared immediately.

Before long, Qinshan took Meng Qing to the secret room.

“I’ve seen Miss Rain and Smoke.” Meng Qing knelt on his knees and his head was close to the ground, which was very respectful.

“Meng Qing, is this jade Pei handed over to Chu Xingyun by you?” Qin Yuyan took Jade Pei out and asked Meng Qing.

Meng Qing was stunned when he saw and heard the words of Qin Yuyan. He explained, “Miss Rain Yan Qi, this jade Pei is a gift from me to a reclusive strong man. It has nothing to do with Chu Xingyun.”

“Oh?” Qin Yuyan wrinkled his eyebrows, a strong recluse?

Meng Qing hurried to tell Qin Yuyan what had happened today. After listening to Qin Yuyan, the expression on his face became more and more surprised. In the end, he was completely shocked.

“A reclusive strong man, suddenly appeared in the city of Xifeng, took out Lingjie intermediate martial arts to auction, Meng Qing gave him a jade dress, but it fell in the hands of Chu Xingyun. ”

In addition, Chu Xingyun, who is called waste by everyone, took out several precious Danfang as soon as he started today, and dared to talk and laugh with me like this.

Qin Yuyan sorted out all the information in his mind. The more she thought about it, the more she felt confused and puzzled.

She looked over at Qinshan and Meng Qing, and said, “You two, send someone to investigate immediately. You must collect all the information of Chu Xingyun. I have a feeling that this person is hiding very deeply. It’s absolutely not so simple.”

Wen Yan, Qinshan and Meng Qing looked at each other and immediately bowed to leave.

Noda’s big secret room, only Qin Yuyan was left alone. She stood quietly in place, her eyes twinkling, and she did not know what she was thinking about.

After leaving Baibao Tower, Chu Xingyun disguised himself again and returned safely to Chu Town.

Although he had not heard the investigation of Qin Yuyan, he could easily guess it.

When Meng Qing took out the jade badge , Chu Xingyun knew that the westerly wind auction house had a close relationship with Baibao Tower. As soon as he finished his martial arts auction, he brought the jade badge to Baibao Tower, which was bound to arouse Qin Yuyan’s suspicion.

However, Chu Xingyun has no worries at all.

On the contrary, he just wanted to use Qin Yuyan’s suspicion to make his identity more mysterious and complicated.

In this way, as long as Qin Yuyan has this layer of doubts, Chu Xingyun can tie the cooperation between the two families tightly together and grasp the absolute initiative!

Entering the inner space of the samsara stone, Chu Xingyun immediately took out a Yangling Dan and began to practice after taking it.


Yanglingdan exploded in the body and turned into a group of pure spirit.

Chu Xingyun sat cross-kneed, immediately running the Wuming Gong Fa, began to absorb these spiritual Qi, into the meridians, flesh and blood, and finally stored in the Soul universe.

Normally speaking, after taking Yanglingdan, it is necessary to meditate for half a day so that all spiritual Qi can be precipitated before it can begin to absorb, so that spiritual Qi will not escape.

Chu Xingyun’s practice just now absorbed 50% of Reiki and 50% of Reiki, which were wasted.

If you let others see this scene, you will surely feel heartbroken and stamp your feet. A spiritual pill is worth 42,000 silver. It wastes 50% of your spiritual energy, which is equivalent to a total waste of 21,000 silver.

But Chu Xingyun disagreed. There was no distressed expression on his face.

Indeed, he wasted two thousand dollars, but in contrast, he saved half a day of retreat time.

Silver is wasted and can be earned back.

If time is wasted, no amount of money can be earned back.

What’s more, two days later, there will be a master’s meeting. Time is invaluable for Chu Xingyun.

After taking Yangling Dan, Chu Xingyun did not hesitate to take Huolingsan and Quenching Dan out. He took the Quenching Dan and smeared Huolingsan on it. He began to close his eyes and meditate.

With the help of Quenching Dan and Huolingsan, his whole body began to wriggle, constantly quenching Chu Xingyun’s body, at the same time, it also provided endless physical strength.

“Practice coexists with martial arts. Now I have to practice a martial arts in order to make a breakthrough in a short time.

Chu Xingyun closed his eyes and soon found his own martial arts.

He stood up, his legs apart, his arms sinking, his sword suspended in front of him, and began to move lightly according to some mysterious law.

At this time, if you look closely, you will find that Chu Xingyun’s body has become blurred, and mixed with the spirit of agility, as if it is blowing the wind in the mountains and forests.

Every sword swung out, Chu Xingyun’s muscles tightened up all over his body, and his inner strength was also integrated into his muscles, which made his whole body metamorphose, become more powerful and firm.

Chu Xingyun’s martial arts, named “Wind, Thunder and Sword Tips”, ranks among the high-level Ling Tier.

This set of sword recipes has very few tricks, only three, but its power is extremely astonishing. If we can cultivate the “Wind Thunder Sword recipe” to a perfect state, even compared with the Sacred Order Martial Arts, it is not much worse.

Three types of sword tricks are wind, thunder and thunder.

Now Chu Xingyun is practicing the first style.

At this moment, he has been fully integrated into the mood. His ever move is as light as the wind.

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