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“This jade stone fell on the ground, I picked it up, how can I snatch this statement?” After being swayed by the snow, Chu Xingyun was not awkward, and he was in a good mood. Instead, he made a funny excuse.

Profound Stone, at first is in the hands of Su Changxing, but in the middle, Su Changxing will drop the Profound Stone, and said that he has never chosen this thing, and he will go away.

From the moment of beginning, the Profound Stone became an unowned thing, Chu Xingyun smashed up, it was perfectly reasonable, and did not violate any Sect Rule.

“If Su Changxing knows the truth of the matter, I am afraid that he will be mad at three liters of blood.” Snow dances but helplessly smiles, but my heart does not despise Chu Xingyun, but feels very relieved, and finally let Su Changxing get a lesson.

“Right.” Suddenly, what Xue Xuan thought of, asked Chu Xingyun: “The lampstand you just took should not be made up of Yuyinshi, but why did Su Changxing do it according to your statement, face? Will it show that surprised look?”

“You will know when you are own.” Chu Xingyun chuckled, handed the lampstand to the light dance.

The snow dances with a doubtful color. According to Chu Xingyun, the only force of the cloud evil in the body is released, and the three big circulation runs. Suddenly, she feels refreshed and refreshed.

“This…” Snow dance is more doubtful.

Chu Xingyun mysterious smile: “Do not motivate the power of the cloud evil, simply use the power.”

Snow nodded and nodded, poured spiritual power into the lampstand, then retracted and operated three big circulation.


Almost at the same time, the snow light once again feels refreshing, just like the previous feeling, there is no difference.

“This lampstand is made up of a jade stone called agarwood. Whether it is the power of the cloudy evil or the spiritual power, as long as it is poured into it, the agarwood will give off a fragrance. This fragrance can soothe Mind. Let the Martial Artist feel refreshed.” Chu Xingyun explained with a smile, and stretched his hand and took the Profound Stone into the bag.

“It turned out to be agarwood. No wonder I feel familiar.” Snow dances suddenly realizes, but there are still some doubts. Dao: Su Changxing is usually overbearing, but with his wisdom, how can you be fooled by such a simple, and, one Come here twice. ”

Su Changxing can step into the Earth Spirit, and he is stupid.

He couldn’t recognize the Profound Stone and was deceived by Chu Xingyun. It is understandable that after all, facing the unknown, everyone will be more cautious.

This kind of caution is easy to use and makes mistakes.

However, the stone of agarwood is very common. As long as you keep a snack, Su Changxing should find it right. As a result, he believes in Chu Xingyun’s words and goes around looking for a lampstand. It’s too exaggerated. It feels like it’s in the middle. Magic barrier.

“If it is normally, Su Changxing will not be in my plan, but today is the exception.”

Chu Xingyun showed a faint smile and said: “Su Changxing has a good impression on you. Everything is done today to please your heart, but my appearance is to make him ugly again and again. In his heart, it must be I am full of grievances.”

“Under such a situation, I will provoke him in front of you. Because of his face and self-respect, he will certainly refute many times. He even wants to seize my ugliness and vent his hatred. Over time, he will lose the most basic. Judging, I will completely believe what I said with a little extra means.”

The snow dances and the pupils shrink. She now recalls that it seems that every word Chu Xingyun said is not only stimulating Su Changxing, but also secretly guiding, so that Su Changxing falls into the trap in unconsciously.

“However, what I said can only affect his judgment. I really believe that the lampstand is the yin stone. It is his own, not my deception.” Chu Xingyun sounds light and turns to the snow. Dance and smile.

“What does this mean?” Snow dance is completely in a state of doubt, feeling that the thoughts of own are in a whirlpool, there is no way to think correctly.

“It’s very simple. Su Changxing was injured and was hurt by the cloud evil energy.” Chu Xingyun said this sentence, no longer talked, just smiled and watched the snow dance.

Snow flave frowned, thinking about the meaning of this sentence in my mind, finally, her eyes lit up, the whole person subconsciously jumped up, eyes bursting out of the hustle and bustle.

“Su Changxing stepped into the Earth Spirit realm some time ago. At the time of the breakthrough, he was injured by the cloud evil energy. This time he entered the Lingxiao Pavilion. His purpose was to find treasures to restore his own injury.”

“When you say that the yin stone can repair the damage caused by the cloud evil energy, he must be full of joy. Under some experiments, I feel that my own life is refreshing and refreshed. I am very likely to believe in your words. I really think that it is royal. The yin stone can treat the body injury, and believes that the lampstand is made of yin stone.”

After the light dance, I took a few cold breaths.

She once heard Snow and said that when people are angry and angry, their minds will become unconscious and it is easy to make wrong judgments.

Su Changxing, who was just humiliated by Chu Xingyun, was furious.

Because of the presence of the snow dance, Su Changxing had to suppress his anger and was led by Chu Xingyun.

Finally, Chu Xingyun took out a lampstand and said that the object was made up of yin stone. Using the characteristics of agarwood, Su Changxing was ecstatic, thinking that he could really heal the wound.

One anger, one excitement, one joy, three emotions are filled in my mind, even the wily old fox’s bureaucrat, will lose judgment, and Chu Xingyun is thoroughly calculated.

“Chu Xingyun, where are you sacred in the end?” Snow danced a few deep mouths before she came back. She finally understood why she was facing Chu Xingyun and gave such a high evaluation. .

Today, she experienced it for a while, until Chu Xingyun explained everything, she fully understood, really understand what is strategizing, step by step in the heart.

“Since you know it, don’t make a fuss about nothing, so you don’t have to be discovered by Su Changxing.” Chu Xingyun made a squeaky finger, stepping out, started talking: “Go.”

“Go? Where are you going?” asked the light dance.

“I am bored now, I want to help you pick up the rare treasure, just as you didn’t take me off, of course, if you are not happy,” Chu Xingyun shrugged and left.

“Don’t.” Snow danced to hold Chu Xingyun, just touched Chu Xingyun’s hand, and immediately flung back, the whole face became red, want to talk, and did not know what to say.

Chu Xingyun was amused by the light dance of the snow.

He didn’t expect, and he was hailed as the snow dance of the Imperial Dynasty number one beauty. He would have made such a cute look. He did not have the normal indifference temperament, but he was very approachable.

“I just just said laughing more, let’s go, if you miss the time, we are afraid to miss a good show.” Chu Xingyun held back his smile, stepped back and walked toward the bookcase in front.

“What a good show?” Snow sneaked a slap in the face, but still quickly followed, curiously asked.

“Why do you ask so much, when you don’t know, do you know?” Chu Xingyun smiled at the snow and danced with a mysterious smile. He didn’t have too much explanation. He looked relaxed and uncomfortable.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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