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“Well, you Chu Xingyun, actually dare to lie to me!”

Until now, Su Changxing thought about everything, his eyes glared at Chu Xingyun, the silver teeth biting, and the sound of ka-cha ka-cha, the somber was so embarrassing.

“What is this in the end?” Seeing Su Changxing, the old man also guessed some clues, but still somewhat puzzled, his eyes continued to flow in Su Changxing and Chu Xingyun.

In this scene, all the military figures and elders are in the eyes, full of doubts, do not know what happened.

“reporting to Qinglao, some time ago, when I was in the breakthrough cultivation base, I was accidentally injured by the cloud evil energy. Therefore, I entered Linglongge and wanted to find spiritual materials to treat my injuries.”

“After entering Lingxiaoge, I wanted to help the snow dance to choose the cultivation technique. Unexpectedly, Chu Xingyun came out and actually smeared me to harm the snow and dance, trapped in the land of injustice, and then, He used the words of his tongue and took away the favorite things I chose. This is the jade stone!”

Su Changxing pointed to the Profound Stone in the hands of Chu Xingyun. The voice was full of chill and pushed all the responsibilities to Chu Xingyun, saying that the owner was the most innocent victim.

“Good demeaning guy!” Snow is light and cold, she sees everything in the Linglong Pavilion, naturally clears the truth of the matter, this Su Changxing, good and despicable, completely distorted the facts.

“Don’t worry, let him go on.” Seeing the expression of snow and light dancing, Chu Xingyun smiled and stopped her, and his eyes continued to look at Su Changxing, full of playful colors.

“I don’t want to pursue these two things. Absolutely didn’t expect that Chu Xingyun has a slap in the face and picks up a lampstand. He said that this object is a very precious royal stone, which can be used to treat the cloudy. The damage caused by evil energy is full of temptation in the words. In the end, I fell into his trap and picked this one…”

Speaking of this, Su Changxing was full of anger and shyness. He said to the young man: “This child is scheming, and the temperament is more sinister and sinister. Please ask the old man to drive him out of the Lingfu Wufu. Otherwise, the Wufu must be a mess!”

After listening to the complete story, many Wufu disciplines are suddenly realized. It is no wonder that Su Changxing will choose a useless lotus flower lamp holder. It turns out that there is still such experience here.

The young man’s brow wrinkled more tightly, and looked at Chu Xingyun with deep meaning. He asked: “Is this really true?”

“The whole process of the incident is indeed as Su Changxing said, but the three crimes he said are obviously filthy to me. As for what traps, it is even more nonsense.” Chu Xingyun waved his hand and looked innocent. .

“If this is the case, can you be that you have to argue?” Su Changxing blinked red and shouted.

Chu Xingyun ignored him and went to the old age. Lightly said: “Dare to ask the old man, when you are in the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level day realm, the primary cultivate direction is to change the deep cultivation technique or to understand the cloud evil energy. Breakthrough cultivation base 桎梏?”

The young man immediately replied and said: “Nature is the perception of cloudy evil energy. At such a critical moment, changing other cultivation techniques will only waste time.”

“That said, according to the old man, Su Changxing helped the snow light dance to choose a high-level cultivation technique. Is it a harm to her? I made a move to stop it. Is there a mistake?” Chu Xingyun asked again, and suddenly looked at the old man. Solidified.

Not only the old and the old, the surrounding Wufu discipline and elder are like this, nostalgic nod, from the perspective of cultivate, Chu Xingyun is right, the wrong person, but Su Changxing.

“Furthermore, I have never taken away Su Changxing’s favorite things. This jade stone is Su Changxing thrown on the ground first. I picked it up again. I have never made a move, no threat. In this case, Xue Lan dance can help me testify.” Chu Xingyun has already prepared his words and answered, there is no pressure at all.

“If you don’t lie, you will give up this jade stone!” Su Changxing angered Chu Xingyun, sound like thunder sounds.

Chu Xingyun looks at him, staring at him, said with a sneer: “first, what I said from beginning to end is just publishing my opinions and opinions, never forcing you to believe; second, what have you chosen? , give up what, all are decisions made by your own, have nothing to do with me, may I ask, this is called deception?”

“This…” Su Changxing suddenly paused.

Thinking about it, Chu Xingyun did not let him give up the Profound Stone in the Lingxiao Pavilion, and did not let him choose the lotus flower lamp holder. All the choices were decided by Su Changxing.

“How come you don’t talk?”

Seeing Su Changxing’s silence, Chu Xingyun’s brows are light and his smile is thicker. “Theown has no eyes, no choice, but he has put all his responsibilities on his head. Su Changxing, you don’t feel your move. Is it ridiculous?”

“Chu Xingyun, you shut me up!” Su Changxing was anxious, and the whole person jumped up and shouted: “What qualifications do you have to talk to me, garbage like you, I can pinch it if you can, if you say more One sentence, I will kill you on the spot!”


The voice fell, making everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, and the old man sank his eyes.

You must know that this place is the Linglong Pavilion, the most mysterious forbidden place in Lingwuwufu. Even if the owner of Lingxiao is coming, you must abide by the rules. You must not make troubles here, and you must not kill each other.

However, Su Changxing not only threatened Chu Xingyun, but also threatened to kill him on the spot. Such a speech, simply is to see the old and the nothing, but also ignore the Sect Rule!

“You old, you misunderstood, I just took this sentence, not intentionally offended.” Su Changxing also realized the mistake of own, lifts the head, the face is the color of the emperor, want to explain clearly.

“The words are what you said, never no-one forced you to say.” Chu Xingyun shrugged, said with a smile: “is it possible that, you have to blame this responsibility on my head, say me If you are deceived, will you make a big mistake?”

Succeeded this, Su Changxing suddenly felt a anger rushing straight into the chest, the body that was originally shivering, and this time 7 acupoint smoked, the whole body blood boiled.

His chest undulating up and down, an opening, did not say anything, actually spewed a blood.

Such a scene, let the crowd simply not believe in the eyes of own.

How can this be!

Su Changxing, the moral spirit of the Earth Spirit, was actually mad at the scene to vomit blood!

Qinglao also stayed, but soon reacted and was about to talk, but he saw Chu Xingyun step forward and his face was full of emotion.

“It’s not a well-known Talent character. It really has a lot of power. In order to let me bear these crimes, I don’t hesitate to vomit blood and sympathize with everyone. It’s really admiring me.”

In the speech, Chu Xingyun also extended his thumb to Su Changxing, and every sentence he said seemed to have some kind of magic power, which constantly echoed and lingered in Su Changxing’s mind.

In the end, Su Changxing still failed to say a word, and took a few steps back and forth, and the divine light begins slowly in the pupil.

When he finished this last action, his eyes closed and he fell straight down, and he slammed down on the ground and completely passed out.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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