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Profound Stone is known as the Second Spirit Sea because it can breathe the spirit and form a perfect cycle.

In addition, the Profound Stone can also store the Earth Spirit force and condense it into a crystal body. When necessary, the Earth Spirit can be released instantly, attracting the vision of heaven and earth.

The layer of grayish black stony around the Profound Stone is the spiritual crystal body.

To some extent, this spiritual crystal body is very similar to the spirit stone, and is made up of the Earth Spirit.

The difference is that the spiritual power in the spirit stone is full of impurities, and the Martial Artist must undergo heavy tempering before it can inhale the spirit sea.

The spiritual power in the crystal body has already passed the tempering of the Profound Stone. It has no impurities and is extremely pure. It can directly inhale the spirit sea and let the Martial Artist to do as one pleases control.

This function does not seem to be eye-catching, but at a critical moment, it is often able to play a miraculous effect, so that the Martian Artist’s exhausted Linghai is complemented, and an amazing battle is erupted.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun is carefully looking at the Profound Stone, corner of the mouth slightly raise, let out a long friendly breath.

After his observation, the spiritual crystal body wrapped around Profound Stone is not too thick and is still within his absorption capacity.

In the last world, Chu Xingyun saw a Profound Stone, which has been accumulated for thousands of years, and it is a condensed spiritual crystal body that weighs thousands of pounds. Martial Emperor, who spent all three days, was completely refining.

“Hū !”

Chu Xingyun sighed in a deep breath, his palms suddenly extended, and the beasts of fire burned out, filled with heavy purple fire.

After the black scorpion Martial Spirit is completely swallowed, the beastfire is gradually recovering. At the heart of the flame, you can see the illusory shadow of the fascinating beast, which is moving cheerfully and vigorously in the palm of your hand.

“In the current state of the beasts, the enemy is taken, but it is still a little worse, but the crystal body should be burned.”

The spiritual crystal body completely envelops the Profound Stone. Like the armor, Chu Xingyun must completely melt it to resonate with the Profound Stone and turn it into the second Linghai.

I saw him holding the Profound Stone in one hand, holding the beast fire in one hand, and micro-condensing the eyes, suddenly combining the two.

Almost at the same instant, the sound of chī chī rang, and the Profound Stone was burned under the fire of the beasts. The surrounding crystal body began to melt, and a light smoke floated up, filling the inner space.

“It’s done!” Chu Xingyun bursts bright glow in his eyes, revealing a big color, said with a smile: “After the burning of the beastfire, the spiritual crystal body melts and turns into a massive fog, I can just put it Complete absorption to enhance the cultivation base.”

The Earth Spirit in the crystal body is incomparably pure, and after being transformed into a fog, it is at the perfect level.

There are not many crystal bodies in front of us, only the size of the palm, but the Earth Spirit of the sky is extremely amazing. Otherwise, it will not attract the vision of heaven and earth, and countless powerhouses will come.

Under the constant burning of the beastfire, more and more spiritual fog is spreading. Chu Xingyun full power runs the nameless cultivation technique, and the Linghai trembles, like the deep sea Giant Beast, swallows these spiritual fogs into the belly. .

His Linghai, after the Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering, far surpassed the ordinary person, and the absorbed spiritual fog instantly turned into pure spiritual power, which made the Linghai become more full and looming with signs of breakthrough.

Chu Xingyun’s mind was fretting, and ten drops of spirit liquid were flying inside the storage ring, lined up in a row, suspended in front of him.

Bō bō bō !

The spirit liquid trembled madly, and finally burst into pieces, and the Earth Spirit force contained in it was released, as if it were a tidal wave, completely covering the fog, regardless of you or me.


Chu Xingyun suddenly spit out a word, his hands open, full power ignited the nameless cultivation technique, making the Spirit Sea madly spin up, the pores of the whole body open at the same time, just like breathing, swallowing, and the surrounding Earth Earth Spirit Inhaled into the body.

Under the impact of this spiritual power, the enriched Linghai, begins to tremble slightly, the spirit is like a river, the mighty, directly bombarded on the hard cultivation base barrier, the muffled sound constantly.

Chu Xingyun opened his eyes and his face was full of surprises. “Profound Stone is really powerful. If it is not fully activated, it will form a spiritual cycle. Let me absorb three drops of liquid at a time. The speed is faster than before. It’s ten times!”

The Heaven Earth Spirit contained in a drop of Spirit Liquid is equivalent to five spirit stones.

It takes at least half a day for the Martial Artist to completely absorb the power in the spirit, and three and a half drops.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun, a swallow, can completely absorb the three drops of liquid, without wasting a trace of it, so speed, can be described as shocking.

But this is still not the limit.

According to Chu Xingyun’s calculations, if the Profound Stone is fully activated, he can absorb six drops of liquid at a time!

“After Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering, my Linghai is as fine as a needle, and my spirit is extremely pure, but in contrast, the Spirit Qi required for each breakthrough is many times that of the ordinary Martial Artist. Now I have the spirit. Profound Stone, I am perfect to make up for this flaw, not only slow, but also far more than looking for ordinary person.”

“Under this cultivate mode, with realm Martial Artist, almost no one can match me, even if it is the Earth Spirit powerhouse, I am afraid I have to go down the drain!”

Chu Xingyun’s gaze is hot, and Mind is emptied, madly absorbing the Earth Spirit around him. At this moment, he seems to be the eye of a frenzied storm. He wants to take all the Earth Spirit into his body and use it for his own purposes.


At this time, the spiritual crystal body finally melted completely, and the thick fog continued to roll, pouring into Chu Xingyun’s body, which caused his body beginning to expand, and the meidians were also stretched several times.

“No, this spiritual power is too big!”

Chu Xingyun’s heart trembles, the moment of the crystal body melting, all the Earth Spirit forces are released, so massive, has surpassed his body tolerant range, the whole body of the Meridians, all kinds of limbs, all have a sense of bursting.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

a path of Sudden noise suddenly came, only Chu Xining appeared on the body of a bloodline meridian, eyes are bloody, become red, and even the pores are beginning to infiltrate the bleeding beads, the appearance is particularly embarrassing.

Looking for the ordinary person to encounter such a situation, has been terrified, and even mourn the pain, but Chu Xingyun’s expression is unusually calm, his eyes are like water.

“It’s just like this, I want to let me surrender and dream!”

Chu Xingyun slammed the lifts the head, and a sharp glow emerged from the eyes, piercing the heavy fog, just like the stars bursting, filled the inner space, rolling up a gust of wind.

“Give me a swallow!”

A shocking roaring sound, Chu Xingyun raised his hands, fingers pointed into claws, grabbed toward the void, the whole body skeleton burst into a burst, did not exclude the Earth Earth Spirit, but absorbed more crazy, to completely swallow it, in one fell swoop Step into Spirit Gathering Fourth Level!

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