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Bang bang bang !

Endless spiritual power poured into the body, like a wave of crazy slap, let Chu Xingyun roll over Blood Qi, the skin on the fresh blood filled, like a bloody person.

However, the more so, Chu Xingyun’s face is more intense, and his heart is full of pride.

The Martial Emperor who can become aloof and remote, the Dao of Cultivation experienced must be full of thorns. For every suffering, Mind is determined to be a point, such as the meteorite, the ancient Eternal, never ruin.

These spiritual powers are like a flood of beasts, and Chu Xingyun can be returned to Underworld Spring at any time, but this is the case, Chu Xingyun can not retreat, but also to stimulate the potential of own.

“Spirit Gathering Fourth Level barrier, give me a break!” Chu Xingyun screamed again, clutching his teeth tightly, urging the spirits to peak, and moving toward cultivation base barriers.

H碎ng lóng lóng’s cracking sounds, just like the sublimation, Chu Xingyun feels a loose body, a thick force into the limbs, between the body meridians, there is a sense of pleasure.

“Successful, just seven days later, breakthrough again and step into Spirit Gathering Fourth Level!”

Chu Xingyun laughed a few times, and the voice was full of hearty feelings. The feeling of this breakthrough limit was so cool, even if he had a thousand years of experience, he was thrilled with excitement.

The Profound Stone floats in front of Chu Xingyun and fades away from the crystal body. It is only the size of the boxhole, and it has a blue color, which is a mystery.

Chu Xingyun reached out and put the Profound Stone on the belt, just overlapping the Linghai.

Suddenly stimulating, the Profound Stone and the Linghai resonate, as if in the invisible, they have formed a connection, mutual stimulation of spiritual power, without the slightest sense of delay, very smooth.

“It took so much time to finally get the Profound Stone working, but it’s all worth it. From now, I don’t have to worry about the speed of cultivate anymore!”

Feeling the inexhaustible power of the body, Chu Xingyun gave a chuckle, and the big stone hanging in the heart was put down, and the whole body had a light feeling.

Chu Xingyun’s Room has a separate shower room. He soaks his own in the water and begins to rinse his blood.

Due to the soaking of life source blood essence, the body’s think scars have already scarred, and the rapid recovery, the same is true for the meidians, and even more tough because of this breakthrough.

“Reborn so far, only in the past year, I have such strength, when I return to the realm of Martial Emperor, the whole body is continent, who else can fight with me?” Chu Xingyun looked up and stared at the ceiling. Suddenly, the heart sighed.

Now he, the cultivation base is not high, only the Spirit Gathering Fourth Level realm, compared to the original, can be said to be the exe-like existence.

But what he has now, but nothing is a treasure.

Profound Stone, the second Linghai, the two Linghai resonate with each other, a single throughput, can easily absorb all the power of six drops of spiritual liquid, endless, running endlessly.

True Fire Phoenix’s life source blood essence, which contains a huge life Essence, can be perfectly matched with “Destroy Body Tempering 诀”, allowing Chu Xingyun to cut Body Tempering and sculpt without consuming vitality.

The beastfire, the most overbearing artificial flame, can burn everything, accumulate strength, even in the face of the Earth Spirit powerhouse, can not be afraid, even make a move Kill and Behead.

With the cooperation of these three, Chu Xingyun’s strength has reached an extremely peaceful defying level. When the real life of this realm, I simply couldn’t think of it, the gap is like a scorpio.

Of course, the most sigh of Chu Xingyun is the Samsara stone.

This stone is the life source of Samsara Heavenly Emperor. It can distort the time flow rate and use it for five days a day, so that he has enough cultivate time. In addition, Samsara Heavenly Book can not be underestimated.

Since getting life source blood essence, Samsara Heavenly Book has closed again and is in a state of being unable to read, but with the previous two experiences, Chu Xingyun has a hunch that when he reads the Samsara Heavenly Book again, there will be surprises. .

“Everything in the Samsara Heavenly Book has a lot to do with Samsara Heavenly Emperor. The things hidden inside are definitely sealed by Samsara Heavenly Emperor. Unfortunately, the True Fire Phoenix has fallen, otherwise I I have a chance to get a True Fire Phoenix as a mount, what a chic it is.”

Chu Xingyun in the heart Fantasy, suddenly, a divine light flashed in his mind, and the whole person stood up.

“Right, how can I forget it!” Chu Xingyun patted his head and looked at it.

Under the cliffs of the West Wind City, Chu Xingyun not only got the hollow sword, but also found a Spirit Beast egg.

The Spirit Beast of the Spirit Beast egg, he does not know, but this Spirit Beast egg is unusually weird, not only blocked by the nine-dimensional squad, but also the endless stream of sputum.

At that time, the Chu Xingyun cultivation base was shallow and there was no way to take the Spirit Beast eggs, so the nine seals were engraved to hide the breath of the Spirit Beast egg so that no one could find it.

After so long, Chu Xingyun almost forgot about it. Just mentioned True Fire Phoenix, I suddenly remembered it.

“The Spirit Beast egg is so weird, it must not be anything. If there is a chance, I must go back to Xifeng City, take it out safely, and hatch it.” Chu Xingyun whispered, remembering this matter deeply. In the heart.

However, he is not in a hurry.

Now he is in the imperial city, not only to investigate the inside story of 16 years ago, but also to find the whereabouts of his biological parents, clone lack of skills, can only put this thing aside.

When I left, Chu Xingyun had already put a seal on it. It was impossible for anyone to discover the Spirit Beast egg, let alone to break the seal and take it out.

Drying the body and changing a clean dress, Chu Xingyun is preparing to consolidate the Spirit Gathering Fourth Level realm, but there is a shout from the door, and it seems a bit rush.

Chu Xingyun frowned, opened the door and found that Luo Wei was panting, and he was out of breath.

“What?” Chu Xingyun asked first.

“One person outside the door asked to see, said to come to Chu big brother, you are a very beautiful woman, claiming to be Qin Yuyan.” Luo Wei took a deep breath, the only complete statement.

Upon hearing this name, Chu Xingyun slammed down.

At Black Water City, Chu Xingyun once passed Qin Yuyan and asked her to bring a sentence to Qin Tianyu. If they had the intention to cooperate, they would come to Lingwu Wufu to find him and negotiate together.

At that time, a whole month has passed, and Qin Yuyan has finally arrived!

“Are there other people besides Qin Yuyan?” Chu Xingyun paused, and asked again.

Luo Yan shook his head and said: “No, she came alone, and I saw that she seemed to be very weak. She was speechless and felt like she was seriously injured.”

Hear this, Chu Xingyun’s look is a glimpse, striding out and flying towards the door.

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