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“What? Qin Tianfeng becomes the agent patriarch!”

Qin Yuyan’s Mind suffered a heavy blow, and the body stepped back a few steps, the face of the lonely color.

Originally, Qin Tianfeng used various means to control Qin Family’s industry and resources, and became the behind-the-scenes control of Qin Family, in charge of all lifeline.

At this moment, he became the agent patriarch, and he can take control of Qin Family and status more step by step, which is no different from Qin Family Patriarch!

“Now Second Master is looking for you, saying that you want to help him hang up the inscribed board, Miss, you still have to hide, you must not be found by Second Master.” Qin Qing pulled Qin Yuyan, he will leave Here.

The Qin Family family rules can only be engraved on the inscribed board if they are named Patriarch.

Qin Tianyu has not yet died, but Qin Tianfeng has engraved his name on the inscribed board in the name of the patriarch, and asked Qin Yuyan to help him hang up.

In this way, Qin Tianyu is simply a dead person, completely ignorant, and announced in front of everyone, his Qin Tianfeng, is the new Patriarch of Qin Family.

Qin Yuyan also understood this truth, and immediately had the intention of retreating. She asked her to hang this inscribed board, she would rather die.

“Hidden for a while, can’t hide for a lifetime, could it be that you thought you were hiding, this inscribed board would not hang up?”

“In this case, the more you escape, the worse the situation will become. What you really want to do is to step forward and break the farce in the name of Qin Tianyu.”

Chu Xingyun’s voice fell, eyes filled with firm meaning, eyes like a knife, deeply imprinted into the deep in one’s heart of Qin Yuyan, let her feel an inexplicable sense of security, encouragement.

Qin Yuyan took a deep breath, stepped out, and followed Chu Xingyun’s pace and walked over.

At the moment, Qin Family has gathered a lot of people outside, and each and everyone is looking at the head, full of curiosity looking at the front, or sighing, or sarcasm, the talks are endless and eye-catching.

Everyone saw Chu Xingyun, who was far away. The argument was even more noisy. It was a consciously open road. The eyes were full of surprises. It seemed to be very surprising to the appearance of Qin Yuyan.

“It turned out to be Miss Rain Smoke, you are finally here!”

At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a black clothed came out, his eyes were bent, and there was a burst of glow. Although he called Qin Yuyan as a lady, his face was not respectful, but instead looked up and down. It reveals a sense of obscenity.

This person named Qin Xian is the personal Bodyguard of Qin Tianfeng.

“Today, the Second Master has been recognized by many elders and became the patriarch of the Qin Family. He feels that this inscribed board is somewhat unsightly. It is specially designed to make people re-engraved. I also want to let Miss Rain Smoke hang up, please.” Qin Xian gave a sharp laugh, loud voice, and was clearly introduced into everyone’s ears.

When the crowd heard this, they all talked about it. Apparently they all knew that this move represented what it meant. Qin Tianfeng was really deceiving. It was so difficult for Qin Yuyan.

Qin Yu was anxious and cold, snorted, and he did not want to pay attention to it.

But she just raised her foot, Qin Xian stopped in front, his face crossed a hint of coldness, low said with a smile: “Miss Rain Smoke, different from the present, I advise you to obediently follow the Second Master’s words. Do, otherwise, just ask for nothing more.”

Between the words, Qin Xian’s body suddenly burst into a hot breath, looking directly at Qin Yuyan, his head rising up, revealing a state of mind.

Not only his, but even the little servant around him blocked the way, and he was more arrogant.

Qin Yuyan was injured. Now, Qin Xian’s spiritual power is oppressed, his face immediately becomes pale, and he is going to fall down.

Chu Xingyun immediately stepped forward to help her, her eyes swept away, and found that Qin Yuyan’s face was not only painful, but more helpless and embarrassing. The sparkling and crystal-clear in the eyes were flashing.


Chu Xingyun sighed slightly, and he understood the mood of Qin Yuyan at the moment.

As a young girl, Qin Family, she was in a state of detachment. At this moment, she was threatened by a bodyguard. Even the lowest level of the little servant dared to ridicule her and blocked her way.

It was so heavy that she could not bear it.

“Let me leave the rest of the matter.” Chu Xingyun gave Qin Yuyan a comforting look, stepping forward and arrived at Qin Xian’s face.

Qin Xian was still immersed in the triumph of the previous one. Seeing Chu Xingyun coming, the sound is even more embarrassing, said with a smile: “brat, this is our Qin Family thing, I advise you not to care, where is the cool place to stay Go, or you don’t even know how to die.”

As Qin Tianfeng’s personal Bodyguard, Qin Xian’s cultivation base is not weak. He has reached the Spirit Gathering Seventh Level Realm. He can see Chu Xingyun’s cultivation base at a glance. He did not put him in his eyes and directly screamed.

Chu Xingyun’s eyes are cold, said coldy: “Get out!”

The sound blew like a thunder, letting the surrounding arguments come to an abrupt end, and the whole space was quiet and solidified.

“You let me roll?” Qin Xian felt that he was completely underestimated, coldly smiled, said: “It seems that I don’t make a real thing, you really don’t know what the immensity of heaven and earth !”

There was a sizzling sensation in his body, which was extremely hot. He pressed straight toward Chu Xingyun, his hands wide open, and he wanted to interrupt Chu Xingyun’s legs, forcing him to kneel and apologizing to the owner.

“You said this sentence, I will return it to you as it is.” Chu Xingyun eyes gloomy and cold, figure flash, the moment disappeared in Qin Xian’s field of vision.


An icy chill filled the room and let Qin Xian shudder. In the next moment, he only felt that the whole body of the Meridians were frozen, unable to run half a point, and there was an illusory shadow flashing past.

“Being a slave, dare to blame the master, give me a sigh!”

An icy word, spit out from Chu Xingyun’s mouth, I saw his arm swung out, no fancy bang, a fist in the void to change the illusory shadow, overbearing, slamming to Qin Xian Dantian.

Qin Xian suddenly became shocked and madly stepped back and tried to avoid this punch, but he was surprised to find that Chu Xingyun’s fist had already covered all the regions within his body within a few meters, which was inevitable.


The muffled sound came out, and the fists were overbearing. They directly fell into the Dantian of Qin Xian, completely smashing the Linghai, and the back was broken by the fist, and the spirit was strong.

Qin Xian spurted a large amount of blood, and the whole person’s look became wilting. The body swayed and slammed down on the ground, as if the dead dog was so weakly breathing.

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