Chapter 14 Family Assembly


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Chu Xingyun practiced over and over until he had exhausted his inner strength. Then he stopped and sat on the ground, taking Yangling Dan and Quenching Dan to quickly replenish his body’s consumption.

When he recovered, he began to work hard, tireless and not afraid of hardships.

In the inner space of samsara stone, Chu Xingyun finally succeeded in practicing the first style of “wind, thunder and sword recipe” after ten days of hard work.

Ten days of the time within the stone means only 2 days have passed outside. .

“Ten days of hard work, at last, has achieved some results, I do not know my strength, to what extent.” Chu Xingyun muttered in his heart, walked out of the inner space and went directly to the backyard.

He stood in the middle of the courtyard, spiritual flow of his body, gathering in his arms, emptying his body and mind, imagining that he was the breeze blowing the earth, merging with the sword in his hand.


Chu Xingyun stepped out and rushed forward abruptly.

His speed was as fast as a gale, his arms seemed to disappear, and his sword was driven by a light breeze. It was so fast that it could hardly be caught by the naked eye.


The long sword swept over a huge rock and sounded muffledly. On the huge rock, there was an extra scar of a fierce sword. The scar was deep enough to reach two inches.

“Good power.” Chu Xingyun took back his sword with great satisfaction.

There are two reasons why he chose the Wushu set of “Wind, Thunder and Sword Tips”.

First, the practice of “Wind, Thunder and Sword Tips” can be integrated into the mood of wind and thunder, while training, you can make your body get the greatest degree of tempering, so that flesh and blood more compact.

Secondly, the three-style sword recipe of Wind Thunder and Sword recipe is progressive in power layer by layer, which is very suitable for his present situation.

After all, the higher the grade of Martial Object, the more difficult it is to practice. If Chu Xingyun is now directly practicing Shengjie or Nameless Cultivation Technique, even if it is given him half a year, it will be difficult to practice.

From low to high, progressive layer by layer, is the most suitable method of cultivation for him.

“That sword just now is very fast, which is equivalent to Lingxian junior martial arts. If I go to Chuyang again, with this tactic, he does not even think about the opportunity to shoot. Chu Xingyun has a sense of pride in his heart.

Now he is tens of millions times weaker than his previous life, but in any case, he has made Chu Xingyun have the ability of self-protection.

“Well?” At this moment, Chu Xingyun’s eyes suddenly froze.

In his body, Linghai suddenly rolled up, there is a surging spirit, constantly running in the body, and eventually rushed towards the solid boundary barrier.


Realm barrier was broken again, Chu Xingyun’s body trembled slightly, the whole body sprayed with spiritual power, and the momentum of the whole person also rose several times in an instant.

“Breakthrough!” Chu Xingyun eyebrows a joy.

During these ten days of hard work, Chu Xingyun took a lot of Dan medicine and had already completed the spiritual training in his body. Just now, he mastered the first form of Wind, Thunder and Sword Recipe. He was in a smooth mood and full of courage, and naturally entered the four heavenly realms of quenching body.

“To practice together is not only to cultivate one’s physique, but also to cultivate one’s own heart. This sentence is true.” Chu Xingyun had a faint smile on his face.

“Brother Yun, it’s almost time.” At this time Seeing Chu Xingyun standing in the middle of the courtyard, Shuixiang came slowly.

After returning from Xifeng City, Chu Xingyun earned a lot of wealth, and his life was no longer as embarrassing as before.

Now Shui YuiXiang, wearing yellow neon clothes, wearing jade hairpins, face is no longer pale, but has become a lot of ruddy, has a faint posture.

She smiled slightly at Chu Xingyun. On her cheeks, there was a small dimple, which was very sweet. She suddenly let Chu Xingyun look dazed and filled her heart with happiness.

“Brother Yun, it’s almost time.” Feeling the hot eyes of Chu Xingyun, the small face of the fragrant water turns red, don’t cross his head, and remind him again.

Chu Xingyun then returned to his mind, scratched his back and said with a dry laugh, “Okay, let’s go now.”

Walking out of the courtyard with Shui Xiang, Chu Tiger had been waiting for a long time outside the door. Three people in a row went straight to the direction of Chu ancestral temple.

Today is the day of the Family Assembly.

According to Chu family rules, family congresses and annual meetings, all Chu disciples should attend. In addition to discussing the development direction of the Chu family in the next year, they should also unite the hearts of the people to keep the Chu family flourishing.

Along the way, Chu Xingyun could see that many disciples of the Chu family who passed by him looked at him with deep disdain, ridicule and even some people began to whisper abuse.

“Ignore them.” Chu Xingyun naturally will not follow these people’s general knowledge, whispered a word, stabilized the mood of Chu tiger and water fragrance, still marching forward boldly.

Before long, they came to the Chu ancestral temple.

At this time, many Chu disciples had already gathered outside the ancestral temple. The crowds surged. Qi Qi laid his eyes on Chu Xingyun. The voice of the comment was just like the tide.

In the middle of the ancestral temple, a middle-aged man in a purple robe was sitting with a calm face, which made people unable to see what they were thinking.

This man is the elder of the Chu family, Chu Pingtian.

On his left and right sides are the second elders of the Chu family and the third elders of the Chu family.

Three Chu parents and elders, who had already arrived in Qi, radiated a solemn atmosphere, which made the atmosphere condensate to the extreme.

Since the decline of the Chu family and the migration to the town of Chu, Chu Xingyun’s household property has been carved up by others, and the three elders in front of them have mastered most of the family property and wealth.

It is no exaggeration to say that although these three people are elders of the family, their voice is the most important.

Today, the three of them attended the Family Congress for the sole purpose of forcing Chu Xingyun to surrender his master’s golden seal and choose a new owner to take charge of the Chu family again.

“You wait here. I’ll come if I go.” Chu Xingyun spoke to Chu Tiger and Shuiliuxiang and gave them a reassuring look. Then, he stepped out and strode into Chu ancestral hall.

However, when he crossed the threshold of entry, Chu Ping-tian, sitting in the middle, suddenly opened his eyes, opened his mouth, and uttered a very cold voice: “Chu Xingyun, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you any more, and immediately handed over the gold seal of the patriach of the house.”

Chu Ping-tian’s words were so direct that the crowd was stunned.

They knew that the three elders wanted to impeach Chu Xingyun this time, but they did not expect that this scene would come so quickly.

Family Congress just started, Chu Ping-tian, Chu Xingyun to hand over the owner of the family Cherry

Moreover, his face was black and blue, and there was a cold flash in his eyes, full of threats.

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