Chapter 14: Ruin witch


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When I returned to my seat, Emilia said.

“Candidates should stand up.”

The students who raised their hands just got up at once.Five people with me in.I wasn’t particularly interested, but at a glance, I was a little worried about the girl in it.

It has twin tails with blonde blue eyes. Although he has a strong expression, he has a good profile and good face, similar to Misha. Above all, the wavelength of the magic power was exactly the same.

“Now we’ll start grouping. If you’re a candidate for the group leader, please introduce yourself. Then … from Sasha.”

The girl with the twin tails just smiles with a triumphant look.

“A member of the Necron family, one of the Seven Demon Elders, a direct line of Ivis Necron, the devastating witch Sasha Necron.

Sasha grabs the skirt and bows gracefully. Misha heard that vaguely, but her gaze was straight at her.

“What is Necron?”

“……Older sister……”

So that’s it. Is that my sister who doesn’t know if it’s good or bad? Sasha is pure black because she is black, but Misha is white.

That means-

“Is your mother different?”

When asked, Misha shook her head.

“… my parents are the same …”

“So Misha should be purebred?”

“White clothes may be for reasons other than bloodline.”


Misha shut for a moment and said,

“… the house’s decided …”

“A house person?”

“The Necron House”

HM.What is the point of treating one of the pure-blooded daughters as not being a royal family? In this era of treating the pedigree as oversized, it would be unnatural.That’s where you are worried.

“Anos, it’s your turn.”

While talking to Misha, the order seems to have been turned.Well, I’m going to hear you.

First of all, my introduction.I turned my face to the students and drew it out.

“It’s Anos Voldigord, the demon king of violence.I’m telling you that the name of the Demon King is a reddish fake.The real name is Anos Voldigord. Well, I don’t blame, because I know it at last.

The classroom calms down with the scene to introduce myself.As Liorg has said, claiming to be the founder is a fake and a disrespectful.If the name of the founder passed on is different, it is even more likely to be said.

Everyone is turning their eyes to me and talking about what the sneaking and non-conforming are like.

Emilia, who would have been in a position to blame, went through lightly and continued explaining, probably because of the previous incident.

“That’s the end of the self-introduction, so if you aren’t running as a group leader, move on to a leader who feels good.It doesn’t matter.There is no limit on the number of groups, so we can become a large group. ”

The students stand up with the words and start moving to the group leader who they are happy with.

“It is possible to change a team at any time.However, the team leader can choose whether or not to join a team member.If no team members are left, the team leader will be disqualified.”

Is it a mechanism to test your skills as a leader?

“Well, what do you do?”

“After all, it’s Sasha’s group.”

“Yeah. If you say a witch of ruin, it’s a promising stock even in a chaotic generation. It’s rumored that she must be the reincarnated founder.”

“Yes, I know well, but I’m the owner of ridiculous magic and magic.”

HM. Is that girl named Sasha one of the generations of chaos? Well, the ancestor is me, but it seems that it is quite magical to be rumored.Evidence suggests that the majority of students have moved to Sasha.

Misha next to her stands up. He glanced at Sasha for a moment, then looked at me with no expression.

“If you want to go to your sister, you can go.”

Missha shook her head.

“… I like the Anos group …”



“It helps”

Misha says as if she was a little shy.

“… I’m a friend …”


But is this one member of the team? With this, the team is established for the time being, but what happened? As long as you gather members, you can use magic to do it, but that’s not interesting.

If you think that it is, etc., the blonde girl will come over here, breaking through the crowd.


“Good morning. Was it Anos Voldigord?”


She glanced at Misha for a moment.

“You seem to have only one member yet, but how about putting such a bad doll into the group?”

HM.It’s a weird woman who suddenly attaches a connection to me.

“Is the Missing Doll a Misha?”

“Is there anything else?”

Sasha looks down on me as if he was laughing.

“Do you know? He’s not a demonic. But he’s not a human. As I said, a broken doll. He has no life, no soul, no will. It’s a junk doll. ”

A kind of magic doll? My parents said they were the same, but did they magically create their own blood?

Well, how to make magic dolls varies.Some magic dolls are actually made by demons.

If you do well, you are really alive.

“What about it?”

“… what happened …”

Demon Eyes “To think that a magic doll has no life or soul is to understand the concept of magic too shallow. Look more deeper and deeper.”

With an expression that surprised me for a moment, Sasha still laughed invincibly.

“When I was with such a cursed doll, I advised me that bad things would happen. You know?”

I laugh at my nose without thinking.

“Kukuku, Kuhahaha. What, is it a threat? Is this me?”

Then Sasha stares at me.

“Hey, you. Do you want to die?”

A magic circle floats on Sasha’s blue eyes.

The student who was watching here said that he was in a hurry.

“Hey, hey, he’s. If you look so much with Sasha …?”

“……What does it mean?”

“Don’t you know. Sasha’s evil eye is special. It’s said to be the . That’s why they are called.

So that’s it.Is it idiosyncratic? It’s called Misha, Sasha, and the Necron family seems to have magic properties that specialize in evil eye.

But it doesn’t work for me at all.

“… Such …”

“What happened? Did the glares get tired?”

I look down at Sasha. Magic power is drawn in the eyes, and a magic circle is drawn.

“Eyes … it’s a lie … you …”

“What? Did you think I couldn’t do what you could do? I’d like to point out one more thing.I haven’t used the Devil Eye.

He said good sen, but Sasha’s magic was still immature.I’ll tell you for later.

“I’ll show you this. This is the true” Evil Eye of Ruin. ”


Nothing in the classroom is broken.Sasha seemingly intact.What I destroyed with evil eye was her heart, which was a bit cheeky.

“I can’t believe it … he’s glanced up with Sasha-sama …

“… I, if I inadvertently looked at me while Sasha was showing the , I couldn’t wake up for a year alone …”

“What’s that? He’s in white clothes and he’s a non-conformer. He’s not just magical, he’s not even anti-magic …”

HM. The classroom is noisy.

“… Actually, it’s only here because there is a gag order, but I saw it at the entrance exam. Anos kills that Liorg-sama …”

“Well …!? That, I killed the Demon Emperor …?”

“Before that, Zepes was also killed lightly.”

“You killed me? Seriously? You killed me?”

“Oh, I’ve come alive since then.”

“Are you alive?”

“I killed it again.”

“I killed again …”

The deceased: “Zepes turned out to be a charcoal.

“That kind of thing”

“But I feel like I saw Liorg after the entrance examination …”

“In the end, they both came back to life …”

“I don’t know what it is …”

Well, how about this?

“How long have you fallen in love. Only the surface of your heart has broken down.

Lightly stroke Sasha’s head to wake him up. As I noticed, her eyes caught me.

“… what are you …?”

“Did you introduce yourself?”

Make me smile laughing. She looked at me with remorse.

“By the way, Sasha. You seem to have a fair amount of magic, can you join my team?”

It was an unexpected line, or her eyes widened and she uttered words.

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