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“How come you?”

Qin Yuyan’s voice is mixed with horror. The four people in front of her, she not only knows, but also can be said to be very familiar, it is Qinshan, Chuhu, scorpion and Guyan mountain.

In addition to the four of them, Qin Yuyan is also quite impressed by the people behind him. Some are from Chu Family, some are from City Lord Mansion, and even several people have held important positions in the Treasure House.

“Young Master!” Chu Hu walked to Chu Xingyun, his back was slightly curved, and his face was filled with joy.

Chu Xingyun patted him on the shoulder, said with a smile : “Body Tempering Eigth Level days, very good, it seems that you have not worked hard during this time, you should soon be able to step into the Spirit Gathering realm.”

Chu Hu scratched his head, and some were embarrassed: “Young Master, the cultivation technique that you taught me wide-ranging and profound, replaced by someone else, I am afraid that it is already Spirit Gathering, but the old saying goes: Qin can make up, I will definitely Work hard and never live up to the expectations of Young Master.”

“Good.” Chu Xingyun nodded, his eyes moved, and he looked at the poisonous three.

The scorpion scorpion immediately squats and said: “The scorpion venom, let the owner wait a long time!”

Gu Cyan Mountain and Qin Shan both bowed their heads at the same time, and Chu Xingyun was slightly stunned. Immediately, Qin Yuyan and Qin Tianyu looked to the rear. When they were shocked, they also bowed their heads and performed very respectfully.

“Chu Xingyun, this is the helper you said?” Qin Yuyan came over at this moment, his face is still a bit shocked.

More than 50 people in front of her eyes, she swept through, actually know half.

What surprised her even more is that the ten people behind Chu Hu are exuding a smoldering atmosphere. This breath is very weak, but Qin Yuyan feels very clear and can be sure. These ten people are all Pill Refining Master!

“Eight Pill Refining Master, two second-level Pill Refining Master, I have never seen these ten people. Where did you find them?” Qin Yuyan was curious to ask Chu Hu.

“This is a long story. If you want to trace it back, you should start with Black Water City.” Gu Cyan Mountain said, immediately, it was said that the cause of the whole thing passed.

I still remember that Chu Xingyun had written a note to Gu Cyan Mountain before leaving Black Water City, so he must transfer Chuhu.

In this note, Chu Xingyun clearly explained how to settle the Chu Family, and let Chuhu cooperate with the Treasure House and the City Lord Mansion to select aspiring people and come to the Imperial City together.

After knowing this incident, Qinshan and Gu Cyan Mountain decided to leave the West Wind City and follow the Chuhu.

“In the note, Young Master emphasizes that we have to do full power to recruit Pill Refining Master. Therefore, we spent a lot of time during this time, walked through the big cities and finally recruited the ten Pill Refining Masters. The only pity is that The Rank of these Pill Refining Masters is too low.”

Chu Hu said something embarrassed, but this words fell in the ears of Qin Tianyu and Qin Yuyan, but it was a bit harsh.

In just one month, I was able to recruit ten Pill Refining Masters. This speed is already extremely embarrassing. After all, the Big Family, the real Pill Refining Master, is only a thousand.

“Chu Xingyun, you let the Chuhus come to the Imperial City on the one hand, and solicit the Pill Refining Master, and on the other hand convince me and me to create Chamber of Commerce with you, this whole plan, you should not be in Black. When I was in Water City, I thought about it?” Qin Yuyan suddenly thought of this, the whole body of the hair was upside down, and the tail spine was a bit cold.

Chu Xingyun bitter with a smile: “I have such a big skill, all of this can only be said to happen more than that, you think too much.”

“Do you think I will believe your ghost?” Qin Yuyan rolled his eyes.

If this is the first time she deals with Chu Xingyun, I am afraid I will believe him, but the more Chu Xingyun said, the more she is sure of the idea of own.

Even Qin Yuyan was keenly aware that when Chu Xingyun was talking, there was no panic in the eyes, just like a well-known ancient well, so quiet that people were a little scared, as if the whole thing was in his grasp. .

She looked back at Qin Tianyu and found that Qin Tianyu’s eyes were full of surprises, but in addition to being surprised, more is appreciation and sigh. Such a delicate plan, even if it is the wisdom of his life, is difficult. think.

“Young Master, when I entered the city, I heard a lot of rumors about you, saying that you have offended a lot of Imperial Family, how is this in the end? Also, Miss Liu Xiang, why didn’t you see it? To her?” Chuhu said curiously, in the note, Chu Xingyun did not mention Shui LiuXiang, but chose to hide.

“These things are long-lived. Come in and talk about it.” Chu Xingyun lightly said, Chu Hu nodded. They had been separated for several months. What happened during the period was not something that could be said in a few words.

After all the people were settled, Chu Xingyun and Chu Hu talked in the hall, exchanged the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, and put forward their own views.

This conversation lasted until late at night, and everyone had no sleepy faces, but instead became more excited.

At the beginning of the Chamber of Commerce, the most lacking was the manpower.

Their appearance has completely solved this problem, not only filling the vacancy of Pill Refining Master, but also a lot of expert help, which has greatly facilitated the establishment of Chamber of Commerce.

And the scorpion and Guyan mountain, both of them have entered the Earth Spirit realm, in terms of combat power, there is great protection, not to be bullied by others in the imperial city.

Most importantly, the people they recruited are all trustworthy. There are no two-sided, no need to worry about the secret of Chamber of Commerce.

“Now we have all the preparations, as long as there is enough medicine pill, the entire Chamber of Commerce can be officially run, but this refines the medicine pill’s spirits, I am afraid it will take some time to prepare.” After leaving the West Wind City At that time, Chu Hu also carried a lot of spiritual materials with him, but to support the operation of a Chamber of Commerce, it is not enough.

“Don’t worry about this.”

Qin Yuyan responded: “At the time of tomorrow night, the Imperial City will hold a grand auction. Almost all the shops will participate. We can purchase spiritual materials at that time.”

“Well, I will sort out the list of spiritual materials tonight, and go shopping together tomorrow night.” Qin Shan said with confidence that he is in charge of managing the list and purchasing things for many years.

“I will go tomorrow night, you can see what you have to know.” Chu Xingyun also stood up and was very interested.

From the moment he got the skeleton sword, he thought about collecting precious stones, thoroughly exerting the effect of the mysterious stone, and promoting the skeleton sword to King Item.

This auction is a timely rain.

In addition to purchasing spiritual materials, you can find something to see if you can gain something.

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