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The people talked for a while and made a plan before they left.

“Qin Patriarch stayed, I have something to talk to you alone.” Chu Xingyun yelled Qin Tianyu, Qin Tianyu first squatted, then nodded slightly and stayed.

Not long after, everyone left, and only Chu Xingyun and Qin Tianyu were in the entire hall.

It was already late at night, and the bright moonlight fell down, and the ground was frosty, slightly revealing a slight coolness.

“I don’t know what Chu Young Master wants to talk to me?” Qin Tianyu took the lead in asking questions.

“Has Qin Patriarch heard of the radicals?” Chu Xingyun asked, sitting upright and looking very serious.

Qin Tianyu’s frowned seems to be thinking and responding: “The radical school is a Big School of the Imperial Dynasty. It is a method of overbearing, even the Imperial Family is not in the eye, I still know something about it.”

“That Qin Patriarch knows, 16 years ago, did the Major Dynasty have any major events?” Chu Xingyun asked again, the voice of the voice, shocked Qin Tianyu, the whole person stood up, his face became pale The voice trembled: “What do you ask this?”

Sure enough, there is an insider!

Chu Xingyun put Qin Tianyu’s expression in his eyes and said frankly: “It is not the opposite. Sixteen years ago, my family was robbed by thieves. Not only did the tribes die and wounded, even their parents were taken away. I passed. After repeated investigations, I found that people who are secretly involved have a great connection with Yunmengwufu.”

“Since this matter is related to Yunmengwufu, how can you doubt the radicals?” Qin Tianyu was full of doubts.

“At first, I thought the black hand behind the scenes was Yunmengwufu until I found this in the foggy forest.” Chu Xingyun took out a Square Seal and handed it to Qin Tianyu.

“Lei Family Print!” Qin Tianyu recognized this Square Seal from Lei Family and said: “Lei Family has already returned to the mountains. How can you get this family print?”

Chu Xingyun shook his head, said solemnly: “Lei Family is not in the mountains, their house is in the center of the foggy forest, but Lei Family has long since ceased to existence, as early as 16 years ago, they were completely destroyed It is.”

“Destroy… destroy the family?” Qin Tianyu stepped back a few steps, and his face rushed out of incredible color.

Chu Xingyun continued: “I heard the snow whispered. Sixteen years ago, a major event occurred in the Imperial Dynasty. This event not only changed the entire pattern of the flow of the Imperial Dynasty, but also allowed the radicals to rise. “”

“Same sixteen years ago, Yunmengwufu was at a remote West Wind City, secretly bought a water house, and pretended to be an enemy, slaughtered my Chu Family, and took my biological parents, both of these things, It happened so suddenly that I had to wonder if there was any connection.”

Speaking of this, Chu Xingyun stared at Qin Tianyu with a burning gaze, and said with great urgency: “Because of this incident, I will come to the Imperial City. If Qin Patriarch knows what is inside, I hope to tell him frankly.”

Qin Tianyu looked at the Lei Family print and was somewhat ecstatic. After a while, he finally sighed: “Actually, what happened sixteen years ago, I am not very clear. I only know that at that time, a group of uninvited guests came to the palace. ”

Chu Xingyun eyes condensed, held his breath, listened to Qin Tianyu.

“At that time, I was in the Luckily Palace. This entire group suddenly appeared. With the lightning speed, I easily slaughtered the Imperial Palace and imprisoned many Imperial Family executives. This incident shocked the Imperial City and the Five Great Arms. To this end, all the Experts were dispatched to the palace, ready to make a move to rescue, but the result was silent, no one knows what happened.”

“After three days, the group left the palace, and all the experts who entered the palace returned safely, but the difference was that from the moment of inheritance, many family forces joined the radicals, the radicals rose, and the imperial power was on the decline. The power structure in the Imperial City has also undergone earth-shaking changes.”

Qin Tianyu sighed in succession. It is precisely because of this incident that the Flowing Dragon Imperial Dynasty will become the current situation, the disputes will continue, the pressure will be suppressed, and there will be no harmony.

“In Northern Wasteland, the power of the Imperial Dynasty is not strong, but it is always an Imperial Dynasty. The other party only has the entire group, which makes the entire Imperial City fall, showing the strength of strength.”

“The beast fire is the leader in the artificial flame, the refining is extremely complicated, and it requires huge human and financial resources. The imperfect whole cloud of Imperial Dynasty, I am afraid no one is qualified to refine, is it possible that, this beast Is the fire left by the group?”

Chu Xingyun puts everything together. The more he thinks, the more mysterious he feels. He has never heard of this secret in the last life. Someone must have deliberately concealed it.

“Since this incident, I have never seen the pedestrian, and I have not heard any news. As for whether this matter has anything to do with your parents, I don’t know, but you must be careful, this matter is too much. Big, already involved in the interests of radicals, definitely not what you and I can afford.” Qin Tianyu now feels a little scared.

The entire group, too strong, between the fingers, you can easily kill the palace ban, even the Earth Spirit expo is difficult to live, most likely the Heavenly Spirit, and even the higher realm super powerhouse.

Such an existence, even if it is one person, is enough to make the Imperial Family turn upside down, even more how, the other party is still the entire group, which must represent what a huge force.

“I will be measured, Qin Patriarch does not have to worry.” Chu Xingyun gave Qin Tianyu a serious look, and immediately his eyes were deep, beginning to digest what Qin Tianyu had just said.

Upon seeing it, Qin Tianyu couldn’t bother to interrupt, and sighed and left, only Chu Xingyun was sitting quietly on the main seat, as if in an endless thought.

The next morning, blazing sun was just exploring Chuyun, and the courtyard became lively.

Under the arrangement of the Chuhu, everyone went to the various regions of the Imperial City.

I have to say that Chu Hu is still very innate talent in management. More than 50 people are arranged reasonably, which greatly improves the efficiency. Even Qin Tianyu is full of praise.

As for Qin Yuyan and Qinshan, the two have previously managed the Treasure House. They are experienced in teaching pill recipe and guiding the How Pill Refining Master to refine the medicine pill.

The two parties, one of the main and the other, are all arranged in an orderly manner, and everything proceeds as expected.

From dusk to dusk, this fiery color gradually disappeared.

Chu Xingyun stopped cultivate, walked out of Room, Chuhu and others also let go of the matter at hand, the entire group left the Lingxiaowufu, move towards the trade zone where the auction was located.

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