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Every once in a while, the Imperial City will hold a grand auction.

This auction does not belong to any force, but is jointly organized by all Chamber of Commerce. One is to be fair, and the other is to better cooperate with Chamber of Commerce to achieve a win-win situation.

The auction was established in the center of the trading area. It is a huge lofty palace. Even if it is separated by hundreds of meters, you can feel the grandeur of this palace.

However, the auction has not been beginning, and all the palace gates are still closed.

Chu Xingyun and others walked into the trading area. It was already crowded with people. Many Martial Artists came in and out of the shops on both sides. The atmosphere was warm and the sound of bargaining was endless.

“It’s so lively!” Chu Hu looked at some of his eyes straight. He had never seen such a scene. Even the poisonous and Guyan mountain was the same, and his eyes were huge, and he sighed the vast territory of the imperial city. Abundant resources.

In addition to shops, there are also many Martial Artists who sell and sell. They don’t have shops. Straightforward puts a piece of animal skin on the ground and sits on the ground. The things sold are also uneven, which is difficult to distinguish.

“According to the original plan, I first went to purchase spiritual materials.” After Qin Shandao said a sentence, he went with the Qin Yuyan move towards a shop selling mainly spiritual materials.

When I saw it, everyone else spread out and looked at it with interest.

“Chu big brother, there are a lot of people gathered there, let’s go and see.” Luo Yan pointed to the front door of a shop, where a lot of people gathered, from time to time also issued a few exclamations, do not know what to sell.

Chu Xingyun also had some curiosity, and his footsteps just stepped out, his eyes twitching.

Inside the shop, stood a short white whiskers old man, smiling and telling everyone about the owner.

In front of the old man, is a multicolored stone platform with an adult fist-sized lotus flower, which is emitting a gorgeous multicolored light, causing many people to marvel.

Chu Xingyun didn’t care about the colorful lotus flower, but looked at the two figures behind the white whiskers old man.

It was a man and a woman. The man was dressed in a luxurious robes, and his face was handsome. The woman’s clothes were Nichang, and the body was full of charm. The two men walked side by side and looked very good.

These two people are awesomely Luo Sheng and Shui Qianyue.

“Colorful snow lotus?” Scorpion virus saw the instructions next to the stone platform, and was shocked: “This spiritual material ranks five levels, extremely precious, why not take it to the auction, but instead sell it here?”

Luo Yan Zhang with a small mouth, a look of eagerness, said: “The beautiful lotus flower, actually will emit colorful ray of light, no wonder it will attract so many people onlookers.”

Chu Xingyun couldn’t help but say with a smile: “The colorful snow lotus is beautiful, but it is the most attractive, but it still contains a huge purity. If Martial Artist completely refining this vitality, it can not only tempering body, but also spirit. The sea will also have a great nourishment, and it can be said to be a precious and precious material.”

“Wait!” Chu Xingyun squatted and whispered: “Luo Hao has just stepped into Spirit Gathering, just need a huge vitality, moreover because of the nine-star water lily Martial Spirit, Luo Yi can fully absorb the colorful snow lotus The vitality, no leakage.”

Thinking of this, Chu Xingyun thought about it and immediately took everyone away.

At this time, the shop was already crowded with the onlookers of Martial Artist. They all came to the colorful snow lotus, and each and everyone opened their eyes, and there was no light of greed.

“The preciousness of this colorful snow lotus is very clear in our hearts, but the price of 5,000 spirit stones is too expensive. Can it be cheaper?” A burly Martial Artist whispers, his eyes are staring at the colorful snow lotus. .

“Is it cheaper?” white whiskers old man is annoyed: “Even if it is an ordinary five-level spiritual material, the price is also around 3,000 spirit stones, and the colorful snow lotus is the best quality in the five-level spiritual material. The value is equivalent to The Martial Study, five thousand spirit stone, is already the lowest price, except for our Chamber of Commerce, there is no other!”

Luo Sheng came out and fainted with a smile: “Today, it is the big day of the opening of the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui, so I will take this colorful snow lotus out and sell it at such a low price. If everyone thinks it is not If you are suitable, you can come to the store and see if there are other things to look for.”

The words fall at each other in blank dismay, and they all understand this truth.

The colorful snow lotus is extremely precious. It is said that it is 5,000 spirit stones. It is not excessive to calculate the price of 10,000 stones.

In order to attract popularity, the Chamber of Commerce deliberately lowered the price so much. It is already a very conscience. Many Martial Artists are blushing, and their hearts are very entangled. They want to grasp this great opportunity.

Not long after, a white-haired old man came out of the crowd, and it seemed that he was determined to say: “This colorful snow lotus, I want it!”

Luo Sheng smiled and frowned, saying: “No problem, handing over the money and delivering it.”

The white hair old man nodded and took out a Storage Ring, and was preparing to complete the transaction with Luo Sheng.

“A so precious colorful snow lotus, only selling 5,000 spirit stones, is indeed a conscience low price, but this colorful snow lotus is withered, not only vitality begins to decline, but also releases severe toxicity, if it is taken, I am afraid Within three days, he will be poisoned to death.”

The sound of the harsh sound, let everyone stop the action, look around, it is to see Chu Xingyun entire group came over, cheeks with a smile, laughter is very mocking.

Black clothed old man When he heard Chu Xingyun’s words, he immediately took the storage back and slammed his eyes. “What? This colorful snow lotus has withered, and it contains intense toxicity?”

“The nonsense, my Chamber of Commerce will deceive others!”

Luo Sheng flashed a panic in his eyes, and his face immediately showed anger. He pointed to Chu Xingyun and said: “You, this person has some personal grievances with me. What he just said is just an alarmist. For that, it is to smash me. The reputation of Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui, I hope everyone will be deceived!”

“Yes, this child is extremely insidious, specializing in harming others. The people around him are not good. Please also polish your eyes, don’t listen to rumors, come and blast them out!” Shui Qianyue is also shouted, With a wave of hands, immediately a dozen Martial Artists rushed out and surrounded Chu Xingyun.

Time, everyone’s eyes fell on Chu Xingyun’s body, but see Chu Xingyun sneered, hands clasped around the chest, looking at the colorful snow lotus with a very disdainful look, indifferently said: “Left one smashed, right one Rumors, it’s better than singing. You have the ability to take the colorful snow lotus from the stone platform and let us look at it in all directions.”

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