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Luo Sheng’s face was a little white, and his palms were oozing from cold sweat. The same was true of Shui Qianyue beside him. Some of them were standing in the same place, completely without the arrogance.

“What? Don’t you dare?”

Chu Xingyun brings the expressions of the two people to the bottom of the eye, said with a sneer: “This stone platform presents a multicolored color, which can emit micro-glow awns, covering the withering of the colorful snow lotus. Once the colorful snow lotus leaves the stone platform, everyone I will find that this colorful snow lotus is withered, which is why you are willing to give such a low price.”

“A nonsense, if you continue to talk nonsense, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Luo Sheng was anxious and angry, and his body angered, and Chu Xingyun was rushed out.

Around the Martial Artist saw this scene, and my heart suddenly came to the bottom.

“It’s no wonder that the sale of colorful snow lotus is so cheap. It turns out that there is still a lot of tricks in the market. What is the opening of the business, and what is the loss of the sale, all are deceptive, fortunately some people have proved it.”

“It’s just like this when you first opened the business. This Chamber of Commerce is really not a thing!”

The crowds screamed and made Luo Sheng and Shui Qianyue’s face extremely ugly, but they did not dare to have any action. The trading area was strictly prohibitive, and no one was allowed to defy.

Even more how, this thing is that they are at a loss, if things are too big, this Chamber of Commerce will not have to go on.

“You are here!” At this moment, Luo Sheng stood up and quickly compensated with a smile: “This is actually a misunderstanding. Before that, I did not know that the colorful snow lotus had withered. If I knew it, I would not have been deceived like this. everyone.”

“is it?”

Chu Xingyun frowned, blame said with a smile: “So, then, did I not do a good thing, saved both people and maintained the reputation of your Chamber of Commerce?”

“Count… is it.” Luo Sheng face twitching, Chu Xingyun Just now, the name of the maintenance of the name, but the Luozhou Chamber of Commerce pushed to the cusp.

“Since I helped you Chamber of Commerce, how can you thank me?” Chu Xingyun chuckled.

Luo Sheng’s heart sank and thought that he was wrong.

Chu Xingyun In the face of so many people, let him lose his face, and now he still asks for compensation.


He felt that he was going crazy, and there was a feeling of being played by Chu Xingyun in the palm of his hand.

Seeing Luo Sheng’s silence, Chu Xingyun rolled his eyes and was weak. “The Chamber of Commerce is not even so good. It’s really disappointing. It’s estimated that what is sold is not a good thing. Let’s go. Go elsewhere.”

Chu Xingyun deliberately raised the tone so that the surrounding Martial Artists could clearly hear them. They had some distrust of the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui. When they said this, they immediately walked away.

The black clothed old man walked up to Chu Xingyun and thanked him for saying: “It’s really thanks to the Young Master. If it’s not for you, I’m afraid that my life will not be guaranteed.”

“Nothing more, next time you have to polish your eyes, don’t be deceived by this treacherous villain.” Chu Xingyun spoke sarcasm and looked at Luo Sheng and Shui Qianyue.

The two men suddenly felt a anger and went straight to the chest. If it were not for the ban, they would definitely have a full power make a move and take Chu Xingyun on the spot.

After Chu Xingyun did it, the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui will not be able to come to the show!

“Close the door today, wait for me to talk to me and see how to save my reputation.” Luo Sheng could not help but sigh, he saw the colorful snow lotus in front of him feel upset, if it is not this thing, he will not fall like this situation.

“big brother, are you still selling this snow lotus?”

At this moment, a pretty voice came into Luo Sheng’s ear.

He turned his head and found that the person who spoke was a young girl, wearing a green dress, eyes resplendent like a jewel, fluttering, seemingly innocent.

“You know that this colorful snow lotus has withered, it contains intense toxicity, but also to find me to buy, is not to find us happy?” Shui Qianyue screaming, it is also very upset.

This Luoshui event was founded by the Luo Family and the Water House, and it took a lot of thoughts from the water house.

But now, just one day after the door was opened, it was met with so many people, and even the reputation was stifled. The loss inside, she thought it was a distress.

Luo Yan pouted and shook his head. “The big elder sister, you misunderstood me. I just thought that this lotus flower is very beautiful. I want to buy it more than nothing. It is not for eating.”

On the one hand, Luo Wei, according to Chu Xingyun’s swearing, played a look of grievances, sparkling sparkling and crystal-clear light in the big eyes, and some of them turned around.

“You will wait.” Luo Sheng yelled at Luo Wei and said: “If you want, then I will sell it to you, make a 40% discount, three thousand spirit stone, you can buy it.”

“Three thousand spirit stone?” Luo Yan was shocked and said, “Can you be cheaper, I only have fifty spirit stones.”

“Fifty spirit stones want to buy colorful snow lotus?” Luo Sheng screamed, 嗤said with a smile: “You still go, this price, even the beggar is not enough.”

“Before the big brother didn’t say that this colorful snow lotus has withered, not only has no use, but also contains severe toxicity. If you put it like this, it will be useless sooner or later.” Luo Wei seems to be a little angry, slamming his feet and snoring again and again. .

Luo Sheng and Shui Qianyue look at each other, and some of them are not a taste.

Indeed, this colorful snow lotus is withered, even if it is brought back, it has no effect. The scam was just revealed by Chu Xingyun, and then deceived others, Luo Family and the Shuijia can not stand in the Imperial City.

“Well, fifty spiral stones are sold.” Luo Shengchang sighed then said, handing the colorful snow lotus to Luo Wei, can earn a little bit, even at least not without gain.

Luo Yan quickly paid fifty spiral stones, holding colorful snow lotus, and soon disappeared into the crowd.

At this time, Chu Xingyun stood outside a shop and saw Luo Yan holding a colorful snow lotus. Every and everyone showed a sigh of color. How good a simple Girl was taught by Chu Xingyun.

Chu Hu looked at the colorful snow lotus and wondered: “Young Master, you just said that this colorful snow blue is withered, not only has no effect, but also contains severe toxicity. If so, why do you have to pay for it? They bought it in their hands?”

Everyone is echoing, they don’t know why Chu Xingyun is doing this, and even think that these fifty spirit stones are wasted, and there is absolutely no need for it.

Chu Xingyun took the colorful snow lotus from Luo Lan, and said with a smile: “This colorful snow lotus has indeed withered, no different from garbage, but if I have a way to restore it, you think, these fifty Spirit stone is not worth it?”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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