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When I heard Chu Xingyun’s words, everyone was subconsciously stunned, thinking that he was joking.

Let the withered colorful snow lotus regain its vitality, even if it is so casual, it feels extremely ridiculous. Under the circumstances, how can there be such a means of heaven defying.

However, everyone has not said anything, and the scene in front of them makes them all dumbstruck.

I saw Chu Xingyun put the colorful snow lotus into the storage ring and paused for a few seconds. Immediately, the palms stretched out and the colorful snow lotus was taken out again.

But at the moment, the colorful snow lotus has changed.

The wilting color of the original lotus heart has disappeared without a trace. Instead, it is a vitality, just like the bloom, bright and moving, resplendent.

“How is this possible!” Gu Cyan Mountain stood in a dull face, his eyes were completely convex. He looked back and looked at the poisonous eyes. He found that the poison was also like him, completely shocked by this scene.

Upon seeing it, Chu Xingyun laughed and said nothing.

Let the withered spirits re-emerge in the birthplace. This way, even the last generation of Chu Xingyun can’t do it, but now he has the life source blood essence of True Fire Phoenix, and the vitality is endless.

Soaking the colorful snow lotus in the Blood Pond, you can rejuvenate it in the blink of an eye, without any effort.

Chu Xingyun handed the colorful snow lotus to the front of Luo Yu and seriously said: “The colorful snow lotus is a five-level spiritual material, containing a huge life Essence. In the process of swallowing, it is necessary to run the “Qing Lian Wu Dian” in full power. All life Essence can be included in the body without waste.”

Luo Wei stared wide-eyed, shocked: “Chu big brother, such a precious spiritual material, you really want to give it to me?”

In front of this colorful snow lotus has been restored to life, is a genuine five-level peak spiritual material, the value of precious, up to 10,000 spiral stone, equivalent to a holy cultivation technique.

Chu Xingyun gave it to Luo Wei, which made everyone a bit stunned.

“Fifty spirit stone nothing more, this is precious?” Chu Xingyun jokingly said, put the colorful snow lotus into the hands of Luo Wei, so seriously: “Go back and swallow it directly, you must swallow it once!”

阎 摸 摸 澜 澜 澜 澜 澜 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 摸 sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai “”

“It’s right, the rare item like the colorful snow lotus, even the powerhouse of Heavenly Spirit, will be extremely eager.” Gu Cyan mountain said, but his eyes are staring at the colorful snow lotus.

Chu Xingyun couldn’t hear the meaning of these two people. He turned his eyes and looked at the trick and took out a piece of paper and a jade bottle. He threw it into the palm of the hand and the cyan mountain.

“Gu City Lord, you first entered the Earth Spirit, realm is still not stable, this paper says my understanding of the cloud evil energy, you should be helpful, you should be helpful.”

Chu Xingyun has a casual tone, and immediately looks at the poison, and then says: “As for this jade bottle, it is the poisonous heart that stores the cold and ancient poison. As for how to use it, I don’t need to teach it again?”

“No need to use, the old slave knows how to do it.” Hearing, he almost couldn’t hold the jade bottle.

As a poisonous Expert, scorpion venom is no stranger to the cold and ancient poison. The toxicity of this poison is fierce, more than hundreds of times bloody, colorless and invisible, it is extremely rare odd poison.

If you completely refining the cold and ancient poison, you can not only improve your strength, but also complete the cultivate of Swallowing Drugs!

“Master, is this something a bit too expensive?” Some of the cockroaches are flattered, and Cyan Mountain thinks that the true value of these two things may have surpassed the cultivation technique.

Chu Xingyun shrugged and didn’t know: “Chamber of Commerce is in its infancy, the top fighting power is essential, the faster your strength is improved, the greater the help for the whole situation, waiting for you to put these two After the matter is completely digested, I will help you pick two cultivation techniques, the Earth Spirit realm, but the cultivate cultivation technique. It is a bit shameful.”

The poisonous and Gu Cyan mountain’s face twitched, cultivate the cultivation technique, and also shame?

However, the two immediately returned to God and thanked Chu Xingyun for their gratitude. The eyes were full of gratitude. At the same time, they also vowed in the heart to cultivate in return.

Bang bang bang !

At this time, there was a loud noise in the trading area. Everyone followed the sound, but saw that the gate of the central palace suddenly opened, and a ray of light burst into the sky, and most of the night sky was shining.

“You can enter the market!” The crowds are all looking at the hot auction, waiting for such a long auction, and finally beginning.

“Let’s go,” Chu Xingyun said. Immediately, the entire group followed the crowd, and the direction of the move towards the auction was over, and the scene was particularly lively.

The palace where the auction is located is extremely large and can accommodate nearly 10,000 people. In the two layers upstairs, each and everyone VIP rooms are set up, which are specially used by people with status.

After Chu Xingyun showed his own Command Token, it was easy to get a VIP room, wearing an exposed maid who was leading the way, bypassing each and everyone pavilions, and explaining the size rules of the auction.

Qin Yuyan looked at the eyeballs and was already full of seats. He was surprised: “The auction in normally, although lively, there are not so many people present, this auction will have rare things.”

She looked at it and found that the Big Clans in the Imperial City were all in place, and even some people from the Wufu House were affirmed with the idea of own.

“This World is really small, you can see you everywhere.” At this moment, Chu Xingyun suddenly sneered.

I saw them in front of them, standing in a row, headed by two people, it is Luo Sheng and Shui Qianyue.

The two naturally saw Chu Xingyun and his face immediately came down.

When I first entered the market, many Martial Artists recognized them, and they were mocking and depraved, letting them lose their faces. Now, when they mention the Chamber of Commerce, they will be screaming.

“As a Luo Family Young Master, I am a distinguished person. I often attend this kind of big-selling auction. It is you, obviously from a remote town, without penniless, actually dare to participate in the auction, I really admire your shame.” Luo Sheng raised his head high and pointed his nose to Chu Xingyun.

He glanced at him. When he saw Luo Xie around Chu Xingyun, the body trembled and screamed. “You, you are not the little girl who bought the colorful snow lotus, how can it be with Chu Xingyun?”

“Buy colorful snow lotus?” Chu Xingyun deliberately pretended to be surprised.

Luo Yan hurriedly shook his head, the big eyes of the water spirit flashed innocent color, no way: “Chu big brother, I have not bought any colorful snow lotus, must be this uncle dim-sighted from old age, treat me as someone else It is.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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