Chapter 15: Magic of


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“… What, what are you talking about, you … I don’t understand the meaning …”

It’s a boring answer if you finally open your mouth.

“I’m inviting you to join my team. You don’t know what it is?”

“Not that. I’m the group leader.”

“I should stop it”


Sasha opens her mouth and looks at me as if she was stunned.

“Don’t be stupid. I have no reason to leave the group leader.”

“If you join my group, you can get along with Misha.”

Sasha glanced wondering if the word was disturbing.

“I never thought that doll was my sister.”

In short, Sasha returned to her seat.


Misha muttered at the next seat.

“You don’t have to apologize, he’s the one who has connected me.”

Missha shook her head.

“… Sasha is a good boy …”

Do they protect her sister or do she really think so? It is hard to judge from Misha’s expressionlessness.

“… So my fault …”

HM.Misha seems to be hateful about her sister, even though she is said to be a junk doll.

“Now, let’s restate. I’m fine and good at suddenly trying to glare and kill me with the” Evil Eye of Doom. ”

Misha stared at me.


But don’t worry.

“What is a doll?”


Misha shuts her mouth and does not answer.

“… I have to say …?”

I don’t want to say that? Well, whether Misha is a magic doll or not is a friend to me.

“It’s okay. I just asked.”

Misha smiled as though she was relieved.


I heard a clapping hand as if to repartition.

“Yes, then it looks like the group has been decided, so let’s move on. Let’s all return to our seats.”

The students return to their seats with Emilia’s voice.

The Demon King’s Army: For the time being, lessons will be focused on the magic of <>. As with all magic, <> will be especially useful in combat.So please study hard with that in mind. ”

Demon King Army So, Emilia starts explaining <> and the team-based opposition test using it.

The Demon King Army <> is a force magic that raises the overall combat ability when leading a group.It’s a little strange magic, but the caster and his subordinates are given seven classes.

Devil .. .. .. ..

Each of these seven has a class property that is imparted by magic.For example, creative magic for building castles and dungeons, and anti-magic for building barriers and magic barriers, benefit from magical enhancements.On the other hand, weapon spells and attack spells are forced to have a weakening effect.

Demon King’s Army As long as this class characteristic is maintained, the magic of <> is that the overall magical power of the group is improved.

The the demon caster will always be, and will constantly apply magic effects to his subordinates.It can also supply magical power.If the Demon King dies or his magical power is exhausted, the magic of <> cannot be maintained naturally, and the magic effect disappears.

Demon King Army “Then, determine whether the person who first ran for the team leader can exercise <> magically.”

If you couldn’t use the magic, it would mean that the group who chose the leader had no sight.

The Demon King’s army exercised the magic of <> in turn, but none of the five team leaders who failed to run failed.To be honest, there were only so many things that could not be used in actual battles, but only Sasha exercised magic steadily. Maybe it’s just called the generation of chaos.

Demon King Army “Yes, it’s fine. Let’s give a detailed explanation of <>.

Emilia resumes classes. But since this is a magic I developed, all I know is.

Moreover, it’s a mess to explain what’s wrong sometimes.However, there is no end to pointing out.Let’s keep it through.

I gradually became sleepy in the boring class, and when I noticed, I slept a little bit.

The class end bell rings in vague consciousness.


A stinging voice strokes his ear. It belongs to Sasha.

“Can you tell me that?”

Is that me?

“… Wake up …?”

“It’s okay”

I thought I was going to cut out the matter soon, but for some reason I was silent.

“Hey. What is it for you?”

One beat later, Misha says.


“That’s fun?”


“Oh, huh.

Sasha’s words were painful, but it seemed to be somehow happy.

He said he didn’t know if he was good or bad. Sometimes Misha doesn’t hate Sasha. Is there any reason for saying that junk doll?

Well, even my sisters will fight.

“So what’s the matter?”


Astonished, Sasha stepped back.

“Isn’t it going to happen suddenly? I’m surprised”

“I don’t know if he’s awakened by the flow of magic, he’s a sad man.”

Sasha gazes at her.

“So what happened?”

Sasha floats in her eyes.From my point of view, my eyes will naturally come out as my emotions change and intense.

That is, control is not performed.However, in spite of the lack of control, it is a beautiful .That beauty is a sign of talent.

“Let’s fight”

It was an unexpected proposal.Anyway, two thousand years ago, few demons or humans had the courage to speak out such words to me.

“With me? What kind of game?”

I cried and I laughed out loud.I didn’t feel like losing at all.

The Demon King Army: “Emilia-sensei was saying. One week later, we’re going to have a group-based opposition test in <>. What about losing people listening to anything they say?”

So that’s it.

“It looks interesting.”

“If you win, you can leave the team leader and join your team.”

“What if you won?”

Smiling, Sasha said.

“I’ll get you”

“Would you like to join Sasha?”

“No. Cut off with the dolls there and become mine.I will never obey what I say, I will not allow any trivial answers.”

With a proud expression, Sasha looked down on her sister.

“Remember, Misha. All yours are mine. No friends, no one for you. Such an interesting toy, a waste for you.”

Good grief.I don’t know if it’s an address for my sister, but treating me as a toy is a bit of a look up.

“Well, that’s fine.”

“Oh? I accept it quite easily. Is it okay?”

“I will win anyway”

Sasha gazes at me, as if I was surprised.

“I was just off guard. A week later, wash your neck and wait.”

Sasha turned away, flipping the skirt and hem.

“If we are in the same group, we may be able to make friends.

To Misha, she surprised her eyes.

“… So I invited Sasha …?”

“It may have been extra care,”

Then Misha shook her head and then smiled thinly.

“……Thank you……”

Misha thought she wanted to get along with Sasha, but was she a hit? Sasha wasn’t going to be straightforward, but how about it?

“Don’t worry.

Missha nodded.

“……Work hard……”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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