Chapter 15 Two Questions


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Everyone in the whole ancestral temple has fallen into complete silence.

Everyone took a deep breath and looked at Chu Xingyun.

“Hand over the owner’s gold seal?” Chu Xingyun broke the silence and showed a sunny smile on his face. Suddenly, he withstood the pressures of all the residents and came to Chu Pingtian.

“Since my father became the patriach of the Chu family, he has devoted himself to the whole Chu family. It is under his leadership that the Chu family can flourish and develop, and even become one of the top families in Xifeng City!”

“Although he has been missing for more than ten years, there has been no news of death. If one day, he returns safely and finds that someone takes the gold seal of the patriarch and occupies the position of the patriach while he is away, how cold will it be!”

“What’s more, the Chu family rules, the owner of gold seals, handed down from generation to generation, even if my father is not qualified to own the owner of gold seals, should also pass on to my hands, elder, why do you want me to hand over the owner of gold seals?”

Chu Xingyun’s voice is deep, word by word, all clear and incomparable to everyone’s ears.

Seeing this scene, Chu Ping-tian seemed to have anticipated it. The irony on his face became more and more intense.

Seeing his eyebrows slightly picked, he scorned the way: “Chu Xingyun, what you just said is true, under your father’s leadership, our Chu family has become one of the top families in Xifeng City, but also because of your father’s sake, let our Chu family fall here!”

“When the clan assassination occurred, in order to pursue the murderers, your father left for sixteen years. For sixteen years, Chu family has been without a patriarch, which has led to its decline and were even thrown out of West Wind City. Your father was a sinner and as the son of a sinner what rights do you have to become the patriarch?”

On hearing Chu Pingtian’s words, Chu Xingyun’s face became extremely ugly, and his eyes were even more gloomy.

The word “father” is so important to Chu Xingyun.

Even in his last life,when he became a powerful emperor. Chu Xingyun was full of feelings and agony for his father.

At present, Chu Pingtian, in order to force Chu Xingyun to surrender his master’s golden seal, has not only erased all that Chu Xingyun’s father has done, but also put all the responsibility on him, saying that he is a sinner, dragging the whole Chu family.

Such behaviour is shameless!

For Chu Xingyun’s cold eyes, Chu Pingtian simply disdained them and ignored them directly.

He marched forward towards the crowd, arms wide with a surge of spirit and vigour.

The face of the crowd changed abruptly, and at the same time they felt a strong pressure coming down on them, making it extremely difficult for all of them to breathe.

Chu Ping-tian looked around the audience and said proudly, “The position of the patriarch of the family has been empty for sixteen years. If it goes on like this, our Chu family will surely perish. Today, Chu Ping-tian boldly volunteered to become a new patriarch of the Chu family. As long as I have one day, I will surely devote myself to striving for the training resources for the Chu family and get rid of the predicament!”

After that, many people changed their faces.

Chu Pingtian not only wanted Chu Xingyun to surrender his golden seal, but also wanted to become a new patriach of the Chu family and take charge of the Chu family. Everything had been planned.

The whole audience fell into silence. At this time, the two elders and three elders behind Chu Ping Tian almost stood up at the same time and said loudly, “For the development of the Chu family, I agree that the elders will become the new patriarch of the Chu family.”

Seeing the attitudes of the two elders, the whole audience immediately boiled.

“Yes, our Chu family has declined for sixteen years. If we want to develop our development and resources, it’s time to choose a new patriach.”

“The elder’s strength is strong, under his leadership, our Chu family will certainly be able to flourish, earn a lot of wealth, and end this hard life.”

“Support the elder, no one is more qualified to be the patriarch.”

Many people are crying out loudly. Over the past 16 years, the Chu family has suffered too much. Now when Chu Pingtian comes out, they all see the hope of rising and want him to lead the Chu family out of the predicament.

Hearing these voices, Chu Ping-tian was very proud. He said to Chu Xingyun, “You have just heard the voices of all the people. It’s the best choice to let me inherit the position of the patriarch of the family. Hand in the gold stamp of the patriach of the family.”

“Collusion to seize the position of patriach, the elder indeed uses good means.” Chu Xingyun stared at Chu Ping-tian with a sudden sneer and said, “Since the elder wants to be the new patriach of the Chu family, can I ask two questions?”

“Oh, sure ask.” Chu Pingtian said casually with eyes that were full of irony and disdain.

With the support of all, he can totally ignore Chu Xingyun.

However, since Chu Xingyun took the initiative to ask questions, he would not refuse, because he wanted to convince Chu Xingyun to take it orally and submit the patriach’s gold seal without rebelling to enjoy the strong sense of refreshment.

“The first question.” Chu Xingyun opens his mouth directly and says, “The Chu family is in declining. If the elder becomes the owner of the Chu family, will he strive for opportunities for the Chu family and earn a lot of wealth?”

“That’s natural. For a family, the most important thing is huge wealth. Having wealth means having the resources of cultivation and development prospects. If I become the owner of the Chu family, even if I die, I will take it as the first priority!”

Chu Ping-tian spoke vigorously, full of blood, and even infected many Chu family members.

Of course, that’s true, but in Chu Pingtian’s mind, these words are just empty words, for the sake of winning the applause of the clan, that’s all.

Chu Xingyun smiled and asked, “Then the second question is, if the elder becomes the owner of the Chu family, how much wealth can he earn for the Chu family within a year, is there any plan?”

“The plan can not be said, our town of Chu is backed by mountains, rich resources, as long as I become the patriarch of the Chu family, I will make good use of this resource, within a year, enough to earn 120,000 silver, no problem.” Chu Ping-tian waved a big hand, so that the voice of those Chu family members increased a few points.

You know, the total income of the Chu family in one year is only 32,000 silver, which can be said to be extremely depressed.

Chu Ping-tian said that after he became the patriach the Chu family, he could make 120,000 silver a year. It was amazing that he chose Chu Ping-tian as the new patriach was indeed the right choice.

“One hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year!” Chu Xingyun frowned and murmured in a low voice, “It turned out that the elder had already planned something. In that case, I will…”

Chu Xingyun’s words had not been finished, Chu Ping Tian’s face was full of ecstasy.

He has been coveting the position of the Chu family patriarch for many years. This was the day he was waiting for. Soon he will be able to get the gold seal of the patriarch and become the new patriarch of the Chu family!

The two elders who stood behind Chuping looked at each other and became excited with each other.

However, when they were overjoyed, Chu Xingyun’s two eyebrows stretched out, his mouth raised a faint arc, and he laughed: “Then I can’t hand over the gold seal of the owner of the family, but I think that compared with the elder, I more suitable to be the new owner of the Chu family!”

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