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When everyone heard this sentence, they all broke out have a little laughter, even Chu Xingyun was laughing out, this Luo Wei was too black-belly, and actually called Luo Sheng as an uncle.

Luo Sheng was so angry that his face was green, angry shouted: “Chu Xingyun, you are a big dog, first colluding with others to capture my colorful snow lotus, now I am embarrassed in public, you really think that our Luo Family does not dare to move you ?”

Now Luo Sheng finally understands why Chu Xingyun wants to expose their scams in public. It turns out that this is simply a game in the middle of the game. The purpose is to buy the colorful snow lotus at the lowest price!

“This uncle, I really don’t know you, I have never bought anything with you. Why do you want to filthy us? Could you be that you are a Luo Family Young Master, can you just smudge people?” Between the mouth, the words, the sparkling and crystal-clear in the eyes, it seems that I was grievanced by Tianda and will cry at any time.

“A little girl, obviously said that I don’t know you, you have to filthy her, it is too much.”

“It’s no wonder that the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui wants to sell fake goods, and the upper beam is not right!”

“It’s a shame to be so cute and kind little girl. It’s a shame. If you ask me to go to the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui, I will never step into Half-step.”

For a while, the surrounding Martial Artist pointed his finger at Luo Sheng, screaming and scorning, making Luo Sheng angry and panic, completely unaware of what to say.

“Many thanks for your support. Since the truth of this matter is well known, I don’t have to continue to explain it. I can only say that justice is in the hearts of the people.” Chu Xingyun gave a slight fist to everyone, and immediately, the entire group stepped into the crowd. Inside the VIP room.

At the end of the portal, Qin Yuyan and others finally couldn’t help it, and laughed loudly.

Qin Yuyan smiled and had a stomachache. He gave a thumbs up to Chu Xingyun and sighed: “I finally understand why Su Changxing will be mad at you and vomiting blood, but fortunately Luo Sheng is smart and does not continue to speak, otherwise I am afraid he will be carried out today.”

“It’s all from beginning to end. Loh is talking. It doesn’t matter much to me. However, Rosie said that it is true. This Luo Sheng is indeed old.” Chu Xingyun said quite earnestly, the bone barely fell. There is another have a little laughter in the VIP room.

Outside the VIP room, Luo Sheng’s face is like a water.

Although he couldn’t hear the laughter in the VIP room, he could imagine Chu Xingyun’s smirk expression, and his body trembled and sighed.

“Shenger.” At this time, a sound of majesty sounded.

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man wearing a purple gold long gown. His eyes were sharp and seemed to be able to see through everything. His name was Luo Chuanfeng, but it was the contemporary Luo Family Patriarch.

Next to Luo Chuanfeng, followed by a blue clothed middle-aged man with a smile on his face, this person is not Shui Chongxian, who is it?

“I just heard a lot of Martial Artists saying that we are selling fake goods in Chamber of Commerce. We have to join hands to boycott. What is this in the end?” Luo Chuanfeng’s voice is low. Today is the opening day of the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui. It should have been praised, but he heard the bad rumors that the man was not good, and he fell to the bottom.

“We will go ahead. After I go in, I will talk to you slowly.” Luo Sheng looked helpless and looked at Shui Qianyue, both of whom sighed long and sullen.

After entering the VIP room, Luo Sheng said everything that happened just now. During the speech, Luo Chuanfeng and Shui Chongxian’s face changed constantly, and the body was also full of anger.

“A good Chu Xingyun, lie to my colorful snow lotus, don’t say it, dare to speak out and smash my Chamber of Commerce, this child is really daring!” Luo Chuanfeng seems to be an angry lion, hand a shot, put the whole wooden table It was smashed.

“This child has been arrogant and overbearing. In my opinion, he must have hatred of Luo Sheng, so he will make such a move. It is so mad that he did not put Luo Family in his eyes.” Yin whispered and the voice was angry.

After migrating from Xifeng City to Huangcheng, the Shuijia family gradually settled with Luo Family by virtue of Shui Qianyue’s status, and even the two also cooperated to establish the Chamber of Commerce.

From any angle, Shui Chongxian has a strong killing intent for Chu Xingyun, and now, because of Chu Xingyun’s sake, the Chamber of Commerce of Luoshui has just been established, and it has lost its fame. The loss is so heavy. Yin Xian will have a good face.

“Chu Xingyun dare to be so arrogant, all of them are protected by Lingxiao Wufu. This child is enchanting and must not let him grow up. Otherwise, we will never have a day in the Chamber of Commerce.” Shui Qianyue said coldy, Luo Sheng Made a look.

Luo Sheng hurriedly nodded and said: “Thousands of months are right, this tone, I can’t stand it anyway, hey, you must avenge me.”

When I heard the three people, Luo Chuanfeng’s heart was also a bit uncomfortable. His eyes condensed slightly. It seemed to pass through the layers of the wall and looked at the VIP room where Chu Xingyun was. Said coldy: “After today, help me meet the ancient dream of Yunmengwufu. Elder.”

“Yes!” Luo Sheng was happy in his heart, and also looked in the direction of Chu Xingyun, eyes stunned.

Over time, the auction is finally beginning.

Under the gaze of everyone, behind the auction platform, slowly walked out of a black clothed old man.

The old man had a smile on his face. After everyone was quiet, he said: “Today’s auction will be hosted by the old man. I hope that you can get what you want. Below, the auction is officially begin!”

I saw a wave of his hand, and walked out of a charming maid, holding a jade plate in his hand, and quietly placed a thumb-scarlet-red medicine pill, Danxiang overflowed, suddenly provoked The eyes of countless people.

“The first item is the scarlet-red encyclopedia, which ranks in the Fourth Grade medicine pill. It protects the meidians, especially for those who break through the break. The reserve price is one thousand spiral stones. Not less than one hundred.” Old man cleared his throat, his voice was loud, and he announced loudly.

“The level of this auction is really high. The first item is the Fourth Grade medicine pill. This scarlet-red can greatly increase the chance of breakthrough. It is quite precious in the Fourth Grade medicine pill.” Gu Cyan mountain Slightly surprised to say.

“Scarlet-red is good, it can protect the whole body of Meridians in the breakthrough, but at the same time, it will also affect the operation of the Spirit Sea. Like this medicine pill, which has more advantages than disadvantages, it can also open a thousand spirit stones. The reserve price is really ridiculous.” Chu Xingyun said while shaking his head, the tone was quite disdainful.

Hear this, Gu Cyan Mountain laughed a few times, standing silently.

When Qin Yuyan saw it, he secretly snickered.

Dare to say that Fourth Grade medicine pill is so unbearable, the entire stream of Imperial Dynasty, I am afraid that only Chu Xingyun alone, they have long been a little strange.

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