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After Chu Xingyun said that everyone has no hot meaning for scarlet-red, it has become a lack of interest.

Finally, after a fierce bid, the scarlet-red Yun Lingdan eventually fell into the price of 2,300 spirit stone. The bidder was a muscular man with a bloody breath. It is a dangerous person on the tip of the knife.

The auction not only attracted many family powers, but also many hidden powerhouses. In this imperial city, there have always been where fish swim with dragons, the strengths and weaknesses.

“Congratulations to this friend for the first auction item.” The old man came out again and sighed: “The thing to be auctioned below is a shot of Magic Item level, from the hands of the Snowmaster Grandmaster!”

“Snow Grandmaster personally refines the rifle, and it is still Magic Item level!” The crowd heard the word Magic Item, they all showed ecstasy, and when they heard it was made by Xue Dankong, it became more exciting.

There are no shortage of forgemen in the room, each and everyone are standing up, stretching their necks, and there is nothing in the eyes with the color of worship, the look looks so awkward.

“Snow Refining Magic Item?” Chu Xingyun also had a hint of curiosity. His eyes fell on the black rifle, and he looked at it carefully. He said: “Although it is only a middle-level Magic Item, the overall forged structure. It’s smooth, but it’s still alive, but this shouldn’t be an outstanding work.”

Qin Yuyan smiled low and added: “Snow is famous, how can an outstanding work be auctioned, this rifle should be just his ordinary works, but even so, for other forgings, it is also supreme The supreme treasure is worth studying.”

“Is this snow so powerful?” Scorpion said something strange, although the Magic Item is precious, but it has not yet reached the point of worship, even more how, this Magic Item is just an ordinary work of Xue Lao.

Seeing the suspicion of scorpion venom, Qin Yuyan explained: “Snow is the first generation of forging masters. The forging technique can be described as superb. It is said that when he is forging, he can attract a turmoil vision, only a footstep. You can forge King Item and become a true forged Grandmaster.”

Forging Grandmaster!

Viciousness and other people were shocked. For them, it was great to be able to forge Magic Item. As for King Item, they have never seen it, but they have heard of the rumor nothing more.

At this time, the black rifle was invited to auction, the reserve price of 3,000 spirit stone, just a short moment, the price soared to 7,000 spirit stone, and the sound of fare increase is endless, extremely hot.

Chu Xingyun was also a little surprised, whispered in a low voice: “The old urchin in the snow, can actually forge a high level Magic Item, it seems that I really underestimated him, but this is also good, next time pointing to him, let him help me Forging the hollow sword into King Item.”

Qin Yuyan stunned and swallowed a few mouthfuls of water. This is the way: “Snow is normally rebuilt in the Lingbing Pavilion. Almost no one can see him. He wants him to make a move forging. The difficulty is not small. “”

Chu Xingyun didn’t answer, just smiled and looked back at the auction floor below.

After a series of bidding, the rifle finally sold 10,000 pieces of spiral stone at a high price. This price also completely mobilized the enthusiasm of the people and made the auction climax.

Chu Xingyun looked at one of the auction items below, and his interest was not great. The reason why he came to the auction was to buy some precious stones and promote the hollow sword to King Item.

But after watching it for so long, there is no stone that can get his eyes. These low-quality stones will only waste the mysterious stone, and it is impossible to promote the sword.

Just as Chu Xingyun was a little annoyed, something immediately caught his attention and his eyes gradually gathered.

On the auction platform, there is a one-piece furnace in front of the old man. The Ding furnace is only half a person high, standing on three feet. The whole body presents the color of the glass, and the green and translucent, exudes an ancient melodious atmosphere.

The old man lifted this cauldron and showed it while saying: “This thing is called the blue sky tripod, which is ranked high level Magic Item level. It is the owner who came from a powerhouse cave mansion. After identification, this cauldron is quite It’s peculiar, its inner strength has a huge force in the world, even the first-class Pill Refining Master can use this cauldron to mobilize the power of this world, refining Second Grade and even Third Grade medicine pill.”

“Can make the first-class Pill Refining Master refine the Second Grade and even the Third Grade medicine pill. This cauldron is really heaven defying. If it can fully control this power of the world, can you make a move?”

“Pill Refining, retreat to the enemy, this thing is definitely a first-class treasure for the Pill Refining Master, comparable to King Item!”

Old man listened to the crowd’s arguments, and the smile on his face became more brilliant. He said: “They say that the value of this cauldron is hard to estimate, so there is no reserve price, no bidding, no restrictions. “”

The words fall, the old man will put down the blue sky, quietly staring at the crowd.

The crowd was quiet, and there was no sound, and the eyes looked around. It seemed to have a bit of fiery heat and wanted to put this in the bag.

“This cauldron is precious, but there are not many people who can really control it. You must know that the power of this world is so mysterious that even the Honored Master can’t say that it is fully comprehensible. It is difficult to find the ordinary person even if you get this cauldron. What is there.” Qin Yuyan is the Third Grade Pill Refining Master. He also had a deep understanding of Dan Ding and immediately made an evaluation of own.

She turned around and just wanted to ask Chu Xingyun’s opinion, but she saw Chu Xingyun’s eyes glowing with enthusiasm, and suddenly said to Chu Hu, who was next to her: “How many spiral stones do we have now?”

“About 20,000 or so.” Chu Hu immediately replied.

Before going to the Imperial City, Chu Hu brought all the stocks of Chu Family. Not only that, but the City Lord Mansion, the Treasure House and even Qin Tianyu gave him all the property and let him take care of everything. Expenditure.

“Chu Xingyun, could it be that you want to buy a blue sky tripod?” Qin Yuyan Mind fretting, cautiously asked.

Chu Xingyun nodded and said with a firm tone: “I have a deep understanding of the power of heaven and earth. If I can get a blue sky, I can ignore the realm gap and start to refine the high-quality medicine pill. So, this is the blue sky. It’s a must!”

When his words came out, Qin Yuyan suddenly became a tight Mind.

Chu Xingyun’s Pill Refining innate talent, she knows better than anyone, the only thing that hinders Chu Xingyun is the realm gap.

If Chu Xingyun can really get a blue sky, both for him and for the entire Chamber of Commerce, there are huge benefits that can save a lot of time.

“Now, please bid!”

After a short silence, the old man finally spoke again, breaking the silence in the space, and suddenly countless people stood up and reported the price of own, the voice was high, obviously more than a few times more than just warm.

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