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“2000 pieces of spirit stone!”

“Four thousandspirit stones!”

“Six thousand spiral stone!”

The slogan of Gaochun echoed in the whole palace, so many people were sucking in a breath of cold air. This was not a long time before the price was quoted. The price was raised to 6,000 spirit stone, which is more exaggerated than the auction of the black rifle. Several times.

However, this is also normal.

For the forgemaster, the black rifle that is empty in the snow is an extremely precious thing. If you study it well, you may be able to feel something and improve your forging skills.

This is also true of the blue sky tripod.

This material contains the power of the heavens and the earth, can make the Pill Refining Master more refined, and more importantly, the blue sky is ranked high level Magic Item level, which is even higher than the black rifle.

In view of these two points, many people want to put Bikong Ding in the bag, especially the rich Pill Refining Master, which is rather wealthy. I feel that this cauldron can help them break through the realm barrier.

“I have 10,000 spirit stones!” A Pill Refining Master slammed up and his eyes became red, so the price had already flattened the black rifle in the snow.

“This blue sky is quite strange. If you can fully control the power of the world, you can not only improve the quality of the medicine pill, but you can also improve the cultivation base.” At this time, the leftmost VIP came together. sound.

Inside, there were four middle-aged men wearing pale-cyan long gown, and their sleeves were engraved with a breeze pattern, indicating that these four are the elders of Cangfeng Wufu.

“If that’s the case, then take it.” Another elder nodded and agreed, “The 13,000 spiral stones.”

His voice is not big, but it is clearly passed into the ears of the crowd, such as the thunder and thunder, let the crowd squat, and directly increase the price of 3,000 spiral stones!

Suddenly, the audience became a bit quiet, each and everyone had big eyes, no more quotations, they all know the preciousness of Bikong Ding, but most people just hold the mentality of fighting.

The blue sky contains the power of the heavens and the earth. This is both a place of glory and a tangled place.

If you spend a lot of money on this cauldron, study it carefully and find that you can’t control the power of this world, or even the backlash of this world, it is really trying to gain an advantage only to end up Worse off.

See no one continues to increase the price, old man prepares the beginning report, at this time, Luo Family’s VIP room is in the VIP room, said: “14,000 spiral stone.”

Shui Chongxian stunned, and the voice said with some doubts: “Luo Family, how suddenly you are interested in Bikongding, I seem to remember that you are not good at Pill Refining.”

“I really don’t know Pill Refining, but it doesn’t mean I can’t buy Dan Ding, even more how, this cauldron can just save the reputation of our Chamber of Commerce.” Luo Chuanfeng’s tone is mysterious, and the bright glow flashes in the eyes.

The four elder brows of Cangfeng Wufu were slightly wrinkled, and one of them whispered: “From the sound, the person who just bidding should be Luo Chuanfeng, how could he suddenly make a move?”

“Luo Family is developing very fast, and it is estimated that like us, we have a mentality of fighting.” An elder face is not happy, coldly shouted: “15 pieces of spiral stone!”

“16,000 pieces of spirit stone!” At the moment when the levy of the sacred wind elder elder, Luo Chuanfeng raised the price again, as if he had expected it so well, without any hesitation.

“The two sides seem to be fighting up, and they all want to get this blue sky, it seems interesting.”

“Bikong Ding is a high level Magic Item, but it is mainly used for Pill Refining. Do you have Pill Refining Master on both sides, and you can still control the power of the world and use it for your own use?”

“We don’t have to worry so much, let them fight, the more they fight, the more exciting they are.”

Faced with such high prices, many people have chosen to give up, have raised one’s head looking at the direction of the VIP room, want to see the two in the end who can get the blue sky tripod.

The four elders of Cangfeng Wufu looked slightly cold, and there was already a cold color in their eyes.

For Bikong Ding, they are really interested, but also know the drawbacks of Bikong Ding, 15 spirit stone, it is already quite satisfactory, after all, no one can guarantee that we can control the power of the world.

Luo Chuanfeng’s direct fare increase is to make them rise their anger, and there is a feeling of being despised.

The four elders looked at each other and wanted to increase the price. The VIP room where Luo Family was suddenly opened, and the figure of Luo Chuanfeng appeared. The face was with a touch of smile, saying: “I just competed with me for the people of Bikong Ding. But Elder Lin of Cangfeng Wufu?”

“What is it?” The VIP room where the wind is located is opened, and the four elders are full of the sombers.

“Cangfeng Wufu and Luo Family!” The crowd was secretly surprised. It is no wonder that both parties can afford such a high price. It turns out that they are all famous family forces in the Imperial City.

Luo Chuanfeng slightly clenched his fist, said with a smile: “I didn’t know that Elder Lin was interested in Bikong Ding, so I only increased the price one after another. I will lose it first. However, this cauldron is very important to me, please also Elder Lin. Sell your personal feelings and give this cauldron to you.”


The four elders looked at the micro-condensation, and they felt strange in their hearts. The heroes like Luo Chuanfeng paid great attention to their faces. How could they sell people in the public?

The people in the room were equally puzzled, staring at Luo Chuanfeng, and wanted to see why they came.

Upon seeing it, Luo Chuanfeng is not in a hurry: “I don’t care. In recent years, I have recruited many senior Pill Refining Masters and established the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui. Just now, a four-level Pill Refining Master owned by Chamber of Commerce. To me, he knows quite well about Bikong Ding, and he is confident that he will use this power of the heavens and the earth to refine his high-quality medicine pill.”

“My Chamber of Commerce sells medicine pill, and every medicine pill sold is a boutique boutique. If you can get this cauldron, medicine pill quality will bring it up a level !”

Luo Chuanfeng’s voice is high, with a bit of firmness. “If the elders are willing to give up the blue sky, my Chamber of Commerce is willing to cooperate with the wind and the military, and use the blue sky tripod. Refining the most high-quality medicine pill!”


When the words fall, the crowd is not sucking cold qi.

This Luo Chuanfeng is really rich and wealthy, and is willing to spend such a high price to buy Bikong Ding, in order to improve the quality of medicine pill, and is willing to cooperate with Cangfeng Wufu to share the blue sky tripod.

“The Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui pursues the quality of medicine pill. It also has a four-level Pill Refining Master. Once you get the blue sky, the medicine pill sold is definitely extraordinary.”

“Cangfeng Wufu also has a lot of Pill Refining Master. The two cooperations can be described as strong alliances. It seems that we have just mistaken the Chamber of Commerce. If such a powerful person, how can sell fake goods, it must be a rumor. !”

When I heard the intense discussion of the crowd, the four elders had some heartbeats. This proposal can not only sell the Luo Family, but also use the blue sky trip. It is indeed a good thing.

“Four elders, I don’t know what you mean?” Luo Chuanfeng urged a sentence, his face is still a smile.

Behind him, the Shui Chongxian entire group is suddenly realized.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they know very well that the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui does not have a four-level Pill Refining Master, and no one knows how to control the power of the world.

The words that Luo Chuanfeng just said are all lies. The fundamental purpose is to use the wind-sweeping Wufu as an excuse to save the image of the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui.

As long as the four elders nod, Luoshui Chamber of Commerce can work with Cangfeng Wufu to refine the medicine pill.

This is undoubtedly a powerful ally for the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui!

“Since the Luo Family master talked about this, it would be a blue sky, we…” After four thoughtful elders thought about it, they finally made a decision.

However, their words have not been finished yet, and an untimely voice came from the VIP room next door, saying: “I have 17,000 spirit stones!”

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