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“Chu Xingyun!” Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng suddenly jumped up and heard the voice, and the subconscious exclaimed.

Luo Chuanfeng’s eyes are slightly narrowed. The shouting of the voice just now came from the VIP room where Chu Xingyun was located. This brat actually came to his bad good.


When the portal opened, Chu Xingyun walked out without hesitation. He glanced at the surroundings and finally fell on Luo Chuanfeng’s body. His face was smiling and his sarcasm was revealed.

Among the crowd, many people recognize Chu Xingyun, and the heart’s beating speed has increased a bit, which is quite exciting.

Chu Xingyun debunked the sale of fake goods by the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui. They all heard that Chu Xingyun had formed a beam with Luo Family.

Just now, Luo Chuanfeng was going to get Bikong Ding. At such an important moment, Chu Xingyun suddenly increased the price, which simply ignored Luo Family and ignored Luo Chuanfeng.

“I have heard about a arrogant generation in Lingwu Wufu. Today, I saw it, and it really deserved the name.” Luo Chuanfeng eyes somber, the sound is mixed with a few threats.

Chu Xingyun didn’t care, lightly said: “I just happened to take a look at this side of the blue sky, and raise the price, can it be that have any problems? Could it be that said that this auction belongs to Luo Family, Luo Family can Covering the sky with one hand?”

“You!” Luo Chuanfeng body trembled, glaring at Chu Xingyun, thought of the meeting: “18,000spirit stone!”

“It’s fighting again!”

The crowd was shocked. This auction was a wonderful life. Not only did it have rare treasures, but it was really rare to see such a fierce competition.

“hehe, I have 20,000 spiral stones!” Chu Xingyun chuckled, and calmly said the price of own.

Shui Chongxian’s heart trembled and could not help but whispered: “Luo Family Lord, 20,000 spiral stones, has exceeded the value of Bikong Ding. If we can’t control the power of the world, it’s really a big loss. !”

Luo Chuanfeng glanced at him, angrily said: “If you can’t control it, this Chu Xingyun touches my bad luck one after another. If I can’t suppress him this time, can our Chamber of Commerce continue to drive?”

Hear this, Shui Chongxian, they are all silent.

This is a blue sky, they did not intend to use it, the reason for the auction is to restore the reputation of Chamber of Commerce, and to establish a cooperative relationship with Cangfeng Wufu.

If the blue sky falls into the hands of Chu Xingyun, all this will become a bubble. Not only that, the reputation of the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui will be frustrated again, and it is very likely to become a laughing stock.

“Chu Xingyun, since you have to fight with me, I will be accompanying myself.” Luo Chuanfeng raised his voice a few degrees, said with a sneer: “I have 30,000 spiral stones, can you dare to increase the price?”

“Three … 30,000!” The crowd was surprised that the heart jumped out quickly, and the cold sweat of the head was really the second only to Qin Family’s Luo Family, and the family wealth was really rich.

The old man is also full of surprise, 30,000 spirit stone, has far exceeded the value of the blue sky Ding, it is estimated that Luo Chuanfeng has killed Chu Xingyun’s heart now.

His eyes moved, but he found that Chu Xingyun did not quote, but a pair of eyes with rapt attention, standing quietly, without any slight move, not to say a half sentence.

“How? Spirit stone is not enough?” Luo Chuanfeng sneered, feeling full of comfort, a hairy devil, actually dare to fight with his grand family, Luo Family Patriarch, really act recklessly.

Seeing Luo Chuanfeng’s expression, Chu Hu’s pair of eyes almost spurted out the fire, but the heart was full of helplessness. Their spirit stone was not enough. They couldn’t compare with the giants like Luo Family.

“I remember, this auction can change things, isn’t it?” Chu Xingyun suddenly looked at the old man, let the old man subconsciously stunned, and then nodded: “Yes.”

“That’s good.” Chu Xingyun chuckled, then flicked his finger and sent a scroll to the front of the old man. He said, “Please identify and see how much this stone is.”

“I don’t have much financial resources, I have to pretend to be a mysterious look. It’s really a shame. Could you be that you think that what you brought out is enough to exchange 10,000 spiral stones?” Luo Sheng had a sigh of relief. Now finally find the opportunity to be taunted immediately.

Shui Qianyue and Shui Chongxian nodded with a smile and looked at Chu Xingyun with contempt. They knew Chu Xingyun very well. A little family, Young Master nothing more, can have any precious things, only self-inflicted!

Faced with these ridicules, Chu Xingyun didn’t have any expression and didn’t say anything.

Old man with a puzzled look, opened the scroll slowly, not long after, his brow suddenly wrinkled, the pupil suddenly contracted, his face floating a trace of incredible color.

“Sure enough, it’s rubbish stuff, Chu Xingyun, this time I see how you end up!” Shui Qianyue heart coldly snorted, eyes lifted up, ready to see Chu Xingyun out of the ocean.

“You don’t have to put on such expressions, just say it.” Chu Xingyun is impatient.

Old man took a sigh of excitement. After taking a few deep breaths, he walked to the center of the auction floor and said: “After my identification, the thing given by Chu Young Master is a low level Martial Study.”

“What! Holy level low level Martial Study!”

The crowd was stunned by this discourse, and some of them were overwhelmed. They originally wanted to see Chu Xingyun’s jokes. Now, they feel that their faces are slapped, hot and extremely uncomfortable.

“How is this possible, can you read it wrong?” Luo Sheng was also full of horror, drinking out the channel.

The old man is obviously not happy, his eyes are slightly sinking, and he repeatedly confirms: “I have more than 30 years of experience in appraisal, and I will be wrong. This thing is indeed a low level Martial Study.”

“According to the rules of the auction, the auction price of the low level Martial Study is 8,000 spirit stones. However, I vaguely feel that this Martial Study is unusual. I hope Chu Young Master will give me more time to let me fine-tune it. , giving a more accurate price.”

Old man said to Chu Xingyun, the voice is slightly pleading.

When everyone heard it, I was more expecting it. Chu Xingyun had this Martial Study, maybe it could really compete with Luo Chuanfeng. After all, the value of the low level Martial Study is not less than 10,000 spirit stone. under.

However, Chu Xingyun shook his head and said in a casual tone: “A low level Martial Study in a district, if you continue to auction, it is a waste of time. Straightforward will directly calculate the reserve price.”

In the speech, Chu Xingyun’s finger is another bullet. Once again, he took out a scroll. His eyes stared deeply at Luo Chuanfeng, and he sat with a smile. “This scroll is also a low level Martial Study. Thousands of spirit stone, plus my previous 20,000 spirit stone, a total of 36,000 spirit stone, Luo Family, you dare to increase the price?”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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