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Every word of Chu Xingyun is like an invisible sharp edge, deeply piercing the body of Luo Chuanfeng, making his face extremely incomparable.

Just beginning, Chu Xingyun make a move to compete for the blue sky trip, he rushed to drink, directly bid 30,000 spirit stone, shocked the audience.

The reason why Luo Chuanfeng did this was not to use it. Instead, he wanted to suppress Chu Xingyun with rich family property, thus proving that everyone who saw him offended Luo Chuanfeng did not end well.

But at this moment, Chu Xingyun quoted him and slammed him on a slap on the face.

What’s more, everyone knows that Chu Xingyun’s two low-level Martial Studies are worth more than 16,000 spirit stones, but he gave up the auction on the grounds of wasting time.

Such a move is too extravagant. Even Luo Chuanfeng, who is the owner of the Luo Family, feels that it is not a taste. He can’t do such a to do as one pleases like Chu Xingyun.

“Even the big forces like Yunmengwufu are extremely valued by the Martial Study. It will never be easily circulated. How could Chu Xingyun come out so easily?” Shui Qianyue stared at the two scrolls, the sound Just like a lost soul.

Her sad discovery, own was opened by Chu Xingyun.

This time, the gap is even bigger. Shui Qianyue and some beginnings are skeptical. The familiar person who stands in front of her eyes is not Chu Xingyun she knows, but a thousand years old.

“Thirty-six thousand spirit stones, the number is too large, we can’t surpass it now.” Shui Chongxian said with a sigh of relief. When he finished, he felt Luo Chuanfeng’s murderous gaze and immediately closed his mouth. More words.

Luo Chuanfeng moved his eyes and kept thinking about the countermeasures.

Suddenly, he looked at the VIP room where Cangfeng Wufu was located, and whispered in a low voice: “After I got the blue sky trip, the Cangfeng Wufu would also benefit, but once the blue sky tripod was taken away by Chu Xingyun, Cangfeng Wufu It will be unprofitable. If I can get their help, I can deal with a Chu Xingyun.

After making up his mind, Luo Chuanfeng stepped forward and did not say anything, but found that Chu Xingyun left the private room of the owner and walked to the four elders in the wind.

“Chu Xingyun, what do you want to do?” Elder Lin brows slightly wrinkle. Although he is a military elder, he is much stronger than Chu Xingyun, but he doesn’t know why, when he faced Chu Xingyun, he was unpredictable. a feeling of.

“The four elders don’t have to worry, I am not malicious, just want to give you a wake up nothing more.” Chu Xingyun raised his hands with a little helplessly said.

“Reminder?” The four elders looked at each other and were puzzled.

Chu Xingyun nodded with a smile and explained: “The words that Luo Family had said before, for Cangfeng Wufu, it is indeed nothing but harm, and it is me, and will cooperate with Luo Family with the slightest hesitation. However, after careful observation, I found that there is no trace of the four-level Pill Refining Master in the VIP room where the Luo Family is located.”


The body of Luo Chuanfeng and others trembled, and the expression on his face solidified and became extremely unnatural.

Elder Lin immediately met, glanced at his eyes and found that in the VIP room where Luo Chuanfeng was located, it was said that it was a four-level Pill Refining Master, and even the Pill Refining Master did not have the slightest breath.

“Luo Family Lord, you just said that you have a Level 4 Pill Refining Master under the Chamber of Commerce. You know how to control the power of the world. Where is that person?” Elder Lin gradually understood that the voice was no longer friendly.

“He seems to have something to leave, but this does not affect our cooperation.” Luo Chuanfeng tried to squeeze out the smile, but Elder Lin’s face became more and more ugly, somber like water.

“The most important point of the so-called cooperation is that the two sides have a good relationship, but I have not seen this from the Luo Family, and it is that that is the way for Luo Family to do business?”

Chu Xingyun hehe sneered, added another sentence: “With such a leader, it is no wonder that the first day of the opening of the Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui, has been resisted by countless people, really deserved!”

“Chu Xingyun, you…” Luo Chuanfeng was so angry that he had three corps violently jumping. When he opened his mouth, he felt that countless eyes came down, and there was indifference, disdain, and disdain, as if looking at the street mouse.

“Hey, why don’t you talk?” Seeing Luo Chuanfeng’s silence, Luo Sheng was indignant, he hated Chu Xingyun, and now, he has reached the point of hate.

“To shut up!”

Luo Chuanfeng was anxious and angry. He turned and slammed the palm of his hand. He flew out of the wall three meters away and slammed into the wall. The whole face was swollen like Pig Head.

“You unfilial son, I still suspect that I am not enough, want to continue to ugly?” Luo Chuanfeng sprinkled the gas on Luo Sheng, his eyes glanced at Chu Xingyun glanced, snoring again and again, striding out to the outside.

Upon seeing it, Shui Chongxian and others did not dare to stay. After making a wink, the entire group hurriedly followed.

When he left, Shui Chongxian lowered his head and did not dare to look around. He even dared not look at Chu Xingyun because he knew that Chu Xingyun, now he is not qualified to look directly, only looks up.

After these people left, the atmosphere of the entire space was eased.

Old man came to the VIP room personally and said to Chu Xingyun: “Chu Young Master’s words and deeds have really opened the eyes of the old man. This is the blue sky, and now it belongs to you.”

After that, the old man palm stroked, and Bikong Ding appeared in front of Chu Xingyun, but what made Chu Xingyun puzzled was that there were two scrolls and a golden Command Token with the appearance of Bikong Ding.

“What is this meant?” Chu Xingyun wondered.

Old man immediately made a squeaking gesture, low said with a smile: “One side of the blue sky, two thousand spirit stone is enough, also ask Chu Young Master to take back these two Martial Study, as for this Command Token, it is me Imperial Family believes that in the future, if the Young Master encounters difficulties, he can come to the palace to find me, I will help.”

When I heard this talk, everyone in the room was shocked.

Apparently, they did not think that the old man, who was ugly in front of him, was actually a member of the Imperial Family, and judging from his behavior, he seemed to be interested in wooing Chu Xingyun.

“Then I would be more respectful than my life.” Chu Xingyun did not shirk, and all things were included in the storage ring. He is now clear and white, can save, naturally will not let go.

The old man didn’t continue to say anything more. He turned away from the VIP room and returned to the auction floor to re-new the Lord’s auction.

Chu Xingyun looked at the old man, playing with the golden Command Token in his hand. The eyes didn’t know what to think about, and they flashed a little bright glow.

Suddenly, he stood up and looked at Gu Yanan Road: “Gu City Lord, you can help me hand this Command Token to Qin Patriarch, let him take a closer look to see if this Command Token comes from who hand.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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