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The current situation in the imperial city is turbulent, and it is not an exaggeration to say that there is an undercurrent.

Chu Xingyun doesn’t have a deep understanding of the Flow Family Imperial Family. Delivering this Command Token to Qin Tianyu is undoubtedly the most convenient way to quickly identify the identity and origin of the old man.

Gu Cyan Mountain also understands this truth. After taking the Command Token, he quickly walked out of the area.

At this time, the auction is re-beginning.

Old man restores the original expression, whispered with a smile: “Just pause for a while, please also bear with me, now the auction continues, the next lot is a four-level spirit, named prajna spirit grass.”

“While the spirit grass is in the fourth grade, it contains pure vitality and can help the Martial Artist to repair the dark wounds. The starting price is 500 pieces of spirit stone, and the price increase must not be less than 50!”

The voice of Gao Song fell, but there was not much reaction in the crowd. This kind of spiritual material for treating dark injuries is rarely needed. Compared with healing the body, they prefer to improve the cultivation base or improve their strength.

“Wait a night, I couldn’t find the precious stone that was suitable for the hollow sword, but let me find the prajna spirit grass. This trip was not in vain.” Chu Xingyun looked at the prajna spirit grass on the auction floor, and there was a happy spread in the eyes. .

Qin Yuyan frowned: “You have no dark wounds, what should you do with this spirit?”

“I really didn’t have a dark injury, but someone has it.” Chu Xingyun smiled mysteriously and immediately shouted: “A thousand spiral stones!”


The crowd heard Chu Xingyun’s crying, his heart shivered slightly, secretly sighed Chu Xingyun wealth is amazing, even an almost useless four-level spirit, dare to bid a thousand spiral stone.

Each and everyone Martial Artist closed his mouth and didn’t mean to bid at all. You know, Chu Xingyun can even come up with the low level Martial Study and compete with him. It can be said that there is no hope.

“I have three thousand spirit stones.” At this moment, a slightly hoarse voice came from the corner of the auction hall.

Everyone was a glimpse, looking at the source of the sound, and found that the person who had just increased the price was actually an old man, dressed in plain linen, wearing a hat, and there was a feeling of weakness in his body, as if he would always It’s so weird to die.

Chu Xingyun also squatted down. A sacred stone like the spirit grass, a thousand spirit stone, is already the highest price, and it is almost impossible for someone to compete with him.

He looked at the old man in the robes, his eyes just touched the appearance of the latter, the whole person was bulging, the pupils were tightened, the breathing was short, and the horror in his heart was unrecognizable.

“Is there anyone else to continue bidding?” See no one to increase the price, old man begins to report, but look at Chu Xingyun, want to see what action he will follow.

Not only him, but many people in the audience are gazing at Chu Xingyun, but unfortunately, Chu Xingyun does not seem to have the meaning of make a move, with a smile, no longer looking at the prajna spirit grass.

“Since no one has increased the price, I announced that the prajna spirit grass belongs to this friend.” The old man tapped the wooden hammer and immediately ended the auction of the prajna spirit grass and turned to other things.

Chu Xingyun’s gaze still stares at the old man in Ma, seeing that he suddenly has to get up and leave, Mind is tight, started talking: “I still have something to deal with, leave first, you will return to Lingxiao Wufu after waiting.”

“Master, do you need me to accompany you?” Xu Xingyun said that he had offended so many people, and now he has added a Luo Family. He is afraid that Chu Xingyun will be poisoned.

“Do not worry, if I want to go, the whole royal city, no-one left me.” Chu Xingyun casually, the speed suddenly increased, disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After he walked out of the palace, he hurriedly recognized the direction, stepped out, and ran fast toward the front.

After a while, Chu Xingyun came to a remote laneway, the light around it was dark, and there was no smoke. It was a sense of silence, and there seemed to be no breath.

Chu Xingyun turned to look around, see no one, no flustered, but rang with a smile: “I have heard about Senior Self-created, a Heaven Rank high level movement technique called “Three Thousand Thunder”. If Nihility is quiet, if you are shocked, today’s view is really worthy of the name.”

Hū hū hū !

Just after the words, a cold night wind swept over, Chu Xingyun suddenly appeared in front of a figure, in the dark, the eyes of the figure are bright as stars, look carefully, there are thunder flashing in the eyes, rolling .

“You seem to admit the wrong person.” The figure slowly went out, gradually showing his appearance, the five senses were old, the face was covered with wrinkles, it was the old man who appeared in the auction.

“is it?”

Chu Xingyun smiled at the corner of his mouth, took a deep breath, micro-channel: “蔺天冲, born in the flowing cloud Imperial Dynasty, is a Seventh Grade Tian Xuan Lei Ying Martial Spirit, is a generation of legendary characters, cultivate at the beginning, never worship any The Sect forces, all they practiced, were all self-created. After thirty years ago, he suddenly disappeared. Everyone thought that he would fall down. In fact, he was a fusion of Yin-Yang Two Complements. Formally stepping into the territory of Nie.”

“You…” Ma’s old man shuddered and stunned his eyes.

Chu Xingyun’s voice changed slightly, and continued: “The territory of Nie, also known as the Thunder Tribulation, every breakthrough, will lead to Thunder Tribulation, although the innate talent is amazing, but he has come cultivate all the way, accumulated After a lot of dark wounds, after entering the world, the dark wounds became more serious. Therefore, I chose to sneak into the world and want to silently treat the injuries.”

“From the current situation of 蔺Senior, you have spent five Thunder Tribulations, and the seriousness of the body is so severe that even if you only release the spiritual power, the whole body will be very unbearable. Therefore, you have purchased the prajna grass, ready to match the young stars. Fruit, Iron Dragon Root and Aoyang Ling snake gallbladder, to suppress dark injuries, relieve endless pain.”

Hearing here, the old man of Ma Yi finally couldn’t stand it anymore, solemnly asked: “brat, who are you at the end, how can you know so clearly about my affairs?”

He stared at Chu Xingyun, his body, without the slightest spiritual power, but an invisible powerhouse came down, filled with Chu Xingyun’s body, like the sharp edge, as if he could easily tear him into pieces.

“Hey Senior, you don’t have to be nervous. In the whole Imperial City, no one except me knows where you are, and I never thought about going to disadvantage you. On the contrary, I came here, I want full power. Help you cure the dark wounds.” Chu Xingyun is in a good mood, he didn’t expect, and he would see Hao Tianchong in this way.

More importantly, the current cultivation base is only the Inner Fifth Level, and it has not yet reached the point of becoming ill!

“Help me? Just rely on you?” Hao Tianchong screamed, but his face was with a sense of sorrow.

From the cultivate beginning, he has accumulated dark injuries, and today, dark injuries have spread throughout the body of the Meridians.

Such a serious injury, even his super powerhouse of Fifth Level days can do nothing, a Chu Xingyun, District Spirit Gathering Fifth Level, how could there be a way to help him treat dark injuries.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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