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Hearing this talk, Qin Yuyan also nodded.

Liuyun Tiewei is the personal body of the Imperial Family. It is not strong enough and is absolutely loyal to the Imperial Family. Otherwise, it will not be granted the right to enter and leave the palace without permission.

“The person who can take out the iron and iron orders must come from the Imperial Family, and the status is not low, but why the old man will succumb to the auction, this is too strange.” Qin Yuyan thinks The more doubts.

The same is true for Qin Tianyu. The auction can be described as where fish swim with dragons. According to the truth, the people of Imperial Family will never be mixed in.

“What’s so weird.” Chu Xingyun said casually: “The old man is obviously crouching at the auction, looking at everyone carefully. Once he finds the right person, he gives Command Token directly and draws it up. Become a stream cloud iron guard.”

“After all, at the auction, I took out two low level Martial Study and changed it to anyone. I am afraid I would like to draw me.” Chu Xingyun said, added another sentence.

Qin Tianyu seems to have realized, sighing: “The cloud is the highest force of the Imperial City. Now it has fallen to such a degree. It seems that the situation of the Imperial Family is even more difficult than we think.”

“Imperial Family is in the situation of Imperial Family, we don’t have to pay too much attention.” Chu Xingyun threw the Command Token into the storage ring and asked the voice: “Qin Patriarch, you know where this can be. Have you purchased 9 acupoint Azure Root?”

“9 acupoint Azure Root!” Qin Tianyu thought for a while, and said: “Is this thing ranked as a five-level peak spiritual material, dedicated to nourish the body of the Meridians?”

“Exactly!” Chu Xingyun Mind is awkward. This 9 acupoint is the key to treating 蔺天冲. He must get it within five days before he can healing.

“I heard about this kind of spiritual material a long time ago, but I don’t know if there is any in the Imperial City. However, since it is a five-level peak spiritual material, it is very difficult to purchase, and it cannot be obtained in a short time.” Qin Tianyu said that it is.

Not to mention whether there is 9 acupoint in the Imperial City, even if there is, the person who owns this thing must be a powerhouse. If you want to get it from others, it is quite tricky to think like this.

“Imperial Dynasty is located in the remote area of Northern Wasteland. The resources are extremely scarce. It is true that no-one guarantees that there must be 9 acupoint azure root in the imperial city. Could it be that I really want to leave?” Chu Xingyun knows where I can buy 9 acupoint Azure root, but this time, the danger is not to be said, it will waste a lot of time.

There are almost no possibilities for going back and forth in five days.

See Chu Xingyun complexion dignified, Qin Yuyan suddenly interjected: “In fact, I have a way to find 9 acupoint azure root in a short time.”

“What?” Chu Xingyun immediately.

“In the Temple of Heaven, there is a jade, and there are many tasks on the jade. You can post the task, and then let others help find the 9 acupoint azure root. In addition, you can also complete the task. High Rank task, in order to get 9 acupoint Azure root news, the higher the level of the task, the more rewarding.”

“And, the person who can issue the High Rank task is definitely not simple. It is very likely to know the news of 9 acupoint Azure Root, and even have 9 acupoint Azure Root.” Qin Yuyan is very familiar with Ling Xiaowu, and immediately raised the own opinion.

Chu Xingyun also quite agrees that this method is indeed better than the hooded one.

“If that’s the case, then I will take a trip to the Temple of Heaven. You will stay here and monitor the refining of medicine pill. There must be no flaws.” Chu Xingyun sighed, and strode out of the courtyard.

At the time of entering the government, Ye Huan once introduced the Temple of Heaven, and Chu Xingyun still had some impressions, vaguely remembering how to go.

Soon he was atrived in front of a lofty palace.

Inside the palace, it is unusually bright and spacious. In front of the temple, there is a huge jade, three zhang high, and on the jade, there are close and numerous task wooden cards, many of which are gathered together. This is thinking about what task to pick.

“Chu Xingyun, how come you are here?”

Before entering the Temple of Heaven, Chu Xingyun heard a familiar voice. He almost didn’t have to look back. He knew that the person who spoke was the Imperial Dynasty number one beauty.

Today, the light snow dances wearing a blue leather armor, long hair high beam, revealing a sleek and refreshing atmosphere, slowly walking around, immediately attracted a lot of hot eyes, there are not only male discipline, even female disciples are not Less, full of admiration.

“It’s so good, I met again.” Chu Xingyun smiled and said hello, but his eyes crossed the snow and danced to her rear.

“What are you looking for?” Snow stunned.

“Snow Beauty has a lot of flowers Envoy around me, I have to be vigilant all the time. After all, not everyone is so good with Su Changxing.” Chu Xingyun put on a look of dignified expression.

Snow sneaked and chuckled, said: “You guys, obviously have Su Changxing vomiting blood stunned, but also hurt him, but you can rest assured that after the last thing, there are not a few flowers Envoy dare Touch your bad luck.”

Chu Xingyun entered Lingxiaowufu soon, but everything he did was a sensation in the city.

Now, almost no-one dares to provoke Chu Xingyun, because he has provoked him, either dead or disabled, no one is good, the consequences are extremely embarrassing.

“You haven’t stepped into the Earth Spirit yet?” Chu Xingyun took a look at the cultivation base of the snow dance.

“I have already realized the cloud evil energy, but it is always a little worse.” The light-shouldered face was a little red, and immediately shifted the subject. “Yes, how come you come to the Temple of Heaven today?”

Chu Xingyun said that he needed 9 acupoint Azure Root. After listening to the light dance, he thought for a long time and said: “This extremely rare spiritual material, looking for it, is really difficult, but you have to Obtaining 9 acupoint Azure Root news, I am afraid it is not simple, at least need to complete the Earth level task.”

“What is the Earth level mission?” Chu Xingyun scratched his head.

“Would you not be the first time to come to the Temple of Heaven?” Snow squinted and widened his eyes. See Chu Xingyun nodded. No words at the time: “The missions in the Temple of Heaven are divided into four levels: Heaven and Earth. 9 Acupoint Azure root is a five-level peak sacred material with the same value as the cultivation technique. To get the message, the minimum is the Earth level task.”

“It turns out.” Chu Xingyun finally understood.

I saw his gaze once again looking at the huge jade, the hand stretched out, directly took the top black wooden card and asked: “This task wooden card is at the top of the jade, does it mean? Is it a heavenly mission?”

Chu Xingyun is not clear about the rules of the Temple of Heaven, and there are many doubts in his heart.

However, he just exported, and the original noisy Tianzhu Temple suddenly became absolute silence. Everyone looked at him with his big eyes, and there was a bit of ridicule on his face.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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