Chapter 17 The Battle of Overstep


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At Chu Xingyun’s age, the fourth level of heavens of hardening is not so high, but the average.

However, three days ago, Chu Xingyun’s cultivation was only the second level of quenching.

In other words, Chu Xingyun took only three days to rise two levels.

Such training speed is simply inconceivable because, Chu hai afterall spent half a year before breaking through second level of quenched body to forth level of quenched body.

At this moment, Chu Hai thought of what he had just said. It felt as if he had been slapped by countless people. His face was twitching constantly.

Having half his training speed isn’t a waste?

According to the training speed of Chu Xingyun, Who is the first genius of Chu family, who is waste?

“No way!” A sharp voice sounded. Chu Ping-tian’s eyes were red and his eyes were staring at Chu Xingyun. He uttered an indifferent pronunciation: “You have no power, Your martial object is rubbish, how can you enter the fourth level of heavenly realm of quenched body in such a short time? There must be a problem!”

The crowd came back to their senses and nodded their heads.

Martial Object often represents talent.

The worse the martial object is, the worse talent is. It’s hard to achieve anything. It’s almost an unshakable iron law.

Chu Xingyun’s martial object is one of the most rubbish. Don’t say it’s three days for him. Even if it’s one year or three years for him, it’s very difficult to step into the fourth level of heavenly realm.

“How did I improve my grades? Does it seem to have anything to do with you?”

Chu Xingyun directly ignored Chu Ping-tian’s eyes and said to Chu Hai coldly: “Chu Hai, you just said that I am not a waste, I can be the right heir to the title of master, now, what else do you have to say?”

Wen Yan, Chu Hai’s face changed, silver teeth clenched, and made a cackling sound. Finally, he became angry and said, “You must have taken some medicine to improve so fast. It’s just a paper tiger. As long as you can defeat me, I will admit that you are the new owner of the Chu family!”

As soon as the voice fell, Chu Hai felt a look of contempt upon himself.

The crowd is squinting at Chu Hai, with a trace of irony and contempt. You are the six heavenly realms of quenched body, and have three martial arts. It’s too shameful to take the initiative to challenge Chu Xingyun.

Almost everyone can guess the result of such a battle. How could Chu Xingyun defeat Chuhai?

Just when Chu Hai was a little regretful, Chu Xingyun smiled calmly and said, “Since Chu Hai invites me to fight on his own initiative, no problem, I accept the fight!”

At these word, the whole audience suddenly became quiet.

Even Chu Hai, the party concerned, thought that he had misheard and was subconsciously stunned, but soon he gave out a grin and showed his teeth like as a lone wolf ready to tear its prey alive.

“You will pay for your arrogance in blood!” Chu Haikun said that as the breath of the sixth grade quenched body was fully blooming. Behind him, a ghost wolf with dark body appeared.

Oh, woo!

A high-pitched wolf whistle came out. The ghost, the devil and the wolf were possessed. The whole body of Chuhai grew thick black hair, ten fingers into claws, and ran straight towards Chu Xingyun.

Like the name, the ghost wolf, with its terrible speed, flickers like a ghost in the air.

People only feel a phantom flashing by, Chu Hai reached Chu Xingyun’s front instantly with the killing intent of wolves and beast to tear Chu Xingyun into pieces.

“The two of them have such difference in their cultivation, its fixed for Chu Xingyun to lose.” there were whispers among the crowd which made Shui Xiang and Chu Hu tense up and clasp their hands in the front.

Feeling the compelling momentum of Chu Hai, Chu Xingyun’s body leapt up but the right hand started gathering spiritual powers which instantly condensed into a sword and met the wolf claws.


When claws and swords collided, the long sword was easily shocked and opened. Chu Xingyun’s face changed, and he stepped back ten steps in succession. Only then did he stand firm and look down, that mouth of the tiger had seeped a trace of blood.

Looking at Chu Hai, who did not suffer any injuries. He bent down and looked at Chu Xingyun as if he were looking for a chance to shoot.

“Chu Hai’s revision is much higher than me, and his spiritual strength is thicker than me. If I fight hard for a long time, I can’t win at all. I must make a quick decision and defeat him without warning.” Chu Xingyun is extremely calm. He has rich combat experience and makes the best judgment quickly.

Holding the sword tightly, Chu Xingyun stepped out of his footsteps and attacked on his own initiative.

But his revision differs too much from that of Chu Hai. His speed, of course, is not as good as that of Chu Hai. Even if he sprinted with all his strength, he appeared to be slow and crooked, which made many people laugh.

“Next blow, you’re bound to lose.” Chu Hai sneered forward, incarnated as a ghost wolf. He had no intention of leaving his hand. He waved his claws and his eyes turned into scarlet color.

“Buzz!” Chu Hai’s body turned into a shadow, faster, more violent castration, and almost in an instant, came to Chu Xingyun’s front, fast enough to suffocate people.

“Come on!” At this moment, Chu Xingyun is calm enough to make people feel terrible. He is keenly aware of the approach of the Chu Hai, and the cold breath pours on his face as if to tear him apart.

Seeing his arm waving out according to a certain law, the sword shadow is empty, as if there is no wind, from his long sword, but there is a sense of agility and elegance.

“Ghost Claw!”

Chu Hai’s claws moved ahead and for a while the wolf’s shadow seemed to be crazily flashing. The crowd showed panic because it had the power to even shatter a rock.

“Wind!” Chu Xingyun also started, a sword trigger, the wind suddenly became fast.

The sword Martial Artifact in his hand began to tremble slightly. It was so agile, so vague and fierce that it disappeared into everyone’s sight with a voice of breaking the void.

This is the second collision between the two men. Both of them made martial arts. Chu Xingyun sneered. He felt that his arm was going to be torn, hot blood gushed out, and accompanied by intense pain.

“I won.” Chu Hai saw this scene and announced his victory loudly.

However, just as his voice fell, his hair flew up and was blown by a strong wind. In his vision, all the ghost wolf shadows were cut off in almost an instant.

A simple and unadorned sword of martial arts pierced directly, like the wind, expanding in his pupils until it covered all his eyes, leaving only this sword.


A blade of sword lighted suddenly across Chuhai’s shoulder, causing his body to tremble, and then fell to the ground, his right arm shoulder, there was a long sword mark, is bleeding.

“Abhorrent.” Chu Hai’s face was stiff and his face was colder. He stood up instantly and was ready to continue his offensive against Chu Xingyun. But as soon as he raised his head, he saw a sword Martial Artifact glittering with cold light.

On the sword, the sound of the sword was empty, and there was a faint wind, which made the Chuhai tremble violently. His eyes were constricted and his body trembled unconsciously.

Just now, during the fierce battle with Chu Xingyun, it was this sword that cut off the ghost wolf and scratched his shoulder, so that he had a sense of fear!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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