Chapter 16: Group-specific competition test


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After a week–

The two students came to the Masaki Forest behind Delzogade Demon Academy for a group-based competition test.Sprawling deep forests spread out, with valleys and mountains. Its vast land is just right for magic training.

“Then we’ll split into two teams and start the team-based competition test immediately. At first, the Sasha team”

When Emilia says, Sasha comes forward.

“Show me an example.”

“I got it”

Sasha smiles suddenly.

“Then the opponent’s group …”

Sasha stares at me.If you don’t look like that, you can’t escape.

“I’ll do it”

I left before with Misha.

“In the beginning, we will conduct a team-based competition test between the Sasha team and Anos team. The results will affect the grade, so please do not lose your hand and do it well.”

Emilia leaves the forest with her other students.The surveillance will be done using familiars and large mirrors.The Demon King Army <>’s group competition test is a mock war.I’m sorry for being involved.

“Are you ready?”

Sasha glares at the . I took it proudly.

“Who are you talking to?”

“I’m still a great guy. Do you remember your promises?”


“I can’t trust you with a mouth promise”

“That’s the same here.”

Contract When I tried to apply <>, Sasha dismissed it without agreeing.

“Isn’t that what you said you couldn’t trust?”

Contract “Your <>, I don’t know what kind of contract you’re going to break.”

HM.You don’t look down on me as a non-conforming person, you seem to be looking at the source.

“Let the child do it.”

Sasha looks at Misha behind me. Even when she was glared at the , she did not move and looked back at her sister.

“… I’m okay …?”

“Oh, no matter who else does it.”

Contract Misha holds her palm up and deploys the magic circle of <>. Sasha signed the condition with a magic letter.

Unless the two parties agree, a magic contract that can never be different is signed.

“Which location is better?”

“You can decide what you like. It’s the same everywhere.”

“Well, I’ll get the east side.”

Inevitably, my base is west.

“Hey, remember. That arrogant attitude, I will regret it later.”

Looking back, Sasha took his team members and left to the east of the Majumori Forest.

“Do we go too?”


Walk appropriately and reach the west side of the forest.I waited for a while.

“Now, it’s about time.”

Thought communication <> is sent from an owl flying over the sky.

“Now we will start a team-based competition test by Sasha and Anos. Try to beat the enemy with all your strength so as not to be ashamed of the founder’s name!”

Do not be ashamed of the founder’s name? I didn’t hit the enemy anyway, though.

Mythological times were not as peaceful as they are now, and simply because doing so is the most successful. Originally a pacifist, they seem to have misunderstood that era.

If I had a warlike character in the first place, I wouldn’t have been silent since being branded non-conforming.

Well, isn’t it something that has just started?

“… What is the strategy …?”

Misha asked plainly.

“Even though they are two people.”

Sasha has half of the class, roughly three people.

“What is Misha’s opinion?”

When asked, she expresses her thoughtlessly.

Lord of the castle “… my class is good at magic of <> …”

Demon Army The magic of <> has already been used.You can freely assign classes under Creative Architecture, but Misha decided that she was good at the magic of <>.

The caster class applies a positive magic correction to the magic of building castles and dungeons and building barriers and magic barriers.It is possible to further raise that power with my magic power, the caster of <>.

Creative architecture “Building Devil Castle with <>. Devil’s Castle has the ability to be raised by blessing.

That’s a good tactic.The power of Me and Misha is maximized.

“But maybe Sasha reads that it will come.”

“… What then …?”

Well, honestly, tactics are just useless.Whatever I do, I can’t lose. Anyway, I want to see Sasha’s frustrated face.

“The other side outwits tactics that I never expected.”

Misha looks back at me with no expression.

“… what kind of …?”

The Demon King’s class is weakened by itself because it gives magic power to his subordinates.It is a common practice to build a Demon Castle and use blessing.

Demon King Only when you are in Demon Castle, your class can exert more power than usual.The castle owner, though it depends.

“So, I’ll use this demon castle as a decoy, and I’ll get into the devil castle over there alone.”


Misha did not change her face, but was astonished and silent.

“How is it?”


Hahaha, I laughed refreshingly.

“I think that’s the way it goes. That’s why I turn it back.”


“Well, it’s usually a good idea to get a beehive with magic crossfire when you’re out of luck with such an operation, but only if the tactics are effective enough to be effective.”

Perhaps worried, Misha is stuck with no expression.

“Are you anxious?”

When asked, Missha shakes her head.

“Anxiety is anxiety, but Anos is strong …”

Demon eye It seems that Misha knows it. She’s staring at my source.

“I left the decoy.”

Misha nods her head.

“……Be careful……”

“Oh, I’m not good at it.”

Then Misha fluttered her eyes.

“… Anos is …”

“Take care to me?”

I was thinking back. Misha cocks her little neck.



Hehe, laughter from the bottom of the belly.I never thought I would be worried about fighting. Is this a friend? No, it’s a fresh feeling. But it doesn’t feel bad.

“Be careful Misha.”


I waved my hand and broke up with Misha, and headed straight to the eastern forest, where Sasha’s team was standing.

After a while, great magical power flows from behind. Looking back, there were huge castles in three places in the west forest.It’s Misha’s magic. Perhaps it’s a haribote for decoy, but if you build three giant monk castles in this short period, her magic is in the class.

Except for me, it’s a story.

“Well, what’s going on …?”

Thought communication Use evil eye to intercept <>. I immediately heard a voice.

“Sasha, three castles have been built on the enemy line.”

Demon King “Two are probably traps. The other one must be lurking beyond.”

“Do you want to destroy the castle one by one?”

“No. In this short period, Misha can’t create a perfect Demon Castle. I’m going to gain time and in the meantime make it a robust Demon Castle.

“Okay. Please tell us.”

Demon swordsman “Please, go to each demon castle with troop formation”


Demon swordsman I see. Are there three units? That means that 12 people are heading for this demon castle.

Leaving more than half in your own territory is a more solid tactic than you might think.


“Hm. Did you finally build the castle?”

It took longer than expected, but a huge Demon Castle has appeared at the base beyond.With a destination, I wouldn’t be able to move.

Transfer But now-and I used <>.

The view became pure white, and the next moment, there was a Demon Castle built by the Sasha team in front of me.

Thought communication <>, which was intercepted, echoed annoyingly in my head.

“Well, Sasha-sama !?”

“What’s wrong?”

Demon King “And the enemy, Anos Voldigord suddenly appeared in front of this castle !?”

“Huh !? How exactly …?”

Magician “I don’t know, but I was watching the flow of magic on my own side carefully, but it really came up suddenly! I just thought I used some magic we did not know!”

Sasha’s breathtaking sound was heard.

Transfer: “… No way … Lost magic <> …? That’s why … But besides …”

HM.If you don’t actually see it, your head seems to be flexible.

Demon King: Okay. Anyway, it’s like killing me to get on my own.You may think you’re going to be outspoken, but you’re just confused with reckless tactics. Tell me! ”

“Do you believe so?”

Sasha’s team was upset when he broke into Thought Communication <>.

Thought Communication “What … what is it? Why is his voice heard in <>?”

“I don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with the magic circle and I can’t hear it!”

Thought communication “But you’re actually hearing it! Analyze the cause quickly! There is a possibility that <> may have been intercepted!”

Good grief. That’s noisy.

“The cause is the assembled magic. The 89% recall of the magic circle was too low-level overall and meant to intercept.”

“It’s stupid … If the recall rate is 89%, it’s a nation-level confidential communication! Is it possible to intercept it?”

“Don’t be fooled by his words! There must be something else!”

Jeez. I taught me politely, but I don’t believe it.

“No problem”

Sasha’s voice reminded her men of calm.It’s a good charisma.

Thought Communication: “Even if you intercept how much <>, it’s the only one beyond.There’s no way you can break through the Demon Castle, created by seven people, even the first layer.”

Are there seven builders? I guess it’s quite robust.The castle will have a number of different worlds, a number of traps, and a number of blessings to strengthen it.


“It’s a pretty light castle”

I walk straight to Demon King Castle and do my hand on that wall.

“Waste. Anti-magic is also multiply applied.”

“Beware of magic only doesn’t know what fighting is.”

Put your nails on the wall.My finger dived into the castle.

“Remember, castles are made heavier.”

Ga, Gagaga, Doooooo and Demon King Castle escape from the ground.

Magician “What’s going on ?!”

“Yes, I can’t believe it. He’s … Anos Voldigord is trying to lift this castle !!”

“Well, that’s why you can do that …!”

The Demon Castle was completely out of the ground, and I was lifting it with one hand.

Demon King: “… lie… .. Why is such power …… how ……?”

Demon King Army “Sure, if you use <>, the power depends on the class.However, I should point out that the ground strength is different from me in the first place.”

Rotate your body slowly.The lifted Demon Castle will rotate with it.As the centrifugal force gradually increases, the Demon Castle is swung at a high speed.

“Kyu, kyaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa!”

“If you’re a monster monster! You’re not just lifting the castle, you’re swinging around!”

“No, stop! What do you want to do, stop!”

HM. This is so sad and sad. He was thoroughly anti-magic, but his physics seemed unsuspecting.

In the first place, the people of this era have become too peaceful to train their bodies.In order to use powerful magic, you need physical strength before you can devise a technique.

“Sorry, be passive, or you’ll die.”

I throw away Centrifugal Demon Castle with all my might.The giant Demon King Castle, which cuts through the wind, was slammed into the ground.

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