Chapter 17: Incredible magic power


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“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Thought communication A sasha scream is heard from the intercepted <>.

HM. Is it a little too lazy?There seems to be more room than I thought.The Devil’s Castle that slammed to the ground was half-broken.

But how do you get the damage you can still fight?

Thought communication I went to Demon Castle, and as I walked slowly, I heard a voice as if I had decided through <>.

Hellfire annihilator “… I use <>”

Oh. You said something interesting.

Hell Flame Annihilation Cannon “But, Sasha-sama. <> Is a success rate of 20% even if you combine the blessings of the Demon Castle and the magic of the squad!”

“If you fail to do that, the current state of the Demon Castle will surely collapse!”

“It’s not if you’re afraid! Recognize the power of the enemy.No matter how hybrid or inconsistent, Anos is a castle-throwing monster! Do you think you can repel with half-life magic?”

Sasha pointed out that the members who were muting were silent.After all it is quite charismatic.I’m still immature, but I’m sorry to keep it as an enemy.

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon “Anos Voldigord can’t be defeated unless it’s the highest flame magic <>, right?”

Thought communication There is no voice of the members.However, the delicate flow of magical power transmitted from <> tells me their resolve.

“There’s one over here and two over here! If you lose, it’s a shame. Come out with your desperation. Use the best magic of your life, the pride of the royal family. Show me off!”

The members cried out at the scold.

“” “I understand!”

At that moment, particles of magic power rise at the Demon Castle.It is a three-dimensional magic circle.It is supposed that the Demon Castle itself is going to be a huge magic circle and exercise great magic.

The castle owner Seven build and maintain a three-dimensional magic circle that is difficult to activate, and one person injects as much magic as possible.The other two are responsible for controlling the aiming.

It is Sasha Necron who has a very important magic technique. Sometimes it’s just called the doom witch, and his talent is rare.Despite the help of friends, it’s no easy task to deploy such a large-scale magic.

Hell Flame Exterminator Unlike the origin magic, which can gain enormous power by using the risk as a spring, the superlative magic of fire attribute <> can only be achieved with a pure accumulation of magic techniques.

Demon King Army Sasha’s magic is impossible.In other words, after learning <>, he would have trained for about a week, and would have mastered it to a level where he could use magic in actual battles.

“Are you ready? Leave everyone’s strength, everyone’s heart to me.”


“I believe, Sasha.”

“Please use all my magic”

“Let’s win …”

“We, the power of the royal family”

The magical powers of the 2 * people concentrate on one point.This is the true value of <>.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of each class, the collective magic that is activated adds each magic power and raises it by more than 100 times.Even the best opponents can be rewarded.

The air was tight. The next moment, Sasha exclaimed.

Hellfire annihilation gun “I’ll go !!!!”!

A magic circle like a gun emerges in front of Demon Castle, where the magical power concentrates. It turned into a black sun, falling like a comet on me, as if the magic stored in the limit exploded at once.

Hellfire annihilation gun Although he said that the success rate was 20%, it would be that perfect <> would be released so far at this last minute.

“It’s wonderful. I’ll give you a reward.”

I hold my hand towards the attacking <>. A magic circle emerged, and a small red flame appeared there.

If you think about it, this is the first time that you have used attack magic like attack magic.


Hell Flame Exterminator The small flame I fired hits <>. At the next moment, there was a hole in the jet-black sun, which was engulfed in a flaming flame and drunk.

Hell Flame Exterminator A momentary event.A huge <> was burned out without a trace.

Hellfire annihilation gun “… lie ……… was canceled out …”

Hellfire annihilation gun “Sasha-sama! It’s not an offset! <> Is still over there …!”

The flame I fired went straight into the Devil’s Castle and burst.The castle is engulfed in flames and burns down.The walls and ceiling collapsed, and they broke in an instant, making a rattling noise.

Flying, Sasha escapes from the castle with the magic of <>, and the two have landed, or have landed suddenly in front of me.

Hellfire annihilation gun “… No way, you can use <> alone ….”

Hellfire annihilation gun In mythological times, it was natural to use <> alone, but there is no point in pointing it out.

Now there is one thing to say.

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon “I’m looking at the technique properly. I didn’t use <>”


Astonishingly, Sasha rounds her eyes.

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon “But there shouldn’t be any fire attribute magic above <> …”

Mage continued and said,

Hellfire annihilation gun “No way … it’s a magic of origin !? Forbidden curse exercised only for the royal family to save life, if that is true, can we counter <>?”

Yeah, I don’t know.

“Sorry, it’s not magic of origin now.”

The Sashas are staring at me.

Flame “<>”

“What … great … a moth …?”

Jail Flame Annihilator Fire attribute magic, in order of its power, is <>, <>, <>, <>, and->.

Hellfire annihilation gun “… Such … with the lowest magic of the fire attribute … We burned Sasha-sama’s <> and burned the Devil Castle …?”

A desperate voice rises.

Flame “Oh, it’s not possible! That’s not possible ….! There must be some secrets … Is it a secret evolved from <> …?”

It’s not enough to hide, so I’ll tell you.

“The secret is the difference in magic. It’s just that there’s that much difference between me and you two.”

The mage made a shocked face with his head.


“Such a thing …”

Magic Flame “It’s not a strange story.You should have seen about where <> and <> antagonize because of the difference in magic.There are things.”

Mage: When he said, he stepped forward and shook his body. Desperate from despair, they lose their will to fight, and they leave, and I walk to Sasha.

“… it’s an order of magnitude different …… a monster …”

I heard such a muttering from my back.

“Do you remember the promise?”

Talk to Sasha.


As he bit his lips, Sasha had an expression of humiliation.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

Even if you say so.Nothing is at war.You don’t have to kill them in class at all, and it’s usually troublesome to get them back to life.

That said, I don’t want to stop saying that.

“You have promise. I’m sorry to kill you.”

Saying so, I reach out to Sasha.

“Join me”

After thinking for a while, Sasha tried to take my hand without fear and scared, and stared at me on the verge. She has slammed the with all her might.


“turn down”

I look back at Sasha’s .

“If so, kill me!”

“turn down”

Push out Sasha’s hand.

“He’s a strong man.

“… I’ll never forget this humiliation. I’ll get stronger someday and I’ll surely kill you …”

Suddenly I laughed.

“I tell you, Sasha. If you die as much as you kill, I’m dead two thousand years ago.”

Sasha’s face looked as if she was stunned. He said he had given up somewhere.

“It’s a strange hybrid …”

Oh, she sighs.

Covenant “… I’m fine. I’m unlikely to be enemy of you today, and I can’t resist <>.”

After making an excuse, Sasha put her fingertip in my hand.

“But remember, this is a contract. I don’t remember selling it to you.”

“Oh, please.”

When he laughed, Sasha curled her eyes.

“Hey, I’ll listen to another.”


“Why did you invite me?”

“Well, that’s right. Misha was trying to get along with you.”


She let go of her, seemingly uninterested.

“Oh, one more thing”


Demon eye “You were beautiful”

Soon, Sasha’s face turned red. She turns around as she flees.

“I tell you, it’s true. I’ve never seen such a beautiful evil eye.”

Even in mythological times, no one had such a tranquil and innocent evil eye.If my eyes are certain, she will have considerable magical talent.

Well, now it’s still immature.

“Are you listening?”

She said to Sasha, who was still looking away, and she turned again.

“… I can’t hear you, idiot …!”

I was just shy of being shy and praised by me.

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