Chapter 18: Necron’s sister


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Today’s lesson was over. Unlike the magical concepts and magic techniques that only let you sleep, the team-based competition test can be a light exercise.

However, as he has been attending Delzogade for the past week, there are no signs of assaults on humans, filigree spirits, or even the conspiracy of the gods.When it happened, I was wary of keeping Dilheid, but it wasn’t timely .Well, this weakened demons flourished to this day.I don’t need to move.No way would such peace come to a demonic country. Peace is boring, but not bad.

“I mean–”

Upon leaving the gate of Delzogade Demon Academy, Sasha, walking behind, complained.

“Why do I have to return with you?”

Misha flutters her eyes and raises her neck.

“Because we are in the same group, we want to deepen our fellowship.”

“I’m under your control but I don’t remember saying I’m a friend.”

“Well, if you don’t like it, go home.”

“That’s right, we’ll be back.

Turning his heels, Sasha walks in a different direction from us.


Misha is staring at her back. Although she has no expression, she is probably lonely.

It can’t be helped.

“In a team-based competition test, I suddenly appeared in front of your castle.”

Situation, Sasha stopped.

“What magic did you use?”

Shaking the twin tails softly, Sasha looked back.

Contract “I’ll use <>”

After all it seems curious.

“I like it”

Contract I signed the magic of <> that Sasha used.


Reach out to Sasha.


“I told you to show it. It’s faster to experience it anyway.”

“Why do I have to hold hands with you?”

“I guess the connection was straightforward.”

Then Sasha turned her face red.

“Oh, that was just the scene. That’s why hybrids …”

I make excuses that I do not understand well.

“Either way is fine, but I can’t show you without holding your hands.”


Sasha holds hands with me in a calm manner.



Connect the other hand with Misha.

“So, Misha and Sasha hold hands.”

“Hah !? Why?”

It’s a guy whose expression changes without hesitation.

“If you don’t want me to show you, it’s okay, but if you don’t see it, you’ll break the contract.”

Sasha grows up and reaches out to Misha.

“here you are”


Misha holds her hands with Sasha without fear.

“Please hold me more firmly”

“Is it like this?”

Sasha tightly holds my hand.Misha is firmly in contact with me, but she is only touching her.

“Oh, hey, connect more properly. I can’t use magic.”

Sasha holds Misha’s hand tight.


Misha shook her hand.I felt like her face, always expressionless, was happily broken.

When I was happy, Misha complained with her eyes. Don’t worry, I’ll laugh.

“Hey. What are you talking to with your eyes?”

Sasha was staring at me.

“What? Do you want to disguise?”

Look at Sasha. Then her face turned red.

“Hmm. Sasha, you’re not used to seeing people because of the .”

“Well, that’s why … I don’t …”

The ending was almost gone.A star? If the control of is unstable, it is a reasonable story.If you look openly, you may inadvertently kill.

“Okay, use the magic of the moment.”

“Ok, okay. Don’t be noisy.”

Transfer Use the magic of <>. My vision was completely white, and the next moment, my house, a blacksmith and appraiser, “The Wind of the Sun” was right in front of me.

Transfer “… After all, lost magic <> … Connecting space to space … I’m sure …”

Sasha murmurs, trying to analyze the magic from the remains of magic. Well, it would be impossible.

“This is my house. Will you stop by?”

Transfer “Than that, the current magic, <>, right? Where did you learn this lost magic technique because of the hybrid? Tell me!”

Sasha is rushing to me if she’s interested too much.

“If you want to know, play at my house.”

“… Why am I a hybrid house …”

“Don’t be shy”

Sasha looks at me. A magic circle floated in my eyes.

“I’m not doing it!”

“Well, will you return? Then, tomorrow.”

He turned to Sasha and said to Misha.

“Is Misha coming?”


“Let’s go. Will we talk about lost magic today?”

Say it to my heart and go to the door of the house.

“Well, wait!”


As I turned around, Sasha muttered reluctantly.

“… Wow, me too …”

Saying so, she crosses down badly.


“… So, no, you can go … I wonder …”

I laughed at the ending that seemed to disappear.


Sasha strokes her chest down.

“I wanted to play.”

Transfer “I’m not! Okay? My purpose is <>. That’s it! Will we stop weird evils?”

I guess that’s the case, but the fact that you’re so disgusted and denied that you might have wanted to play unexpectedly. Well, don’t poke.Misha is depressed if she doesn’t stick to herself.

When I open the door, it makes a clicking sound.The mother who was keeping the store noticed this and came down for a small run.

“Okay, Anos-chan. How was today’s team-based competition?”

Mom asks me with a nervous look.

“I won.”

Immediately, she put a glittering smile on her face and hugged me tightly.

“Awesome, Anos-chan! Genius! It’s too great to beat a big friend even though it’s only been a month! It’s a treat to night!”

My cheeks were squeezed and I was confused about what I did.

“Oh, oh …”

My mother’s momentum is amazing as ever.

“Oh, and I’ve taken customers again …?”

“Oh? Mischa-chan again? Already. Anos-chan is love-love.”

My mother and my mother are poking my side with my elbows. Then I told Misha behind me.

“Come on, Mischa-chan …?

There were unexpectedly two of them, so my mother seems to have doubts.

“Nice to meet you, Mother. I’m Sasha Necron.

Sasha lifts the skirt and bows gracefully.

“… What’s your mother-in-law …? …?”

My mother seems to have been shocked.

“Oh, Anos-chan … Anos-chan …”

My mother turned her face pale and shouted.

“Anos-chan has brought a second bride!”

Sasha just looks stunned, trying to get her too upset.

“Um … what is it?”

“Hey, hey, Sasha, can you calm down and listen?”

Sasha grabbed her shoulders, and her mother complained with a compelling expression.

“Okay. I’m calm.”

Sasha has said that her mother is not calm. Such a word was given to her as if she could tell.

“Anos is a month old, so he doesn’t know anything. No offense. But there’s already a bride named Misha.”

“Hmm. But it doesn’t matter to me.”

As expected, Sasha is a calm return.In this case, my mother will return to me.

“It doesn’t matter … I don’t matter … It’s good to be a mistress! Why is Anos-chan and Anos-chan so motivated?”

As expected, my mother has a reputation for returning diagonally.

“I wonder if you can wait a minute.

“Well, what about aiming for predatory love?”


Sasha looks at me as if in trouble. Let’s leave it a bit more interesting.

“So, do you know Misha’s last name?”

“Neklon, right?”

“I am Sasha Necron”

“Oh, then …”

Mom was surprised.

“That’s my sister, so I just happened to know each other.”

“Sisters are competing for Anos-chan! What can I do?

At that time, the bang and the door opened, and a troublesome man came again.My father.

“Anossut. Dad, dad was pretty good at this. He used swordsmanship.

HM. Dad is also fully open from the very beginning.Suddenly, why are you starting an old story?

“So I understand your feelings.I’m a boy and I’m going to do a little shit, dad, I was going to understand most things.”

Dad said with serious expression.

“Two you are so enviable!”

HM. Father. Isn’t this true leak? Sasha sighed, gazing at us, staring at us and his parents.

“Hey, Anos. Take responsibility.”

“Should I get married?”

Sasha’s face turned red.

“That’s not true, but it’s stupid!”

Noisy guy.

“Hey Misha. You say something.”

Misha thought and said.

“… Sasha likes Anos …?”

“It’s stupid!”

HM. He said he was a junk doll, but it seems he’s not bad.

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