Chapter 18 Shameless Defamation


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Chapter 18 Shameless Defamation

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“You lost!” Chu Xingyun standing with the sword said very clearly.

In The whole ancestral temple, other than him, no one spoke.

Everyone was stunned, looking back on the scene right now that looked like a dream. The were unable to believe what they saw.

“Chu family’s first genius actually lost?”

With the third grade martial artifact of ghosts, wolves and spirits, Chu Hai who has reached sixth grade heavenly level of hardening lost to Chu Xingyun with a first grade martial artifact.

“Its worth of young master, he has been practicing the sword for the last few day.”

However, hearing Chuhu’s words, the people’s faces were even more surprised, and even breathed a cold breath.

“Chu Xingyun practiced swordmanship for just a few days?”

In an instant, Chu Hai started feeling pain in his heart, and his sense of luck completely disappeared.

At first, he taunted Chu Xingyun as a waste, and that his training speed was far lower than that of him. Then he was slapped in the face by Chu Xingyun’s power.

Then, he fought with Chu Xingyun, using the high-ranking martial arts “ghost claw”. He wanted to regain his face and make Chu Xingyun pay the price of blood with a domineering attitude.

As a result, Chu’s Hai lost so simply that when he saw Chu Xingyun’s sword martial artifact, his heart felt a sense of fear.

But just now, Chu Tiger actually said that the Chu Xingyun practiced the sword for only a few days.

This made the whole audience shudder uncontrollably.

Genius, this is the real genius!

Martial artifact is not invincible, so we can still defeat the strong enemy and win the victory.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it at all!” Feeling the indifference of the crowd’s eyes, Chu Hai stood up, as if he were mad, and hysterical cried out: “Chu Xingyun, how can waste like you defeat me, the first genius, there must be something wrong here!”

Chu Hai’s eyes became red, even blood stained red robes, all unconscious, eyes only Chu Xingyun one person.

On cultivation, Chuhai is two grades higher than Chu Xingyun.

On Wuling, Chu hai has the advantage on Chu Xingyun.

On martial arts, Chu Hai has refined “Ghost Claw” to the point of pure fire, a claw out, the shadow of wolves, which can defeat almost any peer.

With so many advantages, he finally lost.

Everyone became crazy at this and even started to suspect themselves.

Chu Xingyun is still expressionless, looking at Chu Hai coldly, saying: “Winner is king, loser is aggressor, Chu Hai, you have lost, it doesn’t matter if you do not want to accept, this is the fact, and I hereby advise you, from today on, but you see me appear, you must honor me as the patriarch of the family, Chu Xingyun these three words, you are not qualified to call directly!”

“You…” Chu Hai was shaking with anger, and the whole face was twisted with anger.

Just now, before the fierce war, Chu Hai once put down his bold words and said that if Chu Xingyun could defeat him, Chu Hai would admit that Chu Xingyun was the new patriarch of the Chu family.

Now, Chu Hai has lost. According to his promise, he should honor Chu Xingyun as the patriach.

As soon as the people present heard Chu Xingyun’s words, they all had a little recognition in their hearts. The strength, financial resources and courage Chu Xingyun showed today are so excellent that they are really qualified to become the new owner of the Chu family.

“Chu Xingyun, I am…” Chu Hai stared at Chu Xingyun in a grim way. Halfway through, Chu Ping-tian suddenly stepped out and blocked him. He said, “Hai, back down.”

“Father!” Chu Hai’s heart was full of unwillingness, but he noticed the coldness in Chu Ping Tian’s eyes, and his heart trembled violently. He dared not say anything again. He gritted his teeth and retreated to the rear.

Chu Ping-tian stared at Chu Xingyun. A moment later, he suddenly laughed: “Chu Xingyun, with your present financial resources and talent, is really qualified to inherit the position of the head of the family, but before that, you must give up the storage and let me have a good check.”

“Storage Ring?” Chu Xingyun brows a pick.

Chu Ping-tian nodded and deliberately raised several tones, saying, “Everyone knows that Chu Xingyun is an absolute waste, but in just a few days, you have a huge wealth, and even become so powerful as to have a storage ring, which is hard to explain with common sense.”

“It’s a little far-fetched to check my storage ring just because you said everything I’ve got is not right?” Chu Xingyun laughed back and looked at Chu Pingtian with an idiot’s eyes.

Seeing Chu Xingyun’s expression, Chu Ping-tian was not only not angry, but also full of ecstasy.

Originally, with the momentum of Chu Xingyun just now, it was very difficult to inherit the position of the head of the family. Even Chu Pingtian can hardly overcome the storm.

The reason why he said he wanted to inspect Chu Xingyun’s storage rings was simply to delay the fact and also try to find some excuse to snatch it.

Unexpectedly, Chu Xingyun showed such resistance.

After thinking for a moment, Chu Ping Tiandun gave birth to a plan and said, “Chu Xingyun, if you are an ordinary person, what you get, I naturally ignore it, but if you become the patriach of the Chu family, from then on, your every move will represent our Chu family. As the elder of the Chu family, I am qualified and obligated to conduct a rigorous review of you!”

At this point, Chu Ping-tian showed a triumphant smile and said in an indifferent tone, “Unless you have a fear in your heart, what dangerous things are hidden in the storage ring, that, would you cover up like this?”

“What the elder said is true, I had long felt that there was something wrong with Chu Xingyun. Today’s action is totally different from the usual. It is very likely that he has colluded with others to frame my Chu family!” The second elder jumped out and pointed at Chu Xingyun’s nose and scolded him. It was a surprise that Chu Xingyun had been smeared as a sinister and cunning man.

“Bloody and shameless, can you still have a face?” Chu Xingyun spits out a cold pronunciation in his mouth. He has never seen such a brazen person before. He can even throw dirty water on him on such an excuse.

“Well, you Chu Xingyun, when you see the story revealed, not only did you not admit your mistake, but also made a lot of abuse. We can directly arrest you and put you in the prison. ” Chu Ping-tian drank loudly.

In an instant, a support guard came from behind the crowd and surrounded Chu Xingyun.

“Isn’t it abuse of power to use guards to dominate me?” Chu Xingyun scanned the guards around him and laughed coldly.

Chu Xingyun knew very well that once he was put in a black prison, he would lose the right to speak.

At that time, Chu Ping-tian could not only add charges to his body at will, but also kill him in secret, and nobody would know it. It could be said that Chu Ping-tian was in complete control.

“I Chu Ping Tian acted openly and honestly, all for the sake of the Chu family, but you, hide your head and tail, and have dangerous ideas in mind. With These two points alone, I have the right to expel you from the Chu family.”

Chu Ping-tian put on a righteous and dignified look, waved his palm suddenly, and shouted: “Guards obey orders, take Chu Xingyun!”

“Yes!” The escort shouted loudly, marched forward, and the long gun swept across the temple, making the whole temple chaotic, mixed with all kinds of noise.

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