Chapter 19 Murder


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As the guard approached step by step, Chu Xingyun grasped the sword martial artifact tightly in his hand.


The sound of the empty swords resounded again and echoed in the ancestral temple with great clarity.

Chu Xingyun-dan holds a sword, and the whole person radiates the edge of the sword. He greets people’s eyes and says in a cold voice, “The purpose of the existence of the escort is to protect the Chu family and punish evil spirits severely. At this moment, do you feel ashamed to hear Chu Pingtian’s slander?”

“Chu Xingyun, after your conspiracy has been broken down, you are still thinking of being cunning. Living in this world, such a vile person as you, will only humiliate the Chu family.” At this time, Chuhai stood out.

The gloomy ghost Wolf martial artifact, once again possessed himself, raised his head for a moment, his whole face was covered with black hair, two tusks protruded out, sending out a cold and incomparable light.


Chuhai’s spped reached the limit, molf claws and teeth protruded and he directly jumped over the crowd with immense killing intent towards Chu Xingyun.

“Still stunned, do it immediately.” Chu Ping-tian urged, and suddenly, all the members of the convoy rushed up and raised their long guns to pierce Chu Xingyun’s chest.

Chu Xingyun did not dare to be careless when he saw such a scene. He stepped backward, twisted slightly and avoided the escort’s siege dangerously.

“Brother Yun, please be careful!” The sudden cry of Shui Xiang made Chu Xingyun shiver.

The next moment, he felt a cold and gloomy atmosphere coming from his back. Turning around, Chu Hai had arrived. His sharp claws directly clasped Chu Xingyun’s shoulder. The wolf’s mouth opened and he was about to bite Chu Xingyun’s neck.

“You dare!” Chu Xingyun roared, his mind moved slightly. The sword martial artifact appeared in front of him. The confused body of the sword was hard to resist the sharp teeth of Chu Hai.

But Chu Hai didn’t mean to stop at all. Instead, Chu Hai became more vicious and said with a clear face, “Chu Xingyun, even if you just defeated me, today as long as you die, I am still the first genius of the Chu family.”

The sharp teeth gripped the sword martial artifact tightly and made a crisp clatter. Chu Xingyun knew that Chuhai had really moved the idea of killing him and wanted to kill him to keep up the name of being a ridiculous genius.

“I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed again.” Chu Xingyun sneered and shook his head. The swords sang again. The swords martial artifact shivered slightly and turned into invisible gale, which filled the temple with wind and swords.

“Haier, back up!” Chu Ping-tian seems to feel something, pupil constriction, hurried to drink.

Chu Hai also felt danger, trembling slightly, and stepped back more than ten steps.

After all, however, he was too slow.

Between the electric sparks and fires, the breath on Chu Xingyun suddenly changed, and the sword of Wuling in his hand seemed to be attracted to some extent, and began to tremble slightly, as if it had completely locked on Chu Hai’s body.


A stream of wind came, and the guards felt only a cool breeze passing by. In a moment of trance, the clouds of Chu Xingyun disappeared, just like the wind, and disappeared without trace.

“Very fast.” Chu Ping-tian took a breath of cold, and the next moment, he suddenly heard a sad howling voice.

In his extremely frightened eyes, Chu Xingyun appeared in front of Chuhai like a gale. The sword martial artifact in his hand cut wolf claws easily, tore hair, and finally pierced Chuhai’s chest.


Chu Hai —

The body fell to the ground, hot blood poured out of the chest and stained the ground red.

His eyes were wide open, as if they could not believe that Chu Xingyun could kill him before he died.

“Dead?” Everyone stopped their movements, even their breathing. They stared at the dead body of Chuhai, feeling that the sky was spinning and it was difficult to recover.

At the moment before, they thought that Chu Xingyun was besieged by the escort and was bound to die.

This instant, Chu Xingyun not only did not die, but also in front of everyone, the Chuhai was killed on the spot!

“No!” Chu Ping-tian arrived late. He held the body of Chu Hai and kept roaring. His eyes turned red and gloomy like a devil. He looked at Chu Xingyun crazily and roared, “You dare to kill your murderer, little animal!”

“Elder, just now Chu Hai’s attack was fierce, obviously to take my life. Why did you ignore it at that time? Now, when your son died, you said that I killed him severely. Does it mean that only your son has the right to kill, and I can only stand and be killed by him?” Chu Xingyun laughed angrily and ironically.

Chu Ping-tian’s whole face became extremely ugly. He slowly laid down the body of Chu Hai and took two steps. A tremendous strength gushed out from his body.

“Cold Gun!” A low voice came out of Chu Pingtian’s mouth.

Immediately after Chu Ping-tian’s death, there appeared a sharp illusion of a long gun. The gun did not move, but a sudden cold began to spread, making the air rustle white frost.

“Everyone backs me up. I’m going to take the life of this little beast with my own hands.” Chu Ping-tian’s voice sank to the extreme, his wrist turned over, and countless tiny ice crystals were immediately suspended around the cold gun, each of which flashed a sharp light.

“The elder, who has two kinds of Cambrian spears martial artifact, has completely crushed Chu Xingyun, but he has to make martial arts, it seems that he must kill Chu Xingyun.”

“The enemy of killing children does not share the sky, Chu Xingyun is really too foolish.”

Many people are whispering, in their eyes, Chu Xingyun, has been a dead man, facing the Furious Chu Pingtian, he can not have a living way, will be slaughtered on the spot.

“It’s will honor a waste like you to die in my hands.” Chu Ping-tian, facing Chu Xingyun Road, stepped forward and the ground seemed to be frozen.

“You have not yet started, dare to speak out, I have to say, I really admire the elder’s self-confidence.” Chu Xingyun faced the murderous Chu Pingtian, not afraid, but sneered.

This laughter fell in Chu Pingtian’s ear, extremely harsh, but also stimulated his ferocity.

Seeing his body tremble slightly, the cold from the cold gun is several times stronger. It seems that a killing is about to begin. The horrible killing intentions make the crowd feel nervous and hold their breath one after another.

But at this moment, the temple overhead, suddenly burst out with brilliant light.


A harsh hawk whistle came out, and a falcon covered with hot flames appeared there, rising up to heaven in a long whistle, and with the momentum of rapid thunder, dived down from the high altitude and grabbed down toward Chu Ping-tian below.

With a loud bang and cracks on the ground, Chu Pingtian was shaken and flew out, slamming heavily against the wall. The intense pain that came from it made his whole face incomparably distorted.

Looking at the flame falcon, it has disappeared without trace. In the smoke and dust rolling place, a figure appears in everyone’s vision, and is walking slowly and slowly.

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