Chapter 19: Reconciliation


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Mother congratulated me on winning the team-based competition test, and my mother put on my arms to make a feast.It’s pretty lively and not bad to have two people at the usual dining table.It’s my parents, though, that make it noisy .Sasha was confused that she would not be able to participate in the celebration party despite losing, but as soon as she ate her mother’s home cooking, she silenced.

After all, even in this era, mother’s home cooking seems to be a very delicious category.

“Well then? How did Anos invite Sasha to the group?”

In the end, Mom’s misunderstanding was difficult to solve, and Sasha was as good as Misha.

“It’s usually normal. That’s all I can do for me.”

“No, oh, oh, oh, oh !!!! Can you be subordinate? What can you subordinate? If you can show such a clumsy man, a girl is a bad guy. !!

Hearing her mother’s yellow screams, Sasha appears to be out of control.

“Why? Why was Anos invited Sasha?”

“… I don’t know, just because it’s a force.”

“Oh, what? I’m suspicious right now. What about Misha?”

Misha mumbled, swallowed the vegetable salad, and said plainly.

Demon eye “… you were beautiful …?”

“Well, if you say such a killing complain, you’ll absolutely fall in love !!

Thought communication Speaking of which, did Misha also listen with <>? Well, because it is a standard when using <>. We did not communicate, but used naturally.

“Misha, already. Can you say nothing extra?”

“… wasn’t it …?”

Asked, Sasha turns away as if she was surprised.


HM. She seems to have spoken inadvertently despite fighting, but her mother completely misunderstood the appearance of the two and watched them as if they were harsh.If you think so, Dad casually glances at me, and nods with a face like a masterpiece. I just say there’s nothing to teach you.

Good grief.Even at Misha, I tried to explain after I calmed down, but especially when I tried to tell her that she wasn’t a bride, she broke up.It’s bad.Well, let’s look at it.

I don’t mean I die if I misunderstand.

The time for such a lively meal was over in no time, and Sasha and I were sent.

After talking a bit with his father in the workshop, he came back to the store, where Sasha and Misha, who were preparing to return home, stood side by side.



It is silent. Misha isn’t originally talkative, so I know Sasha isn’t silent. It was uncomfortable to say nothing.

At first I thought I wasn’t on good terms because I was talking with junk dolls, but I sometimes felt that Sasha’s attitude was not always so. Well, there are also cases of Zepes and Riorg. It’s a story I can’t understand .

However, I decided to wait a little longer and looked at them from the shadows.

Silence continued for about a dozen minutes. But soon after, she couldn’t stand or Sasha muttered quietly.

“I’m late”


For a while, silence continues.

“Hey you”


“… I talked unusually today.”


“Does Misha like that?”


“So … Anos”

Misha thinks for a while.


“Well, what’s good?”


“Where is it? It looked like a demon in the group competition test.”

I’m pretty gentle.

“… Strict on the enemy …”

“That’s inconsistent.”

In addition, silence continues for a while.

“… Sasha …?”

“What is it?”

“Do you like Anos?”

“Hah !? That’s not true. It’s impossible.”

With his face turned red, Sasha denied everything.


“that’s right”

Misha stares into Sasha’s eyes. Excited, her eyes had a “destructive eye”.

“But …”

Sasha mutters small.

“… Only Anos can see my eyes straight …”

She said, as she said herself.


Demon eye “It’s really crazy.I’m beautiful.It’s a curse demon that tries to break things you see.

Once he stopped, Sasha opened his mouth.

Demon eye “I met a person with the same for the first time.”

Only a little, she smiles.

“that’s all”

“……All right……”

Sasha stares at Misha. Misha did not look away.

“Speaking of which, Misha was the same.”

“……The same……?”

“I can see my eyes straight.”

The body and Misha nod. Her evil eye is also strong.It may be resistant to Sasha’s .

Demon eye “Remember? When I was a child, I was trapped in a magical prison so I couldn’t control this and break anything.”

“…… remember……”

Sasha bowed down and told her to remember.

“No one was in my sight, only Misha was by my side.”

“I practiced together”

Sasha laughs nostalgic.

“That’s right, so I didn’t hurt anyone without eye contact.”

“Sasha did his best”

There was no word, Sasha nodded.

“Hey, I missed you a while ago.”



“……Me too……”

Sasha says, horribly.

“Is it good again?”


The two hold hands.

“I used to do this in the past.When I couldn’t get out of prison and wept, Misha held her hands and laughed.”

Misha nods.

“I don’t really know which is your sister.”

“Sasha is your sister”

Listening to that, Sasha smiles.

“Misha. I only say once.”

Misaki nodded.

“… I’m sorry … forgive me …?”

Missha shook his head.

“… I’m not angry …”

Astonished, Sasha rounds her eyes.



The two looked at each other and clenched each other’s hands.

HM.I don’t really know what happened, but at least it seems that we have made up.Rather, the fight was too much a mystery.Well, it’s a bloody age. They may argue for silly reasons.

I called out to them.

“Bad, wait. I’ll send you.”

“Okay. Walk home.”

She looked at Misha and nodded her.

“Do you bother taking the time to walk? Strange people.”

“It’s good. Separately.

The two walk out side by side, holding hands, not talking about anything.

“And why are you following?”

“I told you I would send you.

Transfer “That’s the story of <>. Walk?”

“Sometimes it’s fun to enjoy waste.”


Sasha’s gaze is just as good as the stranger, but I’ve been lightly parrying it. Metastas However, in the end, he did not explain anything about <>, but he seems to have fallen completely out of Sasha’s head. Perhaps the mother’s impact was too strong.

“Speaking of which, do you know?”


If you say so, you will be able to turn your gaze to . It’s just a noisy guy.If you’re not me, you’re fine and unconscious.

“Well, I haven’t said anything yet.”

“There must be nothing I don’t know”

“Well, I think you know, I’m Nevis, the instructor of the Great Magic Knight of Tomorrow, the Elder Seven Demon.”

“Hmm. Is that so? I didn’t know.”

“Then say it from the beginning!”

“Don’t be so excited, just a joke.”

However, the Seven Devil Elders? One of the words I was worried about.

“Sasha. What is that Seven Demon Elder?”

“I’m amazed. You said you didn’t know anything, but didn’t you know the Emperor Nana?

“So what is it?”

“Two thousand years ago, the founder of the Demon King, using his own blood, spawned seven men. The first Demon King to draw his blood.”

“I know then”

Because I did it anyway.

“Then, it’s not something you already know.I’ll call those seven subordinates the Seven Devil Elders.”


What are they, the Seven Demon Emperors? Speaking of which, it was good, but not named.I couldn’t afford it because there were walls and reincarnations.

“The Seven Devil Elders have begun the training of the next generation of Emperor at the Delzogade Demon Academy. It seems that there was some time for the founder to reincarnate.”

“So that’s it”

If you meet the Seven Devil Elders, it’s easy to see that I’m the founder. But it’s a bit strange. They are demons born in mythological times.For that reason, the operation of Delzogade Maou Gakuin is too poor.

Above all, you must know me. So why did I become a non-conforming person?

I thought it was because the demons fell into bloodline and became incompetent, but maybe there are other reasons.

I walk next to Misha and others, thinking about it vaguely.


“… Anos … Anosut …?”

When I noticed, Sasha was calling me.

“What happened?”

“What’s wrong. I arrived. Our house.”

In front of me was the gate, and behind it was a magnificent mansion.

“Since we talked about the Seven Devil Elders, we have been silent all the time, but what happened?”

“No, nothing.”

“Thank you very much, thank you.

Sasha turns around and Sasha leaves.


“Oh, tomorrow.”


Misha also headed to the mansion behind the gate.

However, although it is nice to think about the non-conforming person, the information is a bit too short.There are several possibilities, but all are only inferences. Well, tomorrow, if you meet one of the Seven Devil Elders, you will know a little.Not particularly in a hurry.Let’s wait slowly.

Well, do you go home? Then, Sasha returned from the other side of the gate.

“What happened?”

“… separately …”

So why did you come back?

“… Anos …”


“you know what”

Sasha turned, looking away and shyly blushing.

“……Thank you……”

“What is it?”

“… So … thanks to you, I’ve made up with Misha …”

What did Sasha want to make up with? It’s a personality.

“I didn’t do much.”

“That’s not it. No one can say that such a desperate thing to subordinate to me.”

Sasha laughs happily for some reason.

“Except you”

HM. It’s nothing to me for me.

“By the way, why were you fighting?”

Sasha’s expression becomes cloudy.

“It’s silly. It’s really silly … but there was something we couldn’t afford. That’s it.”

“Is it solved?”

“… Yeah … yeah …”

Sasha’s crispness is bad.

“I want to ask you”


“What would you do if your fate was decided?”

I answered immediately.

“Well, change if you don’t like it, but don’t care if you don’t care.”

After a quivering look, Sasha asked.

“Do you think your destiny can change?”

“Oh, easy.”

“What to do?”

“I just need to break it”

Sasha rounded her eyes and then smiled puffy.

“Hey. Come here a little.”

“turn down”

“… Why don’t you refuse. Come on.”

“I don’t like being commanded.”

“Already, selfish.”

Well, Sasha sighs as if she was stunned.

“Can you come here?”

“thumbs up”

I depend on Sasha.


“What do you do–”

As I stepped forward, Sasha was kissing my lips.

Thought Communication I tried to read her mind using <> in conditional reflection.This is because there are some types of curses that can be activated on condition of kissing.

Sasha’s heart flows in.

-This is the first and last kiss-

No hostility? However, I feel tragic determination. Well, good.How quickly she was, she released.

“… Because it’s a friend’s kiss. It’s just a thank you …”

Sasha blushes, and Sasha falls.

“… but I haven’t done anything other than you …”

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you can’t be ashamed.

“Hmmm. I got that precious thing. Thank you.”

As if surprised, Sasha blinks an eye and mutters, “Weird hybrid.”

“Well, tomorrow.”


Transfer Move your hand and use the magic of <>. Just before the landscape turns white,

“… Hey, Anos … I’m glad I met you …”

Such a voice echoed in my ears.

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