Chapter 2: Invitation from Delzogade


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One month has passed since reincarnation.In the meantime, I was exploring this world two thousand years later, and it seems that the magic style is degenerating to something lower than I had imagined.

Reincarnation It seems that humans do not even know the magic of <>. In mythological days when I was alive, it was a fairly common magic, and it was not uncommon for a person to use higher magic to reincarnate.However, in this era -the magical era, it seems that the incarnating human being is at least unknown to the public.

Gusta and Isabella, my parents interpreted me, seemed like a very smart baby.You can talk from birth, have magical talent, and so on. Growth <> is like advanced magic in this era, but it is still barely known.

If reincarnation is not recognized, it would be useless.

But surprisingly, I was reincarnated as a human child. Two thousand years ago, I sowed my own seeds.Using magic, he gave birth to seven men from his own blood and ordered them to increase his kin. Reincarnation requires your own blood drawer.

As I expected, the blood of the Demon King Anos did not seem to be extinct for two thousand years, but I did not expect that the blood would be mixed into humans.

No, it may be natural for a mixed race to be born, given that demons and humans have stopped the struggle.Somehow, I thought somewhere in my heart that demons and humans were incompatible.In the millennium, people and demons were separated by walls , during which time they diminished each other’s roots and eventually disappeared.

The evidence suggests that humans do not know much about demons.I asked my parents, but it still seemed sparse.He knows that the demons are behind remote walls, but he has no other information.

But this may be far from the demonic world, Dilheid, the country of the demons.


I felt a slight flow of magic at the end of my eyes.I open the window.

Then an owl jumped into the room.The thrown letter fits in my hand.

It’s an invitation.It is written as Deougakuin Delzogade.

“Devil Academy …?”

Delzogade is the name of my castle, but I never heard of Demon Academy.It may have been made in 2000 years, but what is it?

When I was wondering, an owl jumped into the room and opened his mouth.

“Del Zogade is a school for nurturing demons. Established to welcome the blood of the violent demon, the demons, who are royal and to be a respectable demon. it was done”

The demon king of violence? Nostalgic name, but me. At that time, it was more often called the Devil King Anos, but maybe it was better to have two names to pass on to future generations.

“It is the role of the Demon King’s Academy to establish the Demon King of Violence as the founder and reign the closest to the founder of the Demon King as the Demon Emperor. We look forward to enrolling at Demon Academy.”

I’m drawing the blood of the founder, or I’m the founder. Well, I guess you’ve come this far, following the peculiar magical traces overflowing from my blood, but can you use the familiar to look further into the abyss ?

At first glance, the reincarnation of the founder’s blood flowing through my body is fading.However, careful analysis with the demon eye reveals that all of this is a change in the blood of the Demon King Anos.

“This year is also said to be the year that the founder of the Demon King was reborn.”

Knowing that, you seem to have handed down the day of my reincarnation to this day.

“Students who are planning to enter Maou Gakuin this year are already promising enough to be called the chaotic generation.Some of them are likely to be reborn as the founders.When the Demon King’s ancestors return, Delzogade will be full of the delights of all. demons. ”

So that’s it.In other words, there is Demon King Gakuin to look for me who was reincarnated.

Then, why not go out? And I want to see my offspring, the demons of a promising chaotic generation.

“I’ve certainly received the invitation,” “I look forward to seeing the blood of the founder.”

The owl took off.

Now.If so, good is in a hurry.If you were to go to Delzogade, this would be a little inconvenient.

Use the magic of growth <>. My body was wrapped in light, and my body grew up to 16 years old.

Well, such a place.

I leave my room and head to the entrance of my house.It’s midnight now.Both my dad and my mom are sleeping, so there’s no problem getting out.With that in mind, I put my hand on the front door.

“Who !?”

From behind I heard my mother’s voice.HM. Did you get up? What’s more, I don’t know if I’m grown up.

Anyway, I turned around to explain.

“Anos-chan? Is it bigger again?”

She said she would look at my face.

“I understand well.”

“Oh, I understand. Even if it gets a little bigger, Anos is still Anos.”

It’s Yui Kosoba that I’m called even the Demon King, but it doesn’t matter how many times I say it.

“Where are you going late at night? It’s dangerous outside.”

Despite being reincarnated, I am still her son.Once you find it, you can’t go out silently.

“Mom. Do you know Demon Academy?”

My mother begs her neck like she doesn’t know.

“I don’t know. Where is the school?”

“It’s a bit far, in Dilheid.”

“What happened to a school in such a distant country?”

“The invitation has arrived. I want to go to school. I’m going to go.”

“No, no, such a distant school? Dangerous! Annos is still a month away.”

… No, even if it is said to be one month.

But I don’t believe in reincarnation at all.Anyway, she doesn’t even know the character of Demon King.

“Dilheide can’t go to such a long distance, mom.There’s a magic school nearby, can’t we go there?”

“There’s nothing to learn at a magical school. And I’m going alone, so my mother doesn’t have to follow me.”

“No, you said, Anos is only a month away. I can’t live alone in that year. What do you do with your money?”

“Make it for yourself”

“How is the world so sweet?”

Magical power gathers in the palm of my hand, where gold nuggets are created.

“Eh …? Lie … this is not a fake made by magic … it’s real …”

My mother is a professional appraiser, so she is good at appraising precious metals.You can see how easy it is for me to make money.

“How did you do this, Anos-chan? This magic, even the castle sage can’t do it.”

Mother’s surprise is considerable.It would be so.Speaking of the castle’s wise man, he is a magician who competes for one or two in that country.Even if it is a human being, if he could not use such magic, he would have died first in mythological times, but he seems to have become a much more peaceful world.

“It’s the foundation of creative magic that creates things that are real in this world, mother.It’s only elementary to create fictional metals, Mithril and Orichalcum.It’s like a play for the Demon King Anos.”

I hope I can believe that I have been reincarnated for a while …

“Well, I can’t use the amazing magic, and you know, Anos-chan is just about saying Anos. Okay? When I grow up, I don’t call myself by name. Yeah. ”

I guess there’s an issue …

“What is Maou Gakuin? What are you studying?”

What should I do? It’s easy to go with all your might.

“Good, Isabella”

Dad came from the back of the house.

“It doesn’t stop the path that a man has decided.”

“But you. Anos-chan is only a month old and I don’t know about Maou Gakuin.”

“If you don’t see the boy on the third day, you’ll tell him to watch out. Anos is another month, because he has to open his eyes ten times.

Oh, yeah.Yes, for the past month, I’ve lived together and found out.My mother is very worried, and my dad is a little stupid.

“I know your father, Anos. It’s about Demon Academy, so it’s a school where you can raise the king of wizards. Anos is good at magic, so he wants to master it.”

“… I’m almost there, mostly …”

It’s really different, but let’s keep that in mind.

“Go, Anos”

Dad told me to push my back in a powerful tone.

“Are you good?”

Dad nodded.

“But we go with it”


“If your child decides, it’s up to you to support it. You’re a month away. You’re still young.”

“… I’m not worried about my dad.”

Tick, Dad raises his finger.

“I don’t know, Anos. Okay. I’m lonely when my kids leave. I’m lonely. I’m just born. I’m so lonely here.”

A father who uses difficult words.I think it’s better not to stretch.

“Well, Isabella too lonely?”

“Yeah … I didn’t even think it would grow up so fast … I’m sorry. Anos-chan is probably a prodigy that God gave me so much power.I wonder if you’ll be with me a little more? ”

As expected, I have trouble with words.Before reincarnation, I had no parents.

Mother died. I don’t know if my father died or abandoned me. At least, I didn’t even talk to my parents.

So that’s not the case.


“If you are lonely, you can’t help it.”

When she said, she glanced brightly.

“Okay, it’s decided! I’m ready to move. Don’t worry, my dad is a blacksmith.No matter where I go!

So, my family moved to Dilheid.

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