Chapter 2 Time will prove everything


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Chu Xingyun did not pay attention to Shui Qianyue, turned to look at Shui Chongxian, and said: “Water uncle, the object of my presenting is not Shui Qianyue, but Miss Shui LiuXiang.”

“What!” Shui Qianyue’s pupil immediately tightened, and the voice was sharp: “You want to lick Shui LiuXiang?”

The voice echoed in the main hall, making the water crowd in the room, the face became abnormal and ugly.

Especially Shui Chongxian, complexion constantly changes, first pale, then iron blue, and finally red as pig liver, and shy and angry.

Water house, there is only one lady, that is Shui Qianyue.

As for Shu Xingyun’s Shui LiuXiang, it is Shui Chongxian and a young woman’s parents. The name is not correct and the words are not smooth. In the water home, her status is not even as good as a person.

This time, Chu Xingyun raised his family and made it known to everyone in the city. Everyone thought that he would like to bring a kiss to Shui Qianyue.

But in the end, he gave up Shui Qianyue and chose Shui LiuXiang, who is not even better than others. Could it be that he is crazy?

When I heard Shui Qianyue, Chu Xingyun’s look became somber, and the voice said indifferently: “A person who wants to ruin and behave ridiculously is not qualified to smash the fragrance. In my eyes, you are compared to her, simply cloud and Mud!”


A crisp sound came out and everyone shivered.

Looking around, but seeing outside the main hall, standing a list of thin and small, black girl wearing a coarse dress, she clung to her own mouth, inside the eyes, filled with tears of sparkling and crystal-clear .

“Flower fragrance.” Chu Xingyun saw the moment of the young girl, the coldness on his face dissipated, and there was a touch of emotion in the eyes, as if he had seen the lover who had been separated for a long time.

Stepping out, Chu Xingyun walked in front of Shui LiuXiang, holding her hand tightly, using only the own to hear the sound, in the heart secretly said: “Flower, this world, I will never let you leave I!”

Looking at Chu Xingyun’s infatuation, Shui Qianyue clenched his fists and his teeth creaked!

In the past 6-May years, Chu Xingyun was crazy about pursuing her. This time, Shui Qianyue naturally thought that Chu Xingyun came for her.

But now, Chu Xingyun not only proposes to Shui LiuXiang, but also exposes such love in front of everyone.

If this matter is passed out, will the outsider secretly sneer at Shui Qianyue and say that she is not even as good as a scorpion?

Shui Qianyue stared at Chu Xingyun, extreme angry. “One is the Chu Family waste, the other is the water family, and it’s really a door-to-door pair, made in Heaven and arranged by Earth.”

Between the talks, Shui Qianyue is facing the water Chongxian Road: “Hey, since someone is self-satisfied, it is necessary to break the cans and break, then we are not good to refuse, I promised him well, lest you have to promise to say things, come and ask We are a water house.”

“Chu Xingyun, do you really want to bring a kiss to Shui LiuXiang?” Shui Chongxian was cold and cold. When he spoke, he didn’t even look at Shui LiuXiang. He was ruthless and ignorant. He did not regard her as flesh.

“That is of course!” Chu Xingyun immediately replied, very serious: “As long as the Shui family is willing to give me the fragrance, then your family will owe me the kindness of Chu Family, and this will be written off, and neither will owe it.”

“My ugly words are first mentioned. If you are married to Shui LiuXiang, then she is not a member of my water family. In the future, no matter what happens, my water family will not be responsible, and you will not get any benefit.” Shui Chongxian’s tone is dignified and he has repeatedly confirmed.

“The water home is not a famous door, and Zhangkou does not leave interest.” Chu Xingyun smiled and filled with disdain: “If I am married to Shui Qianyue today, what else can I get except money?”

“You…you!” Shui Qianyue’s entire face became distorted when she heard this. Chu Xingyun not only sneered at the snobbery of the water, but also humiliated her, saying that she was talentless.

Seeing Shui Qianyue gnashing teeth, Chu Xingyun’s disdain on his face is more intense, and continues: “And I scented, although I can only have her, but for me, she is better than everything!”

Chu Xingyun proudly stood up and talked with words, so that Shui LiuXiang couldn’t help but rushing into tears, sparkling and crystal-clear tears, across his cheeks, squatting down.

“Good!” Shui Chongxian focused on the key and announced: “Since you are so persistent, from now on, Shui LiuXiang is your Chu Family person. From now on, the two families will no longer have a relationship!”

After that, Shui Chongxian turned around and quickly walked over to the table, clearly wrote the marriage book and went to Chu Xingyun.

“Sign it.” Shui Chongxian said expressionless, but in his heart, it is full of ecstasy.

Shui LiuXiang’s existence is simply dispensable for the water family.

Didn’t expect that Chu Xingyun would actually come to the door for her, and would like to offset the Chu Family’s kindness to the water family.

For the water home, simply is a big surprise!

“How? You have repented?” After a while, Shui Chongxian saw that Chu Xingyun had no movements, and suddenly he was panicked and hurriedly asked.

Chu Xingyun shook his head and saw that he reached out and rolled Shui LiuXiang’s blue silk, staring at the face of the delicate and pretty.

On the appearance, Shui LiuXiang is not as good as Shui Qianyue.

But her eyes are full of kindness and innocence, such as a blooming lotus, refreshing, which is conceived in the palm of my hand and treated with all my heart.

“Flower, do you want to marry me?” Chu Xingyun deep took a deep breath, word by word, very clear and clear.

“Cloud big brother…” Shui LiuXiang’s body trembled, and the tears that stopped it, and then flowed down.

When she was very young, her mother died of illness and she lived alone.

After that, she was received by the water house, and the situation did not improve. Instead, she was tortured and lived a miserable life with no one else.

During that time, only Chu Xingyun would be good to her and silently protect her.

Everything about this, Shui LiuXiang remembers that she even thought about it in the past and would become Chu Xingyun’s wife in the future.

Today, this dream is realized.

Chu Xingyun asks her for her in front of everyone!

“I am willing!” Shui LiuXiang nodded slightly. Just finished, Chu Xingyun hugged her up and cheered happily.

Seeing that Chu Xingyun is not happy, Shui Qianyue has a sour feeling in his heart, opening taunted: “It’s a fish looking for fish, a shrimp looking for a shrimp, and a frog looking for it.”

The voice was extremely harsh, and Chu Xingyun body had a meal, and both eyes gloomy and cold smashed up, said coldy: “I would like to advise one person, don’t be too oneself infallible, don’t say too much.”

Putting a finger up, Chu Xingyun categorically said: “A year later, the Imperial Wu Dynasty will be openly selected. By that time, I will let you know who is watching the sky from the bottom of a well. !”

One year?

Shui Qianyue raised his chin proudly and scorned: “Don’t say a year, even if it is ten years, you are far from me, you can only huddle in the stinking ditch, and always look up at me.”

“Is it?” Chu Xingyun did not continue to argue. His eyes looked coldly for a week, and all the ridiculous expressions of the water family were recorded in his heart. Immediately, he took Shui LiuXiang and turned away from the water house.

His pace is very firm and there is no hesitation.

Because he knows, time will prove everything!

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