Chapter 20 Gift Dan


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The figure of the old man appears to be somewhat rickety.

But the breath he emitted was thick and vaguely intense.

Just now, the flame falcon, the martial spirit of this man, easily defeated Chu Pingtian with a single claw, which shows how terrible this man’s strength is.

“Qinshan?” The sharp-eyed man recognized the old man’s identity and gave a silent exclamation.

The eyes of the people around him are solidified and they looked at each other. Everyone could see the surprise in the eyes of the other. How could Qinshan, the owner of the Tangtang Baibao Building, a noble person suddenly appear in Chu Town?

Chu Pingtian naturally recognized Qinshan. Somehow, when he saw the Qinshan, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Qinshan passed through the crowd and went straight to Chu Xingyun’s front. On his expressionless face, a faint smile suddenly rose and his hands cupped into fist and said, “haven’t seen you for several days, looks like you are fine.”

“It’s The blessings of the owner of the owner.” Chu Xingyun smiled indifferently and looked mockingly at Chu Ping-tian.

Qinshan understood what happened and rasing his voice, said in a bold way, “ Young lord Chu, Tell me if you have any difficulties in the future, your matter will be solved by Qinshan. Let me see, who’s bold enough to cause you trouble.”


The hearts of the two elders and others convulsed, understanding that What Qinshan just said was to warn them not to trouble Chu Xingyun.

Otherwise, it will be against Qinshan and Baibao Tower.

Chu Ping-tian was shocked by the words of Qinshan. He did not realize that Chu Xingyun was so magical that he could have to Qinshan to come and support him.

He bit his teeth and glanced at Chuhai’s corpse. The hatred gushed out again. He stepped forward and said, “Qin Louzhu, do you have a bit of time?”

“Well?” When the crowd heard Chu Ping-tian’s words, their eyes were immediately fixed and they all looked at the away.

“What’s wrong?” Qinshan looked at Chu Pingtian and sneered.

“Chu Xingyun is a member of my Chu family. His affairs, naturally, are the private affairs of the Chu family. Being reasonable, they have nothing to do with Baibao Tower or the owner of the Qin Building. Please do not interfere.” Chu Ping’s eyes sank and his mind was full of pictures of Chu Hai being killed.

The enemy of killing children will not last forever.

How can Chu Ping-tian think that this has not happened because of a sentence from Qinshan?

He must take revenge by killing Chu Xingyun.

The sneer on Qinshan’s face grew stronger and stronger. He did not put Chu Ping-tian’s anger in his eyes. He walked slowly to Chu Ping-tian’s face, looked up and down, and then spit out a cold pronunciation: “who are you?”

The voice is flat, but mixed with a horrible invisible power, directly oppressing Chu Pingtian’s body, so that his whole body is crazy trembling, pale as paper.

“What I said should be clear to all, You aren’t a joker to just make fool of what I say. I am making a point, anyone who is unfavourable to Chu Xingyun will have 100times returned to him.”

While speaking, Qinshan never concealed the threats, his breath, was hot and furious, but let Chu Pingtian felt cold, and was unable to refute.

In Chu town, he is an elder of the Chu family and has a detached position.

But compared with the Qinshan, the gap is like heaven and hell.

“Chu Xingyun, you are ruthless this time!” Chu Ping-tian took a few deep breaths before he calmed down, stared at Chu Xingyun with hatred, and then left the ancestral temple with Chu Hai’s corpse.

The other elders quickly followed.

At this point trying to stay is meaningless, it’s just humiliating themselves.

“Sheeh, A group of people, greedy yet afraid of death.” Qinshan couldn’t help but mock.

Turning around, the indifference on his face dissipated immediately, and he put on a faint smile again. He said to Chu Xingyun, “Lord Chu, let you see that I shouldn’t have been in charge of Chu’s private affairs, but this group of guys, are too bold to act so shamelessly that I can’t just stand aside. Please don’t blame them.”

“Qinlou relies mainly on righteousness, and I will never blame that.” Chu Xingyun waved his hand and saw the glimmer in Qinshan’s eyes. He could not help asking, “If the owner of Qinlou has something to do, he can say it directly, without restraint.”

“Well”, smirking, he took out a wooden box and asked Chu Xingyun to open it.

With doubts in his heart, Chu Xingyun opened the wooden box.

Suddenly, a strong aroma of red medicine slowly drifted out from the wooden box, covering the whole ancestral temple, smelling it make people feel refreshed and comfortable.

In the wooden boxes were a few neatly placed jade bottles carved with phoenix, dragons and beast. Anyone can say that those are precious.

“Young master Chu, there are 30 quenching tablets, 30 nourishing tablets and 30 Huolingshan. They are all made by Miss Yuyan herself. They are very effective. Please accept them.” Qinshan said earnestly.

The heart of the crowd clucked, as if there were innumerable thunderbolts exploding in the mind, all of them were so surprised that they opened their mouths wide that they could hardly stand up.

Among these jades, there are so many precious medicines.

“Wait a minute, just now the owner of the Qin Building said that all these potions were made by Miss Yuyan, the Miss Yuyan, who was personally welcomed by the City Lord a few months ago?”

Suddenly, a faint voice sounded, making the people who were stuck in shock even more shocked.

People know more or less about Qin Yuyan.

It is rumored that this woman’s identity is extremely terrible. When she first came to Xifeng City, the owner of Xifeng City led 3000 elite soldiers to welcome her. He waited for her arrival in the scorching sun for several hours.

In addition, it is said that she is also a talented alchemist, young, stepped into the ranks of second-class alchemists.

As long as it’s the medicine she made, it’s effective enough to make all the warriors crazy about it.

Such a legendary woman, today, actually sent Qinshan to Chu Town, asked him to give special Dan medicine to Chu Xingyun, while also showing a respectful attitude, as if afraid that Chu Xingyun would not accept.

If the news spreads, I’m afraid the whole Westerly City will go mad because of it.

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