Chapter 21 Wallflower


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On hearing Qinshan’s words, Chu Xingyun couldn’t help but smile, afterall on that day, Qin Yuyan did say that she would send spiritual medicines to Chu Town.

But unexpectedly, Qin Yuyan actually let Qinshan, the owner of Baibao Building, deliver the Spirit Medicine, which was a bit unexpected.

“Since the owners of the Baibao Building has said so, I’ll take the medicine.” Chu Xingyun said faintly, and when he said this, everyone in the place showed a crazy expression.

These medicines are all made by Qin Yuyan herself. Moreover, the number is so large that, in terms of value, they may have reach more than 30 spiritual stones, which is already a huge wealth.

But Chu Xingyun said it so reluctantly!

Some people are better off dead, this was the thing the crowd understood on that day.

“Since today the Chu family is having a family meeting, its not good for me, an outsider to be present here, hemce I stall take my leave. I hope that Young Master Chu Shall keep on the cooperation in the future.’’ He said everything with a smile but honestly he was shocked a lot in his heart.

Two days ago, when Chu Xingyun left Baibao Tower, he asked Qinshan to come to Chu’s home in two days to discuss cooperation.

Qinshan did not think much at that time, only today after coming here did he understand that Chu Xingyun had anticipated everything and planned to use his hand to resolve the situation.

“This man’s a lot of trouble.” Qinshan concealed his surprise, and cupping his hands into a fist, he silently left Chu Town.

“I would wish for the head of Baibao building to stay behind for a while!” As soon as he turned around, Chu Xingyun shouted at Qinshan.

He walked up to Qinshan and said with a smile, “Just now, the head of the Pharmacy made a righteous move, which saved me from disaster hence I would like to ask the head of the pharmacy to accept this.”

Saying that, Chu Xingyun took out a piece of paper from the storage ring and handed it to Qinshan.

At first, Qinshan was thinking of declining, but when he got a look at the words on the paper, it was like he was hit by thunder and stared at the three big characters on it, Qingxindan.

“This is a presciption, and it ranks second in grade!” Qinshan was shocked.

Since seeing the miracle effect of Huolingshan, Qinshan clearly knows how profound Chu Xingyun’s approach to alchemy is.

It is precisely because of the Fire LIngshan that Baibao Tower is completely overcrowded these day. Numerous warriors from different places rush to buy fire LIngshan an the Quenching medicine.

It is no exaggeration to say that in just two days, the profit from Huolingshan has exceeded twice the price of the prescription.

Huolingsan is just a kind of spiritual medicine. Its value is so huge, what would be the case with two kinds of spiritual medicine.

“Young Master Chu, this giftis a bit too valuable isn’t it?” Qinshan was so excited that his hands were trembling. It was hard for him to imagine how valuable this erping spiritual medicine recipe would be.

“As you said just now, you and I are cooperative partners. Since we are partners, we naturally need to help each other. A prescription is nothing.” Chu Xingyun shrugged his shoulders and said casually.

His words are not false, let alone arrogant.

Chu Xingyun is a real eight-level alchemist. There are countless prescriptions in his mind. These second-level prescriptions are really nothing to him. It can be counted with waste.

But the meaning of these words are totally different when heard by Qinshan.

He gazed at Chu Xingyun, and the slight feeling of unpleasantness in his heart completely disappeared to nothing. He took a deep breath and said, “Young master Chu,I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Qinshan’s back bent slightly and he made a deep bow, which shocked the crowd. They were all suprised and curious, They really wanted to know what was written on that piece of paper, which, made the owner of the Great Baibao Building so imbecile.

After Qinshan left, the atmosphere of the whole ancestral hall became much more relaxed. The owner of Baibao Building, whose identity is so noble, that its like a mountain that exerts a heavy weight on everyone making them unable to breathe.

Chu Xingyun stepped out and looked at the crowd and asked, “Gentlemen, the three elders have left. Now, who else wants to force me to hand over the gold seal of the owner of the house?” Perhaps there may be any objection to my heirship?

As the voice dropped, everyone including the escorts shake their heads like crazy.

“It’s a clan rule, the gold seal of the patriarch is handed down from generation to generation and no one can forcibly seize it, sdo why shall we violate the clan rule?”

“Today, we have witnessed the heroism of the Young Master, who has strong financial resources and amazing strength. Even the owners of Baibao Building should treat you with courtesy. It is the blessing of the Chu family to have such a patriach.No one dares to object!”

“That’s right. You are the patriarch of the Chu family!”


The voices of the crowd was completely different before, showing such irony. It was only filled with flattery trying to please Chu Xingyun.

Now Chu Xingyun is in the limelight and even the huge Baibao Tower is willing to support him, hence if they could take the opportunity to create a good relationship with Chu Xingyun, they would surely get many benefits in the future. The vast amount of spiritual medicine alone will be enough to shock people upto such an extent that they would require a long time to recover.

Chu Xingyun stood in the center of the ancestral temple, looking at the crowd’s pleasant expression, however his face did not show any satisfaction, but only a trace of indifference and disdain.

Suddenly, he raised his hand indicating everyone to be silent.

“I clearly heard what everyone said just now, but I have a few words I would like to share with everyone.” Chu Xingyun’s voice was weak and without any emotion.

The crowds nodded their heads, silent and respectful.

“I have a clear understanding of what kind of people you all are. You only support hose with power. Today if Chu Pingtian would have had the upper hand and had gotten the patriach’s golden seal, you wouldn’t have even looked at me even if I kneeled on the ground.”

As soon as Chu Xingyun opened his mouth, the crowd were stunned.

But he did not care ans continued: “I won’t pursue this topic anymore afterall, now I have become the patriarch of Chu family and the decline will stop giving rise to a new beginning.”

“But before all this, I have made an ene, my of Chu Pingtian by killing Chu Hai and thus now I announce that the three people have been expelled from the Chu family and they shall be excluded from the family charts and ot be buried in the family burial grounds.”

“So, I hope you can make a clear choice of either following me of the three elders. I hope that you shall not done thing on my face and different thing on my back.”

Chu Xingyun said here, his eyes suddenly blossomed a cold light: “Otherwise, it will only cause bothnside trouble and I have no intention of showing mercy to such people!”

After that, Chu Xingyun restored his original calm appearance, no longer paying attention to the people’s surprised eyes, and strode out with Shiu Xiang and Chu Hu.

Behind him, the everything was still.

All the people stood in their places, their minds echoing with the words that Chu Xingyun just said. Their faces were all ugly.

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