Chapter 2182: You are not Mu Bai!


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– Deciduous armor!

Mu Bai began to control the leaves, which absorbed the old dirt. At the first call of the magician, they wrapped Charon’s body as if it were his clothes or even armor.

The leaves were as sharp as small knives. All of them were directed to the body of Charon. And, even if he moves a little, these knives will immediately cut him into several parts.

Charon did not dare to move his neck, fearing that sharp armor would immediately cut her. But still, he did not want to be chained to death with armor.

Blood began to flow through the leaves, and the more Charon moved, the more wounds appeared on his body.

Mu Bai coldly looked at Charon, since he himself chose this path of death, let him go to the end. At the very beginning of the battle, Mu Bai warned Charon that he was not a worthy opponent to him. Mu Bai had items such as hardwood armor in stock. The more Charon wants to run away, the sooner death will overtake him!

Charon stirred, thick blood poured right through the leafy armor, staining them dark red. Mu Bai really thought that Charon decided to end this business and die worthy. But it was not there. A strange light began to pour from Charon’s eyes, which was similar to the one emanating from Titan with crossed swords.

Moreover, the breath that started from Charon was like that of Titan!

Mu Bai looked at Charon.

The titan of crossed swords was the favorite of the Holy Father of the Raven Church, what connected him with Charon? After all, what was the relationship between Charon and the Holy Father? Or did the tyrant’s power take a source from Charon’s forbidden magic?

Mu Bai was not in a hurry to apply magic, he only looked intently at Charon, whose body began to swell, his knives cut him, and he seemed to not pay attention to pain!

* Bam!

In the end, the leafy armor could not endure and burst, shattered into fragments. The leaves were no longer strong and hard, and when they became soft, it was no longer possible to take them under control.

Mu Bai was well aware that his rival was using forbidden ancient magic, but the magician decided not to back down. A cursed light began to emanate from his black eyes. The magic that Charon used only strengthened the power of Mu Bai!

After the cursed light poured from Mu Bay’s pupils, the magician began to see more than usual. He noticed that red spiritual threads were drawn to Charon’s body. Their source led to the mountain, where many torches burned.

Mu Bai knew this place very well – members of the Raven Church gathered there.

But the most interesting was that as Charon swelled, more and more red spiritual threads began to appear in the dark sky. All of them stretched from different places of the island of Crete – cities and towns. But most of the threads stretched from somewhere out of the sea …

Is it not at sea that the battle of Mo Fan and the Titans fights crossed swords? These threads changed the trajectory with each movement of the Titan, like puppets!

“Ah, there it is,” the cursed light gradually left the pupils of Mubai, the magician smiled.

His gaze again fell on Charon, whose body was swollen and painted in blue – green. Now he looked like a monster in human form.

– The vicious power of faith, in the end, and you started playing Leng Jue games. It really disappoints me. I already thought that various types of evil power come precisely from the Raven Church, and it turned out to be this, ”said Mu Bai to Charon.

Charon really looked like a monster, he completely forgot what human language is. Now he had only one goal – to destroy the person before him!

– Rrrrr !!!

Charon growled in anger, the force emanating from his body dissipated in all directions.

Mu Bai held out his hand, his palm turned into a gate to nothingness. Some unknown force pulled all the magical power of Charon into these gates.

Charon could not take a step. He sacrificed his life and soul for the sake of evil power, as a result, there was no sense from her in the fight against Mu Bai. Even the red spiritual threads broke very quickly and stopped reaching for Charon, and he relied on them the most!

The red spiritual threads symbolized the strength of a person’s faith.

And the more a person believed, the more powerful was the power bestowed by him. And if there were many believers, then the force was much more powerful than usual!

Such faith must be indestructible, why did the threads break?

Mu Bai is an ordinary person, and he can’t destroy the power of people’s faith in relation to the deity!

Charon stood in a daze, he was covered in blood, and from his body there was only one skin and bones, since he sacrificed himself to faith. But what scared him the most was not his own appearance, but the man standing in front of him – Mu Bai.

“You … you’re not Mu Bai!” Who are you in the end ?! How did you destroy the power of faith? Only ancient deities such as Titan can do this! How could you ?! How?!!! – Charon went crazy with anger.

Although all over the world it was Leng Jue who had the greatest number of followers and believers in his strength, even he did not succeed in such tricks.

But even what Leng Jue could not do, Mu Bai somehow fulfilled! And he could do this only under one condition – if he himself was a deity!

“I will send you to one place, and you will immediately understand everything,” said Mu Bai, approaching Charon.

Mu Bai opened his palm again, now the gate to non-existence has begun to draw in the body of Charon, and not his strength!

Charon did not resist at all, he looked like a thin sheet of paper, which was twisted by the wind and carried away.

Mu Bai was surrounded by darkness, periodically pierced by lightning. He slammed the gate into oblivion in his palm.

The magician had no emotions with respect to the death of Charon.

Charon was just a minion, and Mu Bai was bothered by the man who stood behind Charon. A close person who wished him dead …

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